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27-05-2007, 21:41
Hi all,

How does a gyrocopter work? I've read the army book but it's not quite clear to me how you would move it. It says it can move freely and has a movement of -

that makes me think that it could just fly to anywhere? But i'm not sure on this..

could anyone clarify?

And does he only have the steamcannon / how does he make HtH attacks? he has an S and WS statistic

Thanks for reading

Da GoBBo
27-05-2007, 21:54
The gyrocopter flies and therefor follow the rules for flying. He can move up to 20" each turn and fly across all terainfeatures and units. He must end its movement on the ground (outside woods, not on top impassible terrain etc. of course).

He has the steamcannon and can even use after moving 20". In CC he can make HtH attacks as per statistics. Somehow the stuntie manages to extend his tiny arms in such a fashion he is able to strike at his opponents.

27-05-2007, 22:09
a cheers :D thanks for the explanation!

Another thing, the template must be put right at the muzzle of the steamcannon

but what if i wanted to convert the steamcannon (not trying to be cheezy and extending it) but just to have a minigun for fluff. would that something to be frowned upon?

Da GoBBo
27-05-2007, 22:13
I would allways place the template at the middle of the edge of the base. This avoids any possible argument and allows you to do some tinkering.