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25-05-2007, 01:22
I am Bored waiting until the new armybook comes out and decided to write down some of my experiences of my favorite warhammer race. The High Elves.

Hi, like most of my fellow elven generals I can’t wait until the new army book comes out. But in the meanwhile I have made a small tactica. Just to entertain myself (and hopefully you too).I am bored (vacation). This is my vision about “how to use High elves”. Hope you like it.

High elves have 2 pretty big disadvantages. They die fast and are expensive. So it is important to have a minimum of casualties, How do you do that? Simple play careful.

To play careful it is very important to deploy your army well. But your opponent reacts on what you deploy. You can dodge this simple by having more units. Get some Eagles, reavers and archer units. They are perfect for this. Or they will be ignored and he deploys normally or he sets up his army in reaction of them. If you have a unit of reavers 2 eagles and an archer unit you already have 4 units on the table. Most opponents have most of the time +/- 8 units in total. So half his army his already is on the table and only 300p of yours. Now deploy your infantry in the middle. He often get’s confused and put his best troops as nearby as possible to them. When he does place your bolttrowers in a way so they can shoot them down. Probably he is at this moment out of units he will place his cavalry, war machines and characters on the table. When he does place your cavalry on a flank. When he goes straightforward to you it is easily to flank them and reach his war machines quite quickly. Probably he has no more units. Place the chariots and characters in places you think you need them the most. Next to your infantry to give them a bonus. To protect your heavy cavalry from other heavy cavalry. (believe me everybody is afraid of 2 chariots waving at them 18” away. It is a nice start to begin even when he probably has the first turn. Which is not bad actually in most cases.

In my experience High elf are at best when they are in the counter role. The enemy comes forward charges a bait and the rest of your army responds to that in your next phase. It’s a la woodelves. I “stole” these tactics mainly watching excellent wood elf players very good and thought that these tactics can be done by High elves even better.
Some nice dirty tactics vs different units:

He has:
Big evil cavalry unit on his flank

You need:
Small heavy cavalry unit

Cavalry wants combat. He must come forward. Place a chariot and cavalry unit right in front of him. If he comes forward he will receive D6 S5 impact hits and 5-6 S5 hits. High elves are simply faster most of the times. If he is afraid or moves slowly you can shoot with your bolttrower every turn on him. Win win situation.


You need:
Fast cavalry
Bolttrower/ archers

1st thing to do march block him with your eagle. Now it takes a lot of time coming to you. More time to shoot at him. When he is at +/- 10” of you place the eagle in front of him with his base 45 degrees opposite. He has to charge the eagle or can’t do a thing when he does let him charge it would cost you 50p. His flank is pointing 45 degrees to you right now. Average chance he kills the eagle but does not run. Next turn let the fast cavalry which can see his flank now charge him together with your infantry. Probably he is within 10” now. You have +3 ranks and a flank. He has -4 Win win.
(this tactic needs decent planning and is rather difficult but devastating).

Gun line;
You need:
Eagles, heavy cavalry,
Actually quite simple. Flank him with all your fast choices. Put them all on a flank. It’s rather more difficult to put lot’s of firepower in a small place than lot’s of combat. When you reach his flank. Simple go from left to right charging every turn. If he has tons of war machines on the flank simply let some eagles charge them. They won’t have to win the combat. But he can’t shoot. Win win.

Lone walking mage:
For most generals a pain in the ass but there is a solution. It’s one of my favorites. The commander on eagle with the reaver bow. Fly 20” and shoot 3x with S5 with BS6. Beware of shooting and skirmishers. Fly over enemy units next to the mage. 1st the mage is probably dead and his units are march blocked. Win win.
Also you can decide not to shoot with your shadow warriors and go combat (especially when they spot a dark elf sorceress).

Large flying monsters with big nasty characters on top of it.:
You need:
infantry 25+ immune to terror (lion standard)
Chariot or some good other bait
At this time the monster is looking at your flank. Place your infantry +- 20” of him and a chariot 10 inch forward the infantry unit but not right in front of them. His monster is prob 600p in total and want’s combat. Now he can spend a turn flying around or he charges that silly looking chariot. When he does flee with the chariot. The monster is now in front of your infantry. Charge with your infantry and challenge him with your champion (so brave we will remember him) The monster can get +4 CR. 1 wound + 3 overkill. You have +5. Outnumber, ranks and banner. He loses with 1. He probably holds but in the next turn he has to do 6 wounds (musican) which is rather difficult. After a while he has to fail a Ld test. (dragon steak for breakfast jummie).

You need:
Commander with bow and eagle
Mages with scolls, drain magic and fortune is fickle
Undead is difficult to beat. But they have two big weaknesses. Lack of no magic mobility and their generals.
1st harass his mages with mobility. If he has lone necro’s shoot them with the bow. If he has a lone vampire/ necro lord do the same.
Undead is easily beaten only when you have his flank. Otherwise it is a never ending nightmare.
2nd don’t even bother killing his characterless skellies and zombies with magic. Drain his necro’s and vampires so he can’t use magic.
If he put’s his general in a unit try to prevent raising and shoot this unit into smithereens. When he is near you shooting line charge them with all the chariots and infantry you can get. If he has no more guard he has to take the wounds himself which is rather nice.
Shoot, Shoot and charge.

