View Full Version : Ere We Go?

Ordo Hereticus
09-08-2005, 20:42
As it says in the O&G army book, a goblin uni of any type may fight a round of combat without any attacks back from the enemy, it doesn't say chariots can make their impact hits or any units get to use their bonus' for charging.

So if in the movement phase i charge in a goblin chariot, then in the magic phase i cast ere we go on the chariot, does that mean i get to roll for impact hits, and the guys on top get to use their +1 strength for having spears?


09-08-2005, 23:11
I'd say it only does the impact hits once per charge, even with the spell. But the goblins should be able to use their strength bonus in the extra-combat.

10-08-2005, 07:02
Don't work out impact hits with the 'Ere we go spell. It just isn't playing nice.

If you need some technical reason, then not that the chariot itself does not really fight but scores a number of automatic hits at the start of the close combat phase on the turn it charges.