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28-05-2007, 05:22
Well it's not really cheesy but once I get a good feel for the army and learn how to use it to it's utmost effectiveness I think it could be VERY powerful with a good combination of ambushes leading to flank and rear charges, fast units, and hard hitting units as well as the incredible power of 6 levels of slaaneshi magic. please read on

Also I haven't been into Warhammer for a while and have very little understanding of 7th edition rules. Please be sure to point out to me especially any flaws in the list related to the new rules.

Characters: 700 points
Beast Lord: The Black Maul, Armour of Damnation, Horn of the Great Hunt, shield-198pts
Brayshaman: Mark of Slaanesh, lvl 2, Staff of Darkoth-155pts
Brayshaman: Mark of Slaanesh, lvl 2, Power Familiar, Bray staff-186pts
Brayshaman: Mark of Slaanesh, lvl 2,The Dark Heart, Bray Staff-161pts

20 Bestigors: Mark of Khorne, Full Command, Vitrolic Totem-315pts
Beast Herd (6 Gor/ 14 Ungor): Gors have 2 hand weapons, ungors have spears, full command-133pts
Beast Herd (6 Gor/ 14 Ungor): Gors have 2 hand weapons, ungors have spears, full command-133pts
Beast Herd (6 Gor/ 14 Ungor): Gors have 2 hand weapons, ungors have spears, full command-133pts
Beast Herd (6 Gor/ 14 Ungor): Gors have 2 hand weapons, ungors have spears, full command-133pts
Tuskgor Chariot (Beast Lord rides in this)-85pts
5 Chaos Warhounds-30pts
5 Chaos Warhounds-30pts
5 Chaos Warhounds-30pts
5 Chaos Warhounds-30pts

Special: 445
Chaos Chariot: Mark of Khorne-150pts
5 Chosen Chaos Knights: Mark of Slaanesh, Full Command-295pts

That's 2197pts total and I have to get up to 2500pts, here's the option I'm considering

10 Chaos Furies-150pts
Blood Beast of Khorne-75pts
Fiend of Slaanesh-75pts

5 Mounted Daemonettes-150pts
Blood Beast of Khorne-75pts
Fiend of Slaanesh-75pts

4 Dragon Ogres: Additional Hand Weapons, Light Armour-308pts
this one is awesome because it's fast and powerful but would take me 5 pts over so I'd have to compensate for that somewhere

Chaos Giant: Mutant Monstrosity-225pts
Fiend of slaanesh-75pts

2 Fiends of Slaanesh-150pts
2 Bloodbeasts of Khorne-150pts
or any combination of mark between 4 spawns

4 Chaos Trolls:220pts
Fiend of Slaanesh/ Blood Beast of Khorne-75pts

any help would be awesome!

28-05-2007, 05:33
I think you need a Core choice with Mark of Slaanesh for every Hero of Slaanesh you have....

28-05-2007, 10:41
yeah, Lander is right, you need one marked unit or chariot for each marked character (spawn doesn't count). So with your army you can have 1 char with MoS and 2 with MoK. Fluffwise you are out on a limb as Khorne and Slaanesh are enemies...

28-05-2007, 11:45
so change the chaos chariot to MoS and make one of the characters MoK, maybe the power familiar one.

also I think choice #3

4 Dragon Ogres: Additional Hand Weapons, Light Armour-308pts
this one is awesome because it's fast and powerful but would take me 5 pts over so I'd have to compensate for that somewhere

28-05-2007, 21:16
I was thinking 3 also but the other choices are still pretty good so I'd like some more feedback before I commit.

I think you need a Core choice with Mark of Slaanesh for every Hero of Slaanesh you have....

nope,here's the direct quote from the book "-You may only give a mark to a character if the army also contains a unit or chariot with the same mark(other than chaos spawn).-" I'm not sure where you got that ratio business but it's wrong.

Also I was thinking of switching the marks on the chariot and the knights, but I'm not too sure. If notI'd like to find some points to give them the rapturous standard, any help with that would also be great.

28-05-2007, 21:19
I think you need a Core choice with Mark of Slaanesh for every Hero of Slaanesh you have....

Not True.

It is a common misconception. You only need one unit with the mark of slaanesh for any and all MoS characters.

the list is fine.

The furries are pretty important addition. As for the rest of your options. It is up to you. What about 4 minotaurs of khorne with great weapons.

28-05-2007, 21:40
Also another thing I'm not sure about is which units to ambush. I'm think 3 warhound units and 2 beastherds but I'm not too sure.

