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24-05-2007, 21:19
Lord Tomb king armor of ages great wepon enkhils kanopi 231

Hero liche priest hieropant cloak of dunes collar of shapesh 160
liche priest hieratic jar despell scroll 165
liche priest 2 despell scolls cascket of souls 165

10 Skeleton archers 80
10 Skeleton archers 80
19 skeleton warriors standerd barrer 162
19 skeleton warriors standerd barrer 162
3 chariots 120

tomb scorpion 85
19 tomb guard standerd 240
4 carrion 96

screaming skull catapult 90
cascket of souls 165

Total 2001

24-05-2007, 21:35
First off, you can't give an Enkhil's Kanopi to the Tomb King. He can't carry arcane items.

Second, you're not using your TK for any of the main reasons he's taken. No outstanding use of the chariots are core rule (since you still have an extra special slot), he doesn't have the DoE (since he's on foot), and none of your warriors have a magical banner. Not saying those are the only reasons, but he doesn't fit that well.

Third, Carrions work amazingly in units of 5 rather than 4. US 5 is a great asset for a flying unit.

I'd continue, but I have to go. Hopefully I'll remember to add some suggestions when I return. Sorry for the interruption.