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26-05-2007, 07:42
I recently Aquired a DE army...here is what I have, Im hoping for some help on a list or 3...

30 Cold Ones
+4 Cold one mounted Characters

12 Dark Riders

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

2 Assassins

3 Sorcerers (on foot)

20 Spearmen

18 Witch Elves

20 Repeater Crossbowmen

16 Great Weaponmen

16 Swordmen and shields

16 Corsairs with 2 weapons

some characters and standard bearers

Thanks for help!

26-05-2007, 08:31
I guess by Swordmen you mean the basic DE Warrior from 4th/5th edition.. models before the current edition, i.e. they don't have Spears?

And by Great Weapon Men i believe you may have gotten the ones with axes, correct?

Well.. let's see what you could do with it.

Cold Ones.. having this much you should use them. Probably with 2 units of at least 6, maybe even 10 with a character for a real punch

12 Dark Riders.. perfect. Build 2 units of 6 with Repeater Crossbows and go annoying your opponent by march blocking him, sniping at targets of opportunity and the occasional charge against a weak target

Assassins.. leave them at home. Nice background and all but gamewise way to expensive and weak. Can use them once in a while for fun but not worth it on a regular basis

Sorcerers.. i run magic blockade usually. 2 Sorceressess with 3 dispell scrolls and the Seal of Ghrond for a total of 5 dispel dice per turn. Deals with every light to moderate magic well enough and with a bit of luck can even stand up to heavy magic in the first turns.

Spearmen.. nice and the cheapest for DE. However not very good at defense against a good combat unit because of low armor and only T3 but since you have them use them.

18 Witch Elves.. mixed about them. Against the right opponents (movement 4, T3 block infantry with low armor) they are well worth it.. at other times too risky.
Fun to play though

"Great Weapon Men" aka Executioners.. very good elite infantry. Use them for flank charges in small numbers (10-12) and hope for many 6s

Swordmen.. proxy them as Spearmen so you have a second "cheap" core choice

Repeater Crossbowmen.. personally not a big fan of them because they are very expensive for shooters but with a shield they make a very good defensive force (just hope you make enough damage in shooting so he won't overrun you)

Corsairs.. very good core choice for offense gameplay

Repeater Bolt Throwers.. 'nuff said. Never leave home without them

So.. i'd recommend this list in general:

- General on Cold one with either the Draich of Dark Power for the Killing Blow and Strength 6 action or the Gauntlet of Power for even higher strength attacks but less ward save protection.
Stick him with a unit of at least 6 (maybe 9) Cold One Riders with the Banner of Murder to get him into close combat as fast as possible

- 2 Sorceresses as Scroll Caddies

- 2x20 Spearmen (Warriors) for core infantry

- 2x6 Dark Riders

This would be a solid core

For Special Choices you already have a unit of Cold Ones with the General.

If you want to be even faster add a second Cold One unit of about the same size and if you can spare the points stick a hero in it for some added punch.

If not take either a unit of 10-12 Executioners or Witch Elves as close support for the Spearmen (I'd prefer the Executioners.. not likely to be lured away like the WE).

Round it up with 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers for the Rare slot and you have an army.. good luck.