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26-05-2007, 18:15
I've been fiddling with this list for a bit, it's somewhat fluffy and I tried to keep it as balanced as possible. I have no idea what to honestly expect in a tourney, so I've tried to make this as capable as handling all others as possible. The theme itself: a tribe in very cold tundra-like conditions (meaning sparse grass in mostly snow.) Thus, no units like Yhetees (they're from the mountains) and Maneaters (they're just plain silly.) By the way, the main reason I decided to try OK was to have the excuse to have excessive gore and blood EVERYWHERE on my models... fun.

The Tribe v1.0
2000 pts

Tyrant: 296
+Jade Lion, +Tenderizer, +Mawseeker name, +Heavy Armour
Butcher #1: 180
+Bangstick, +Dispel Scroll
Butcher #2: 180
+Blood Cleaver, +Dispel Scroll
Hunter: 220
+2x Sabers, +Greyback Pelt

Bulls x6: 275
+Ironfists, +Bellowers, +Standard Bearer, +Lookout Gnoblar
+Butcher#2 goes here
Ironguts x4: 227
+Bellower, +Standard Bearer, +Lookout Gnoblar
+Tyrant goes here
Ironguts x4: 242
+Bellower, +Standard Bearer, +Gutlord
Gnoblar Trappers x8: 52

Leadbelcher x3: 175
+Butcher#1 goes here

Gorger: 75
Gorger: 75

=1997 pts

The units + explanations:
Tyrant= Big guy who squishes big things. Goes with the Ironguts and aims for the biggest most juiciest monster or large target he can. Little synergy here is Jade Lion + Mawseeker, which allows him to reroll his stupidity tests while still benefiting the squad anyways.
Butcher#1= The 'shooty' butcher. Goes with the leadbelchers which are an equally shooty unit. He hangs back in the leadbelchers, although he's really no slouch in cc either.
Butcher#2= The 'melee' butcher. Goes into the big bull unit, and stomps right towards the middle. The goal is to attack larger rank+file troop squads, where the butcher can abuse the cleaver for prolonged combat vs. squishy units.
Hunter= The 'lone guy' who abuses the pelt to roam woods and stuff eating up obnoxious hidden units, with stuff like WE coming to mind. Hiding in a forest? Not for long. The 'sic em' ability lets him pick off wizards and crew as well with him being safely away.
Bulls= Big unit with lots of wounds. Note that I specifically chose ironfists because 1) soo much sexier then other normal weapons and 2) you never know when having shield will save you.
Ironguts= Lots of str6 attacks means the enemy is feeling quite dead. Just normal mainstay units.
Leadbelchers= Can potentially generate an obscene amount of str4 shots. Really good for wiping away skirmishers, little squads of squishy guys, plus more. They hang back with the shooty butcher who zaps things with his wand+magic. Although they *can* charge something if the opportunity presents itself.
Trappers= Little obnoxious buggers who can march block and harass enemies from the safety of cover. If anything they're just speedbumps. Plus they provide some humour if your opponent manages to get some of his men dead due to the very disgraceful barrage of str2 sharp things...
Gorgers= Eat gunlines or units far far back for breakfast. Provide some valuable disruption and if anything are just great distractions which make the enemy change tactics almost instantaeniously. Just to deal with them. Both showing up on second turn = dirty surprise for the poor Empire player muahaha.

Anyways, so that's pretty much my list. Note that every single ranked unit here is in units 4 models wide, with the excess units being behind them. Although this seems a bit ungainly, it provides the most attacks which is crucial, espcially with units like Ironguts where str6 hits demolish a lot so you want the most attacks.

So how's this list look? I'm somewhat of a beginner, so ALL constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! Help away guys!


27-05-2007, 04:11
17 views, no replies eh? No one has any criticism for me?


27-05-2007, 06:01
17 views, no replies eh? No one has any criticism for me?


I don't like it so much :(
The distinct lack of units on the table really worries me. Really, your opponent has to watch out for the big block of bulls, both irongut units, and your leadbelchers. In my typical army, I've got 7 full units (either fully +5cr units, or combat units like knights) and I'm just affraid you'll have your threatening units neutralized.

Something I'd suggest is dropping the hunter. He's really subpar. I hate saying this because I love the idea of him, and I love the thought of him, but the execution is just poor on the table. Moving OR shooting really hampers his utility, and he's not super in combat, either. I'd rather have another butcher.

Also, I'd chop your unit of bulls in half. Units of 6 are just asking to get pinned in place, and you're paying SO many points of a useless second rank. Put those bulls to work! Throw them into units of 3, with a bellower for fleeing and counter-charging, or units of four for combat potential.


27-05-2007, 13:05
a suggestion from me is to give your hunter the mastodon armour and keep him out of combat, letting him take down things with his bolt thrower it may mean you have to take out your trappers though

27-05-2007, 17:25
Tenderizer why? most ogre armies have it and i can't understand why a great weapon is good enough how many multi wounded modles are you going to find to use it against? swap it for anoughter irongut or bull

27-05-2007, 18:37
Alright, awesome suggestions and comments so far...

@ Grimlock: It's for dealing with characters, big monsters, and other multi-wound units. Speeds up the process greatly.

@ Druchii:

-Removing Hunter + Trappers. Replacing with Yhetees, as they can also scale terrain yet they have way more attacks, thus becoming a stronger threat
-Removing 1 Irongut from the unit where the tyrant is going to be. As someone said before, having a second rank is useless.
-Splitting up the bull unit into 2... the removed irongut is now going to be an extra ogre bull for the squad where the butcher isnt going in. The other bull unit will have 3 bulls but a butcher in it too so it'll also be 4-man.

Revised list coming up shortly! How do these sound though? Any ideas regarding magic items or equipment in general?


27-05-2007, 22:11
I do like the 2 gorgers, there is no point in taking 1 because he'll never come on, the cruel mockery from the dice god.

Based on what you said about there being no use for the rank I'd like to point out how large a unit of 4 ogres is spread out. For maneuverability have the rank and after the first round of combat spread your frontage. This allows you to get 2 st 5 bull rush attacks in addition to your 9 st 4 combat attacks meaning you should have a CR 5 result on average which negates any basic combat res and then the second round you'll have your 17 attacks to follow it up after knocking them down a rank.

Also realise that have more units charge in the one round will be more effective than having 1/2 units charge another unit stuck behind and the leadbelchers unable to do anything.