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24-05-2007, 16:15
This came up in a game last night - sorry if the answer's obvious

My beastmen gors charged and wiped out a unit of skellies - at what point do they adopt skirmish formation (and therefor have a rear to be charged) at the end of combat or at the start of their turn?


24-05-2007, 16:24
They resume skirmishing formation as soon as they are not in close combat any more. Remember that you can still be skirmishing even if all the models in the unit are touching.

So in your case, if they were charged in what used to be their rear (while they were fighting the skeletons), they'd rearrange so that the command was at front, ungors at the back, ect.

24-05-2007, 16:25
The moment they are no longer in combat they cease to have flanks and a rear.

24-05-2007, 16:25
Skirmishers only ever "form up" when they are actually in combat.
As soon as you leave combat, you revert to skirmish formation, and therefore have no flanks or rear.

*edit* well, those answers came fast...:p

24-05-2007, 22:09
Yeah that was the way we played it (after dicing for it) so am glad we did it right, would have lost me the game otherwise. Thanks.

25-05-2007, 08:22
By the by: It is perhaps best to resolve any flee/pursuit moves made by the skirmishing units before breaking their ordered formation as this leaves less room for... individual interpretation of whether the feling unit is caught/causes panic tests or the charging unit finds itself a new enemy.

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