28-05-2007, 22:21
Also another thing I'm not sure about is which units to ambush. I'm think 3 warhound units and 2 beastherds but I'm not too sure.

Warhounds units are tough to ambush with because it's hard to pass the leadership test with only Ld 5. Although you do have Horn of the Great Hunt to help out with that.

If you are going to be ambushing with Beastherds, you typically don't need a standard bearer. You'll usually be fighting Warmachines or charging the enemies rear, so you don't need one. Also, if you get charged by any decent combat unit, you will lose the combat and run, handing over 100 VPs to your opponent.

I'm was wondering where are you planning on putting your Brayshamans/Beastlords? If they are in the beastherds, don't ambush any of them because your characters will be off the board and can't cast spells or fight.

I'd probably just ambush the 4 Warhound units and keep the beast herds on the board because they are great character holders.

28-05-2007, 22:24
for characters I was going to put 2 shamans in one herd, the remaning shaman in another herd and the lord on the tuskgor chariot.

29-05-2007, 21:03
Actually this is far from cheesy.

Buy the Chaos Armour item for a brayshaman.

Skip the Vitrolic Totem on your Beastigors (it's designed for a herd on a bsb).

Take more beast chariots. I'd trade two beast chariots for that khorne one as there is a FAQ that nixes khorne chariots steeds from benifitting from frenzy somewhere.

normally I'd say drop the khorne knights but you have enough screening and support to really use them well.

Army looks pretty good, try to re-write it for 2000 pts unless people around you play at the higher pts level.

30-05-2007, 04:47
Greetings the_night_reaper...I have some thoughts/comments and ideas for your list, hope they help...

*Beast Lord: Ok, your points are off here, making his item selection illegal...you have 120pts of magical equipment, and he's only allowed 100...Black Maul is a great item, but can be a double edged sword if you're not careful with him...a normal Undivided Beastlord Combo I go with is Sword of Might, Armor of Damnation, Shield, Gaze of the Gods...

*Bray-Shamans: Seems like you want to go with Magical Assault...that's fine, I've use three Lvl 2 Shamans before as well...pretty cool really, just not reliable...Staff of Darkoth is ok...I recommend Power Familiar on one, Spell Familiar w/Chaos Armor w/Power Stone on second, and Skull of Katam on the third one...

*Khorngors: Good unit...I prefer theme in my Armies, so following Khorne's Chosen Number of 8 means a unit of 16 or 24...I prefer 16 myself...Vitriolic Totem is actually perfect for them, becasue this is a dice game, and you still will roll '1's to Wound...I do it often!

*Beast Heds: Way too many...they're cumbersome and become unwieldly once they're all on the board...and having a low LD means they Panic easily and cause a lot of unwanted Panic Checks in your Army...one last issue is that Ambush isn't that great because it's so unreliable...even if they get behind your enemy, they're hard pressed to win CC against most enemy units...

*Tusk Chariot: Ok model, but slow and not very reliable...and very dangerous to put your lord in it...becomes a slower moving model that's a big target for enemy Magic and Shooting...really sucks when his Chariot is blown out from under him and his stranded somewhere...

*Warhounds: Ugh...I do hate them, but I'll still take a single unit of 8-10 models...they too like the Beast Herds can't hurt much of the enemies but can cause a lot of unwanted Panic Checks in your own Army when they are forced to Flee through your units...

*Chariot of Khorne: Interesting pick...kind of "out of place" but it's a very useful model...I've had great success with mine, so long as they stay away from anything that's S(7) or higher!

*Chosen Knights of Pleasure: Good unit, again a bit "out of place", but still very powerful....i'd add 1 more model for them, and the Rapturous Standard...

*Spare Points: You really need Chaos Furies, and Mounted Daemonettes are good, as are Fiends of Slaanesh and Bloodbeasts of Khorne...and Dragon Ogres are much needed for a fast, hard hitting threat, but should always have Grt Wpns...

30-05-2007, 23:22
This guy doesn'tknow what he's talking about haha. In my oppinion anyone who reccommends the chosen number thing either isn't trying to help you or doesn't know what they're talking about. 20 bestigors is better than 16 or 24 points wise and usefulness.

31-05-2007, 02:30
Now here's the reason why i don't post on this site to often...too many ignorant players that are mouthy...ok...