The list I always use: 2250points
Commander on eagle with pure of heart, dragon armour, lance, enchanted shield and reaver bow.
L2 mage with annulian chrystal (soo annoying. Don’t forget many opponents think in x3. 3 dices to cast 1 spell. Now they can’t do that anymore.
L2 mage with 2 scrolls

20 spearman
20 spearman
10 archers
10 archers
6 silver helms 2+ sv

5 shadow warriors
2 chariots
6 dragon princes with banner of ellyrion
5 ellyrian reavers

2 bolttrowers
2 great eagles.

In overall. Fun to play with and fun to play against it.

High elves are at best when they are in numbers and balanced. While other armies are more dangerous when they are specialized. They can beat any opponent. They are difficult to play with and not a recommendation to starting players.

The reason why I have archers.
2 reasons:
1st they shoot and are core
2nd I shoot with them on targets I don’t want to shoot at with bolttrowers. Fast cavalry, skirmishers, war machine crew. They excel at killing units with xbows and handguns. Moving and shooting 30” is pretty nice.

Ellyrian reavers:
Fast cavalry is wonderful if used well of course. I love the faces of my opponent when they see the underestimated reaver unit changing formation and looking at his flank. Or they do nothing or they give me massive Victory points.

Warhammer is not just a game of tactics, shiny characters and beards. But some major facts which are often ignored are underestimation and intimidation of your units. Let units look better than they are or are better than they look. Most people heard stories about “High elf chariots are dangerous” because they’re fast and unpredictable. Spearman are looking dangerous because their numbers of attacks. On the other hand archers look funny and innocent but can be devastating vs fast cavalry or short range shooters. Reavers are actually extremely handy and can be a threat to everything. Use this. I don’t think I win often because I am a great general. I usually make my opponent confuse so he uses his forces in a way he shouldn’t do or he makes mistakes. The pressure is on his shoulders.

Play fair and have fun.

Ulthuan shall never fall

If anyone has some good tactics too please add it!

25-05-2007, 04:56
hem i played a list very similar to this the other day at 2000pts. he definately gave me a run for my money the game ended in a draw.

25-05-2007, 21:55
One Unit I have Trouble with, and I think Any Army should have Trouble with is The Lvl 4 Slann in a Unit of Temple Guard Cold-Blooded and Stubborn.

I can't Out Magic Them, They Don't Break And The S4 T4 means They will eat my elves in any drawn out combat.

What do You Do

On a Different note, I got 2000pt Torney tommorow And I apperciate the advice given, and I'm going to try and keep some of it in mind. but any other notes anybody can give would be great, I'm new To Fantasy And The Elves are my first Army.

25-05-2007, 22:12
Interesting, I do want to write a "high elven dummy tactica", but I never find the time to do it.
I have different approaches, I prefer to attack first instead of counter enemy moves.

26-05-2007, 19:18
I have fought against a max level magic Lizardman quite often and I have to admit, they are tough but sertainly not invincible. The first thing I always try to destroy are the sking shamans. Without them a Slann is less dangerous. Do this with the commander with the fancy bow on eagle. When the slann tries to cast a spell to the commander dispel it with a scroll. I can not remember but are temple guards imm to psychology? If not shoot at them with the bolttrowers. Don't shoot the slann because it is pretty pointless 2+ ward save most of the times. Even a 3D6 L9 test can be failed. I have seen it twice. When they are decimated due shooting after +/-3 turns. Charge with Heavy cavalry in the flank and some spearman in the front. Never ever charge with the spearman or other infantry unit alone. Temple guard are perhaps the best infantry in the game.I don't know what he has more? Saurus cavalry/Kroxigors/steggie/ skinks? Shoot the saurus cavalry if possible. They have too many attacks. Krox/steggie let them charge the spearman. Big chance they will hold. Skinks: Heavy cavalry and shadow warriors are perfectly suited for them. Skinks with blowpipes can't use their poison for stand and shoot vs Shadow warriors. Skirmish, long range, stand and shoot = -3 is a 7 to hit
Does he plays aggresive? If yes then you can use the wait and bait tactics. if he does not move to him carefully. Oh and drain magic/ fortune is fickle are totally the bomb vs slanns. Take High magic.

- Interesting, I do want to write a "high elven dummy tactica", but I never find the time to do it-
Cool. Do it when you have the time.

- I have different approaches, I prefer to attack first instead of counter enemy moves- .

It can work well of course, but in the past I had average results with it. mainly because elves are so fragile. Since I use the dirty wood elves tactics I rarely loose. Just because most of the times I control what is going on at the table. It's like football. Defending and countering is easier than attacking./"

03-06-2007, 23:02
I think I figured how to take down Templeguard, or other Stubborn Units. Tell me What you think. Unit of Dragon Princes with Standard of Balance, and Lord Level Prince in Unit With Blade of Seagold and All you got to do is Charge into Stubborn unit, Bring a Chariot for added fun, and The Standard of Balance Makes you AND The unit in Base contact with you Immune to Phycology and So they lose their Stubborn.