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25-05-2007, 19:52
I've recently decided on Eldar as my new 40k force, so I'm preparing myself for the long hard slog of assembling and paining the whole lot, I went with Eldar because a nice looking Army is what I was after, even if it meant hours and hours of painting.

I was kind of tied up over what type of force I should go with, but in the end I went with a bizarre mixture of a Saim-Hann style paint job and an Alaitoc themed army list, and with that decided I thought models, and oh yes, Rangers were first on my list, those models are the main reason I started this Army, so I got a couple of squads of these bad boys along with a Farseer and the S. Scorpions box set, the rest of the army will be bought when I've got this first block of models out of the way.

So far I've painted the Farseer, S. Scorpion a ranger squad and my first Dire Avenger.





C&C is welcomed, I am going to paint my Falcon next which should be a bit of a beast, plenty more photos to post as well.

25-05-2007, 19:59

absolutely stunning, this will be one of those logs where thers no criticism, just
"wow...i wish...."


25-05-2007, 20:02
Owwww shinny. More please?

25-05-2007, 21:12
Ok guys here's some more pics for you.





Getting started on the Falcon right now so should be able to post that soon, although I've just developed some monster cramp in my neck so I might leave it for now.

25-05-2007, 21:29
Oooh... Melikes

Really, awesome stuff for an army: Smooth colors, Nice bases and Conversions. That's the main things they look for when picking best army award at tournies. Your's will easily get one when finished (If you attend a tournie that is ;) )

Keep it up.


25-05-2007, 21:49
very nice start, it'll a cery impressive army once completed.


25-05-2007, 21:55
The scorpions are great! I like the bone colour on the exarch's claw.

25-05-2007, 22:34
Incredible, your shading is crazily smooth. The Farseer is amazing and the scorpions green is great

looking forward to the falcon

25-05-2007, 22:56
wow thats one nice ranger
keep up the good work

25-05-2007, 22:59
Very nice. I love the scorpions.

25-05-2007, 23:08
Hey up son! I look forward to battering these boys sometime soon ;) Post some pics of your Rackham stuff btw, I think Warseer deserves to see your Cyanhurrrrr (sp?) (the gobbo assasin dude)

26-05-2007, 13:58
Eh up dude, Bring it on. :p

Here's the pictures of my falcon, as predicted it was a beast to paint, 4 and a bit coats of blood red almost sent me nuts but I got there in the end.




I' m going to try and finish the Dire Avengers next, I'll probably paint the Exarch and post him first, for a standard plastic model he has some really nice detail, after that I've got to think about the rest of the army, tempted by Wraithlord and shining spears, not sure I can be bothered to paint a Fire Prism after the Falcon.

26-05-2007, 14:00
Just another photo of the Scorpion Exarch , love this model.


26-05-2007, 14:03
yep, fethin awesome mate :D

the blood red is soooooo smoooth you could touch it and it would get ripples like a pond!


26-05-2007, 14:06
I thought you were coming over today son? I just realised I havent seen the Falcon in the flesh yet, looks really good mate.

26-05-2007, 16:41
Jaw droppingly smooth paint work mate, very well done.

No complaints and no crits here, keep it up.



26-05-2007, 17:52
Here's a picture of my hobby desk, well it's more of a table, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to the arthritis I am developing with all the hunching over and kneeling.


Not much interesting, a globe to check where I am every now and then, can of air freshener to get rid of the must, a poster of the legend that is Bruce lee, and Snoop dog, don't worry I like metal.

27-05-2007, 12:59
Those are some absolutely fantastic paint jobs. As SC said at the start, no complaints, just 'I wish....'.

27-05-2007, 21:36
Come on boyo, get those Dire avengers painted up quick so I can kick your **** :p

27-05-2007, 21:51
i can't believe you kneel down to paint, thats a kind of spiritual approach right:D


27-05-2007, 22:35
I'm starting on the rest of the Avengers tomorrow honest. :p

painting has to be spiritual, god knows I don't usually enjoy doing it, plus I'm to cheap to go out and by a desk :D, and I always end up buying more models instead.

29-05-2007, 12:22
Come on boyo, get those Dire avengers painted up quick so I can kick your **** :p

You mean you are not just painting for display purposes.... *looses the will to live* - *a little*

02-06-2007, 20:45
*joins smokedog in despair*

02-06-2007, 21:53
Bloody Awesome man!! i love these, proper good and all the falcon is ace. I salute you sir :D

07-06-2007, 18:50
Haven't got much done recently but I've just finished the Avenger Exarch.




I Really like this miniature, the banner was hand painted, I wasn't sure about doing a little design on his front robe, so thoughts on that are welcomed, once I've got the other 4 Avengers painted I will take a few shots of the army as a whole, before it goes into battle against Eniacs Tau :cries:, could be messy.

