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Iron Father
27-05-2007, 03:01
I recvently was given about 1300 pts of LM. from what ive been told and have read, its a decent army to play.

My question is basically this... I want to use a slann, upon reading and reading, ive heard that 2nd gen slann are bad for the 2000pt games. I cant find much about 4th gen slann. Id really prefer to use a slann, and wanted to know if i can get away with just the slann or should i add a skink priest to lend him a hand, or should i just scrap the idea and go all out CC with vets and old bloods.


Goq Gar
27-05-2007, 05:08
Your dead basic, nothing attached, slann will cost you nearly 20% of your points. If you want him to have a CHANCE of living, make that 30% (for all the plaques and marks and what not). If you want him to be safe, 40% (you need to give him a 20-man strong unit of temple guard at least). If you want him to be effective, 45% (you need a skink priests, as he can cast magic through either one, and most of the time your enemy will spend time hiding his good units from your slann, or smacking them right into him.) And then of course, a 5th gen slann isnt going to do much (being terrible and all), so you need to go 4th maybe 3rd gen before he's actually worth all the points you spent making sure he doesn't get decapitated by musket fire and cannon balls first round. Which will cost you around... 60-65% of your points or nearly 1200-1300pts. And believe it or not... some people spend even more than that!

So the only way to run a slann (in my experience) is to make sure he's got a 2+ ward save, everything in his unit has a 4+, he has both other plaques, he has at least 20 guards, and a skink priest to give him an effective Line of Sight, and make him a higher gen.

Probably not worth it in 2000 pts.

Iron Father
27-05-2007, 06:14
between this, and the carnosaur also not being worth it, im kinda bummed

27-05-2007, 06:19
Y'know bud, I'm making an Army of Kroq-Gar right now, and I know I'm going to get stuffed repeatedly. If you want to play a specific model then do it, lose a lot, and learn from it - eventually stathammer won't mean anything if you're just having fun with the army you decided on.

Unless that's just the idealist in me talking, but that's also my idea of having fun.

27-05-2007, 06:56
Just so you know, Slann can't cast through Skink Priests anymore, he can only draw line of sight from the Skinks, and even then he still has to be in range himself. And since he's a large model...not much isn't in LOS to begin with.

As to the actual question... I'd never take a Slann without the 4th Gen upgrade and the BSB. And then you probably need one of the Ward Save vs. Shooting Plaques, and maybe a magic BSB as well. That's probably around 500 points, so thats quite a lot in just one model, and you don't even have a unit for him yet.

Iron Father
27-05-2007, 07:42
meh i dont wanna loose alot ;) looking to change that streak that i have with WFB. just thought the slann was cool, seemed useful, but i guess not.

27-05-2007, 12:52
slann are VERY useful, but are expensive when fully tooled up. dont get put off!

27-05-2007, 13:13
A 4th Generation Slann is pretty good in my experience. One Level 2 Skink to help him out, and frankly a unit of Blessed Saurus (immune to psychology and +1 armour save are good) is more useful than Temple Guard, since the Slann can leave the unit if he wants to, and though they aren't stubborn, they also can't be autobroken by fear causers.

Of course, a 4th Gen Slann with the BSB upgrade and 100 points of magic items (I recommend the 2+ ward save, plus the extra spell and the one that lets you save 2 dice each magic phase) still sets you back nearly 500 points...

28-05-2007, 02:34
i only field 4th generation slann. all i really want from him is to be miscast proof. i think it helps his survival being a BSB with the war banner. since he is rarely in the front rank, his personal save us usually good enough for me. all this for about 415pts.

Goq Gar
28-05-2007, 05:08
415 points in a 2000 point game is pretty hefty, especially if you hang a "kill me" sign on it.

In my experience, slann are awesome to behold, in one turn massacring units left right and centre, but they're the target of... everything you can imagine. I've seen 2 units of chaos knights charge in and kill a slann, they just chopped through his defenses. The rest of the battle went poorly for the chaos player, but once he killed the slann it was all over, the lizardmen player only had a few half-strength units to deal with about 14 chaos knights. If you take a slann, you CAN'T let him die. It's like making an awesome monster boss, then making a little weak point where if you shoot it you kill the thing.

28-05-2007, 05:12
Temple guard are a good unit to Field 2 Str:5 attacks a WS:4 giving them the -1 hit shooting banner helps for surviabilty.

Dead Man Walking
28-05-2007, 05:32
If I am playing a friendly game and I intend to field a whole lotta magic cheese I go 2nd gen, but if I am going competetive with a 'Protect the Slaan' technique I go 3rd gen.

I increase the ward save to 2+, take the plaque to add another spell and the rod which allows you to save 2 magic/dispel pool for the next phase. I field 1 or 2 skink priests to add to the magic goodness (and carry dispel scrolls.). My army is fielded as Tepok.

I dont take templeguard, they are just too expensive. I field two units of Saurus side by side with spears. I place the Slaan in one unit and flank it with a swarm and with the other saurus unit and the other unit with Kroxigors.

So [Swarm] [Saurus+slaan] [saurus] [Kroxigor].

The rest of my army is salamanders, lots of skinks and terradons. These guys go out and annoy my opponent and rack up victory points. This way my opponent can not win unless he comes to get the meat of my army. Scouting Skinks and Terradons slow your opponent down too. The longer it takes the more you can Magic hammer them.

Of course you want to use terrain to make it difficult to get to your slaan, and when your opponent is within charging range of the slaan you make him & move to the other unit. Simply moving your slaan to the other Saurus unit usually throws your opponents plans so far out of wack it is hard for them to re-align thier attackers.

This plan worked better in the old rules when swarms could actually hold a flank, now I wouldnt trust them. Perhaps a Stegadon would be a better choice for a flank holder.

I won an RTT with this tactic, so it can work. I found you have to make your Slaan as lethal as possible, simply taking any spells you roll won't always work. You dont want to waste a spell selection on increasing your skink attendants fighting skills or a spell with a 12" range, since if a unit of chaos is within 12" it is already too late. Choose spell lists with a magic missile as your first spell, roll once on that list and if you get a really good version of a damaging spell (like the 2d6 version) keep it, otherwise select the first spell and then move on to another list. Having 5 magic missiles a turn is better than having 2 or 3.

However if your going against dwards I suggest the spell list where you can get a spell to remove magic items from the game, that really sucks to be them. :)