View Full Version : 2000 lizardmen of Hexotl

26-05-2007, 18:04
Well ive got started and doing pretty well so lookig for a 2000 list and i think ie found one. the reason for so many calvery is ive had great luck with them except for the couple of stupidity tests i failed.

tell me what you think of it

> Slaan: 4th gen., Plaque of protection, BSB

> Skink Priest- level 2
>> Skink Priest- level 2

> 15 saurus: Command, Hand Weapons
>> 15 saurus: Command, Hand Weapons
>>> 15 saurus: Command, Hand Weapons
>>>> 10 Skinks: pipes, scout
>>>>> 10 Skinks: pipes, scout
>>>>>> 10 Skinks: pipes, scout

> 6 Saurus Calvery: Command
>> 6 Saurus Calvery: Command

26-05-2007, 20:51
try a scar veteran with great weapon and charm of the jaguar warrior also, dont make all your skinks scout. i tried it and it didnt work for me. also, if you think about how much a cavelry champion is on his own, upgraded from basic guy, which is 55 points. thats the same as a skink chief.

26-05-2007, 22:22
all good, though have you considered changing one unit of saurus and 10 of the skinks into Temple Guard, make one unit of skinks not scouting. also Diadem of power is VERY useful on the Slaan. No Salamaders makes it a very unique list, they are VERY useful against fast cav and skirmishers!

26-05-2007, 22:50
stegadons are good as well, although 235 is a big chink of points. dont forget that it causes terror, so will make things run away as well as trampling them under impact hits!:)

27-05-2007, 00:05
Its a very good starting list.

No need for scouting on all your skinks.

No need of full commands on your cavalry.

I think if you actually go and buy 45 saurus and 30 skinks you'll have the foundations to run any solid LM list from. This means you just have to swap characters or add and subtract niche units. So form that point of view its a nice list as well.