Soul_Man: Not taking the Chosen Numbers for your units is like painting Khorne models greens and pinks...though neither one has anything to do with the "rules" per-se, they each have a part of the fluff/theme/fun of the game...unfortunatley, too many players loose site of this...I play in the Tournament a lot out here in SoCal and do very well for myself, not just because I can beat other players, but because of my Sportsmanship and Army Composition...the Soft Scores...if the only object that you seek is the win, then perhaps you're playing the wrong game...I could just as easily state taking 20 models is foolish because it's easy enough to kill off a single Warrior of Chaos and thus negate the Rank Bonus you're trying to attain with a nice and neat block of 20 infantry models...when you reply to an Army list post, try to be helpful to the player's post, not waste time with useless "smack talk"...

31-05-2007, 02:46
Well I personally don't count my opponents models if he's playing chaos to make sure his units are multiples of whatever nor do I know anyone who does. Don't get me wrong I'm all about the soft scores, but sometimes fluff has to mov aside to gameplay. Not always but in this kind of circumstance where the fluff part is just completely ridiculous. I'm trying to help the guy by not making him either lose effective by going down to 16 models, or waste points by going up to 18.

I'm not one of those nooby bastards who go around trashing people (I personaly can't stand them) but I do like to help when someone "wisely" advises a player, who posted up there army list to get some help with it, to base their unit sizes (which are always very important) on some ************ numbers.

just trying to help

also I'd say you should have posted an option to have 10 furies and 5 mounted daemonettes. I'd vote for either that one or the dragon ogres, which might be better off with great weapons, but I'm not sure where you'd take the points from.

@theDark General I'm just wondering if I'm missing something, how are shamans not reliable? I've been playing for a whileand I find them better than regular chaos sorcerors, even if for the reason they can join beastherds.

31-05-2007, 16:52
Fair enough Soul_Man, but I always count/ask my opponent how many models are in each unit...I've played since the end of 3rd Edition/begining of 4th Edition...and I generally play in Tournaments...the difference between 16 and 20 guys is 48pts...which if you're playing Khorne, could be another themed unit of 8 Warhounds...the Chosen Numbers mean just as much as the colors of your models...players asking for help here need all forms of advice, so long as it's positive...I'm just bringing my aspect to the ideas here...even in casual play, all my Armies are always themed...hell, my Dwarfs are so themed they dont' have a single shooting item in the entire list! :D ...

31-05-2007, 17:01
Nicely put TDG ! i've read most of yer posts on The Herdstone and COTEC and i agree with u on everything about the sacred numbers.Sometimes gameplay must make room for Fluff , especially with Chaos.

31-05-2007, 17:27
Interesting dilema. Fluff vs game play.

I tend not to think too much about fluff (numberswise) but am starting to consider it.

I have won enough games to not really care too much about always winning anymore. For me, the game becomes about the story line and if I win, then great.

I too have read most of TDG posts on the Herdstone, and tend to agree with him more than I disagree. At times it seems a little too much. But, he has insprired me to consider the sacred numbers a little more. Perhaps the next time I paly khorne, I will make sure that my dispell dice are "sacred".

BtW -- Could someone post the sacred numbers for Chaos. I know a few, but not all.

01-06-2007, 00:05
As far as I'm concerned, unit sizes when refering to fluff is complete bull. No other army has to model their unit sizes around fluff, so I won't either. However, thank you anyways.

does anyone have more comments on my list?

01-06-2007, 03:44
@ the night reaper,

Don't take offense: you are on a public forum where people can discuss different aspects. So you don't agree with numbers and fluff. It is just a thought.

Other people read this and get ideas from what you, I and anyone else says. Many people don't even post.

As for your list. I think it is very good. I would play something quite similar if I had a regular diet of Slaanesh. But, I am a fan of undivided.

01-06-2007, 03:58
no offense taken. Also I just thought of another way to spend those 300 points, and it's something I've wanted to use since it came out. The hellcannon. With some kind of daemonic item on it.

Please discuss, I'd really like some feedback.

01-06-2007, 04:29
The hellcannon is a monster. But, it can be a monster against you. I like the hellcannon in Khorne armies because you can give it a dispel scroll (sort of). But at ~300 pts all tooled up, it too can be a point sink. I have had it wipe out my opponent in by turn 2. I have had it do next to no damage. And I have had it go insane in my own lines.

01-06-2007, 11:56
The Hellcanon can be extremely good but i could be yer worst nightmare...charging you're own 500 points chosen unit in the rear n'stuff :eyebrows: But it could blow the opponents army away.Anyway when u take it , get the spellbreaker DG on it.

01-06-2007, 13:42
But is it better than the other options? like the dragon ogres, or the furies and spawns?

01-06-2007, 15:19
Fluffwise you are out on a limb as Khorne and Slaanesh are enemies...

Says who? Pretty much equally "enemies" as any other god combination. Both are chaos so they should be all fine.