07-06-2007, 18:53
nice clean lines, be nice to see a unit done

07-06-2007, 19:51
Whoa nice job Leechy boy! Love that banner, I know you got a fetish for freehand :p Post your damn Rackham stuff!

But heads up, just finished my entire squad of stealths :D

07-06-2007, 19:56
Great job! Cant find anything to critique on. :)

13-06-2007, 15:22
So, any updates for us Leecy?

13-06-2007, 16:56
I Should have the rest of my Avengers done by Friday at latest, and then I will post a picture of my army which will then consist of:

Farseer, 5 x Pathfinders, 8 x Dire avengers, 6 x S. Scorpions and a Falcon.

Fiddling around with another Avenger Exarch more orientated for combat as well, not sure about him at the moment though, but he's still in the Blue tac stage so not to worry.


13-06-2007, 16:58
Superb painting :D

Nothing I can fault technically, but the avengers are a little bit too red for my tases; some white on the shoulders would break it up nicely IMO.

13-06-2007, 17:23
Eniac said the same about the Avengers, I thought about doing white some where on the shoulders/head, but Just did the Exarch for now while I get the rest of the Army done, I may change the rest to suit some how in the future.

13-06-2007, 22:38
Ahhhh very noble pose there Leechy boy, I like the blade out to the side like that but the helmet looks kind of funny looking right there maybe if it was leaning into his side?

I dunno.

The Judge
13-06-2007, 23:32
This is looking all rather stunning; I definately like the white helmeted Avenger a lot.

They look like you've nicked them straight from White Dwarf... beautiful.

13-06-2007, 23:35
i think you've positioned it to make it look balanced, fair enough say I, perhaps pull the arm in so tghat the bottom of the helmet is resting against the body.

awesome work though, i reeally admire you're painting ;):)


14-06-2007, 15:44
Got my Avengers done, so I now have a legal force, soon to be crushed by Eniac's Tau log, Any way, here's a few shots of the Avengers and the Army as a whole, as usual C&C welcomed.





Now with that lot out of the way I can start on the second part of the Army, already got another box of rangers to paint, along with the Direct sales ranger, still tempted by a Wraithlord and some shining spears, or maybe a Fire Prism if I can be bothered.

14-06-2007, 16:33
Looking mighty fine kidder. How many points you got there?

14-06-2007, 19:15
God that is a good looking army.
I am soooo jealous and I would really love to hear how you painted your Striking Scorpions and that beautiful red on the Falcon and the Avengers.

If you have the time.

I'm subscribing to this.

14-06-2007, 19:53
The Army is about 600pts at the moment, can push to 650.

My general theory for the painting is Base colour, Highlight, Highlight, unless on metal where its Base colour, Wash, Highlight, all layers are done till they look reasonably smooth.

The reds were done with Red gore, P3 Khador red (Blood red), Bleached bone, the greens were done with Dark green, Snot green, Goblin green, and the Brass bits were done with Brazen Brass, Black wash, Mithril Silver.

14-06-2007, 20:21
Lovely stuff :D

Although my last comment on the red still stands....

14-06-2007, 21:45
How did you get a smooth line with the stripes on the Falcon? Did you paint it freehand and touch up or use masking tape or similar?

My own attempts going with the tape have always ended up with a slight ridge along the tape line and i'd be interested on how you achieved your results! Cheers!

14-06-2007, 22:38
The stripe on the Falcon was done free hand, I rest my hand on the desk hooking it back round to my body, and then just slowly move my brush down the line away from me, and then any blemishes just get cleaned up afterwards, you've just got be patient with it, took me ages to get the lines fairly straight, especially around the cockpit where it's all bumpy, hope that helps.

14-06-2007, 22:50
Changed the position of the Combat Avenger's helmet, I think this looks better than the first one, I think.



Not sure whether or not I should chop into his legs and give him a different pose.

14-06-2007, 22:52
definetely :)


14-06-2007, 22:53
Does indeed look better. Looking great overall too - I'll keep an eye on your progress!

15-06-2007, 10:06
I dunno pal. Not feeling the helmet at all to be honest.

15-06-2007, 10:47
It's still a pipe line thing at the moment any way, once I've got my hands on a can of Black spray I'll start the second unit of Pathfinders, that should give the army more of a themed look, and bump the the points total up to about 750. :D

15-06-2007, 15:03
Who voted this log down to 3?:mad:

Immature, jealous, must-not-say-that-word-or'll-risk-suspension!

Anyway, awesome painting so far Leechy! I really love this army!

17-06-2007, 21:52
awesomeness, i can't find anything to fault and i'm stealing that avenger idea :D