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25-05-2007, 05:09
OK, after my first foray into asking for your questions and comments I have revised my TK list as follows. For those who are not aware, I am attending the Las Vegas GT and I am designing my GT list. My first one was overwhelmingly timid and underpowered. (At least that is what you readers told me. Take a look at that thread if you want.


Here is my new list with more magic. Please let me know if you think it is too beardy and if it will garner good sportsmanship scores.

Tomb King w/ Destroyer of Eternities.
Liche with Casket of Souls, Collar of Shapesh
Liche w/ Enkhil's Kanopi
Hierophant w/ Cloak of the Dunes and Hieratic Jar

3x Chariots
3x Chariots
15x Skeletons with Hand Weapons and Shields
15x Tomb Guard w/ Icon of Rakaph
15x Tomb Guard
3x Tomb Swarms
1x Tomb Scorpion
1x Catapult
1999 Points

Well, what do you think? Please let me know or at least take the survey.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

25-05-2007, 13:49
Having played and qualified through to the final of the UK GT twice and taken my experience of the armies I played I think this army is very very underpowered and definately wouldn't cause any cry of beardy. I think your unit sizes are too small and the units lack punch in combat.

In GT armies for face will excel at something, eg shooting, combat and magic. Top armies will excel at 2 of these generally. If this list faced a shooting army it is slow and would be wiped, the chariots on their own are not powerful enough to win, against a combat army I dont think you have the right blend to choose your battles correctly (A tactic I have found key with TK), and in a straight fight these units would crumbles even witha flank charge against the average uber unit your untis will be crumbling in no time.

I think your army is fair, and potentially balanced but i really think it needs to be angled to a purpose. This looks a list where you let the oppenent play and then react, I beleive that TK need to choose their battles using the increased flexibility provided by their magic phase to be competive

25-05-2007, 19:10
What's up Beav!

Well, this list certainly looks familiar! :p gortexgunnerson has some valid points...the Army isn't overpowering, though against a few Armies, you'll make them cry...I faced you and this list not to long ago, and didn't think it was OTT...mainly beacause most of your units are on the smaller side...remember that Army Comp is out, but replaced instead with Sportsmanship...I'd personally have no issues in playing against you or this list again...I'll be in the Las Vegas GT as well, so I look forward to seeing you and your group up there!