View Full Version : is it worth starting a VC army?

25-05-2007, 17:42
ive really got the itch to work on a vampire count army.

problem is after looking at the modell range and reading the forums it seems that they are ripe for a redo by games workshop. basically i dont want to buy a bunch of modells if new ones are going to come out in a couple of months.

right now i only have a mounted vampire lord, a box of skeletons i never assembled, 2 wight lords and an old necromancer. im thinking the zombie box wouldnt change too much so i might get one of those.

25-05-2007, 17:43
Personally I'm holding off, but only because it'd take me over a year to finish an army - and that's about how long I think we're looking at for GW to redo them...

25-05-2007, 17:50
i know what you mean

nothing is worse than buying a bunch of stuff just to find out its bieng redone a few months later.

i will never forget the time i bought 10 blood letters took them home cleaned and based them. then the next week i pick up the new issue of white dwarf and there is a picture of the new blood letters, they look way cooler then the old style ones i just got.

25-05-2007, 18:34
However, there is also the chance that you might find that you actually like the old models better than the new ones - happens for some people. And in any case there are only so many ways you can make a plastic skeleton anyway.

Another option you might want to think is, instead of just assembling the zombies or skellies straight from the box, to mix the models with humans from Empire or Bretonnian ranges to make for a different look - in this case it would matter less whether you have used the old or the new undead.

25-05-2007, 19:27
If you really like converting and you're going to make a customized army anyways, I say go for it. You're fortunate enough to choose undead where your troops don't need to look totally unified. You can always add in more when the new stuff comes out.

If you're just going to use em straight outta the box.. then I would suggest waiting.