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Da Boyzz
25-05-2007, 12:09
ok let me clear this first, "Sorry for yet another slaanesh list which seem to be quite common lately":angel:

Overview: The idea is that the slaaneshi magic, with fast moving list funs around the opposition and causes havock to their game plans. I want to be calling the shots for who enters combat and who doesn't as well as with whom [Note the dogs and s5 first turn horseman]

Also it may be noted that the general with demon sword is with the warriors, to make this unit just that bit tougher, then the second sorceror with the knights [Is this a good move?]

Exalted Chaos sorcerer
Lvl 4, MoS, chaos demon sword, chaos steed
[Joins Warriors]

Chaos sorcerer
MoS, Lvl 2, chaos steed
[Joins Knights]

Bray Shaman
MoS, Lvl 2, power stone, spell familiar
[Joins beast Herd]
14 warriors
MoS, HW, shields, full command, war banner

5 chosen knights
Chosen, MoS, Full command

5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

5 marauder horsemen
Flails, musician,

5 marauder horsemen
Flails, musician,

5 marauder horsemen
Flails, musician,
Beast herd
8 gor 11 ungor
Foe-render, Musician

Tuskagor chariot

Tuskagor chariot

6 furies

Total: 2001
Models: 74
Power dice: 10 (+2)
Dispel dice: 6
Deployment: 11

26-05-2007, 01:36
I have tried that combo with the wizard lord. It looks good on paper, but not so good in reality.

First of all is the price. Too much points for one thing.

Second, the drawback of the sword makes the character much weaker. You will give up on average 1 wound per round. That means you only have a life span of 3 rounds of combat.

Third, for the points that you invest, you often have to make some tough decisions. If you commit the character too early, he will die (400 pts lost). If you commit him too late you waste the swords points.

I would suggest taking those points and investing in something a little more stable.

How about a lord level Bray shaman of slaanesh. He is much cheaper than his mortal counter part. Then use a fighty character in the chosen knights. With the ld 8 on the mortal fighter, he will be the army general.

26-05-2007, 15:58
Greetings once again Da Boyzz...I have some quick thoughts...

*Chaos Lord: Ok, but Spell Familiar is better suited here...

*Chaos Sorc: Ok...

*Bray-Shaman: Ok, but you need some Dispel Scrolls...

*Warriors of Pleasure: Ok, but i'd suggest some theme, so bump up this unit to 18 models strong, w/FC and the War Banner...and upgrade them to Chosen status...players are much less likely to Charge Chosen Warriors then regular ones...this will keep your Sorc Lord out of CC for a while longer...

*Knights of Pleasure: Add 1 model for theme, and the Rapturous Standard...

*Warhounds: A single unit of 6 would be ok, but not needed...

*Marauder Horsemen: Add 1 model...drop the second unit...

*Beast Herd: Good...but make it themed...6 and 12...

*Tusk Chariots: Really overated....too slow and not reliable...I'd drop them for something else...Mounted Daemonettes come to mind...

*Chaos Furies: Great unit, never leave home without them...

*Ok, biggest problem is that you have a lot of point invested in Characters that will be hard pressed to earn those points in a game....you could easily drop the Sorc Lvl 2 and spend more points on troops...you also lack a lot of speed, and have little in the way of hitting power...you're not presenting your opponent with multiple threats, so it'll be much easier for him to pick and choose what to target with Magic/Shooting and Close Combat...