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09-08-2005, 16:45
welcome to warseer central safe house a place to discuss all our tactics and plans
heres a map link (http://www.jonathanfletcher.f2s.com/urbandead/mapping.php)

Son of Morkai
09-08-2005, 23:13
Here's a possible plan for locking down Eastonwood. Right now, we are working in the same area, but individualy, aside from the scouting reports here. If warlordgrubnatz's reports are correct, we may be facing a big zombie invasion.

We need to split into three groups: Rangers, Builders, and Stewards. (Yes, too much "A Song of Ice and Fire.")

Rangers will scout Eastonwood, providing regular reports of the location of all zombies and survivors, along with their current hp if possible. They will attack zombies and direct survivors to safehouses.

Builders will fortify all of Eastonwood and attack any zombies getting too close to safehouses and forts. If any fort or safehouse is under attack, they will fortify it.

Stewards will man the safehouses and loot Hospitals, PD, FD, etc. Once trading is enabled, they will supply the others with equipment.

Those are just general guidelines. Stewards should attack zombies if they have an opportunity, Builders should loot if they have nothing better to do, Rangers should fortify if a builder can't get there in time, etc.

Forts will be manned by at least one Builder and a Steward, performing any fortifying and healing needs close to those buildings.

Safehouses are temporary buildings manned by a single Steward. Non-Warseers will be directed to them for supplies and healing. If they come under heavy attack (more than one or two zombies), the Steward should abandon the building and take up a new safehouse, not telling any non-Warseers the new location. Abandoned safehouses should have the word "safehouse" spraypainted on them (to draw more zombies). Current safehouses should have "=][=" or, preferably, no marking at all. Non-Warseers will only be healed and given supplies at safehouses, never at forts (unless we are under siege and need the help).

Forts: Tryme is Central HQ, others are Pooll Crescent Police Dept [35, 25], St Simon's Hospital [33, 21], and Felix General Hospital [30, 26].

Safehouses: Elers Auto Repair [35, 23] and Thickett Plaza Fire Station [33, 27].

We should also contact some of the other survivor groups and give them regular updates on the locations of our safehouses and of zombie numbers if they wish.

Freak Ona Leash
09-08-2005, 23:19
I say move to dunningwood...its, uh, completely safe there. No zombies at all. :angel:

Son of Morkai
09-08-2005, 23:30
Strange, one my zombie characters is in Dunningwood, and I think that would be a bad idea.

Freak Ona Leash
09-08-2005, 23:39
That was the point. Freak is part of the Warseer Zombie Alliance of Zombifying Thingies...yes, he just made that up, so? You were all supposed to go to dunningwood so we could eat you.

Son of Morkai
09-08-2005, 23:46
I still think it would be a bad idea. Zombificationizing would occur faster in Gibsonton.

10-08-2005, 00:38
The whole stewards and builders and the like sounds like a great idea, it's just that the damn server has to stop crashing so that we could get on with our 50AP lives. I ain't leaving Simon Hospital until I know that I won't get stuck in the open. I've become to attached to Bogomil ;)

Skink Master
10-08-2005, 09:00
Ok, we've got a plan for fortifying Eastonwood. Good stuff. Now then, what about after that's done? People aren't going to want to remain in the same place for ages, especially as new features are added to the game. Perhaps after we've secured the home front, we could continue on towards one of the edges of the map, so we can have "our backs to a wall" so to speak. Then, once that's done, we continue on towards another wall, fortifying a corner of the map entirely.

Son of Morkai
10-08-2005, 09:14
Good plan. I figured that setting up and completely owning Eastonwood would take a while, so didn't plan that far ahead.

Scouting Report:
One survivor at Club Burminham, two at Evan's Row (now at full HP), and a zombie at Evan's Row at 11 HP. It looks like that zombie IS active, or Tejman (sp?) attacked Worm Man, because Worm Man was at full HP last I knew. I'm assuming it was the zombie, as it had taken some damage as well.

10-08-2005, 10:56
1 zombie at felix hospital, 2 at the Corrie building, and 1 at the factory nexy to Corrie

(SE of Tryme)

Lord Lucifer
10-08-2005, 13:02
The Urban Dead Discussion Thread is our survivor discussion area already, and good plans are laid out there.

And Freak, stop being annoying. We're trying to enjoy surviving thankyouverymuch!

10-08-2005, 13:10
We should fortify the Timewell PD as well since there are no safehouses on the eastern side.

From where will the zombies enter Eastonwood?