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28-05-2007, 01:26
Here's the current armylist I've put together for Chaos. It works rather well, but there's always room for improvement. If anyone has suggestions or comments, I would appreciate reading them.

24 Marauders, Great Weapons, Full Command. 193 points
Chaos Lord of Slaanesh (with Marauders), Great Weapon, Helm of Many Eyes, Armor of Damnation. 296 points

4 Chosen Knights of Slaanesh
Exalted Champ on horse (with Knights), Enchanted Shield, Book of Secrets. 186 points (plus 0+ armor save!)

24 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh, Great Weapons, Full Command. 578 points (eep! Very effective tho)

Chaos Sorceror Level 2, Power Familiar. 170 points. Uses Lore of Fire.

4 Minotaurs of Slaanesh, Great Weapons. 224 points

2 Fiends of Slaanesh (Chaos Spawn), 150 points

Beast Herd, 138 points
12 Gors, 2nd weapon. 6 Ungors
Bray Shaman of Slaanesh, The Dark Heart, Spell Familiar. 170 points

5 Mounted Daemonettes of Slaanesh. 150 points

Total: 2475 points. Room to take a banner or extra magic items.

I have been piecing a Chaos army together over time, and these are the models I currently have. I keep adding onto it every few weeks, so if you think I'm lacking a particular unit then feel free to try and convince me to add it :)

28-05-2007, 04:15
Not bad, there's some changes I'd make to it though.

First off I'm not sure if your lord has mark of slaanesh or not, but if he does don't give him the helm of many eyes.
Your hero situation is a little wierd. Your sorceror cannot use lore of fire if he has the mark of slaanesh, which I'm assuming he does since he wouldn't be allowed to join the warriors if he didn't. There's a lot of people out there, me included, who believe that the lore of slaanesh is the most powerful lore out there. Why not make use of it? . Since your exalted champion is with the knights, that means he'll be charging your opponents hardest units. Therefore you should equip him for some serious combat rather than the book of secrets.
Also beast herd are usually more efficient if you have a Gor<Ungor ratio. Like 6 gor, 14 ungor (they aren't hard to convert)
Also your warriors are cool and all, but I'd drop the number, 15-18 is good, 20 is pushing the limit a bit but it's doable. Great weapons are kind of a waste with warriors. s6 is not that much better than s5 seeing as most troops have a toughness of 3 anyway. I'd go for halberds so as not to waste that incredible initiative.

my 2 cents

28-05-2007, 13:40
Forgot to mention a few things. The Lord is Slaanesh, why do you not recommend the Helm for him?

I'm at a crossroads in regards to my sorceror. I do enjoy the Slaanesh magic, but at the same time I like the versatility of running 2 lores. Plus fire gives me some Nuking power, and wall of fire is great for preventing charges. I didn't think about not having an unmarked in a marked unit, and Armybuilder didn't yell at me. I'll fix that above.

I like having the Bray shaman with Slaanesh magic, not only because Beasts don't have access to the fire lore, but also because of the 360 degree casting LOS from the skirmisher formation.

The Exalted on the horse has the book so he can fire some magic missles out on turns he's not charging and try to whittle away some enemy dispell dice. More combat oriented wouldn't be a bad way to go either, I was trying to be sneaky and see if I could burn some dispell dice and get off some big spells at the end of the round.

I originally had 2 units of warriors, 1 chosen and 1 non with 12 guys each lined up in rows of 6. I found they were strong units, but if they didn't get off as many kills as I hoped they would have some difficulties with combat res versus big blocks. Therefore, I thought about mashing them together into 1 giant block, but it is very expensive. Cutting the number down to 18 sounds reasonable.