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28-05-2007, 14:42
Empire Stirland army


General w. Griffon, Full Plate, Lance, Shield, Pistol and Holy Relic 350p

Captain w. Battle Standard, Sword of Might, Armor of Meteoric Iron 140p

Battle Wizard w. lvl 1 and Rod of Power 95p

Warrior Priest w. Great Weapon and Heavy Armor 98p

- Why Griffon Lord? It's such a cool model... but, looking that points cost it just rips trought you hart... When Lord flys off the BSB can keep the troops in line, hopefully...

Edit: Captain now has a better armor and we have some kind of magic defence. Also I got the Engineer in, so cool...

Edit2: I don't have enough points to give a good armor for the WP, but he'll manage...


24 Spearmen w. Shields and Full Command 164p
- Detachment: 9 Freemen 45p
- Detachment: 5 Hand Gunners 40p

24 Spearmen w. Shields and Full Command 164p
- Detachment: 9 Freemen 45p
- Detachment: 5 Hand Gunners 40p

10 Crossbowmen 80p

10 Flagellant Warband 100p

5 Knightly Order w. Champion and Musician 139p

For a Stirland army, the Spearmen as main infantry are essential. The Crossbowmen are from miltia models so they too fit the theme. The Flagellants give the army the hard hitting unit, thought no armor on them, thay can tarpit or protect flank... Knights can strike from the flank where there's no enemy cannon fire and such with Griffon General...

Edit: With Priest no longer as a hero choice the Flagellants have moved to Rares.

Edit2: With Priest I have divided the Flagellant blocks to two 10 men blocks.


Mortar 75p

Great Cannon 100p

5 Pistoliers w. Musician 114p

There can't be too many cannons in Stirland army so one should do it. I could change the mortar for another cannon by dropping something...


10 Flagellant Warband 100p

Hellblaster Volley Gun 110p

Either this or Hellstrom...

Edit: Flagellants are here. As you may see... Also with lesser strenght, but I hope I still can defend a flank...

Total: 2000p

This army is a main list for 4000p Campaing. Other lists will be couple of 750p flank forces with Halfling auxlia and Orges...

28-05-2007, 15:22
I recon you don't want to get rid of the griffon, so I will not advise against it (which I would normally do). Seems to be a bit theme of this army.

The lack of magic could be pretty harsh, I don't think your priest will get his prayers through very often with only his magic to go. You could add a mage, that way getting a small boost to both magic offence and defence. The BSB is a must, but consider mounting him or getting him the armour of metriotic iron (spelled right?) for a bit of extra protection. In an empire army he is quite central character to hold the units together.

I've never used flaggelants myself, but people often advise them to be in two units of 10 rather than 1 unit of 20. Also people often advise against the mortar, but I personally like it and feels that it works out pretty well. The large template is ALWAYS bigger than what you think! But large template isn't enough reason to take the rocket battery since it's virtually inpossible to hit anything at all with it...

28-05-2007, 15:26
If you do start sacrificing Flagellants in combat, you're going to need more than 10. But I'm not an Empire player so what do I know? ;)

28-05-2007, 15:37
Thanks for reply so soon Vattendroppe. There's good points what you just wrote. If I divide the Flagellants for two smaller groups I need the Priest in order to keep the flagellants in core. I'm strongly thinking of dropping the priest for wizard, keeping the Flagellants in one big block in rares and giving the AoMI to the BSB. Also if I find the points I'll probably take a naked Engineer to boost the BS on Hellblaster, maybe even give him the Sigil of Sigmar or either a Magic Shield... Pidgeons are also a nice touch and serve the theme, but highly expensive. Anyone tryed pidgeon bombs before, do they work...?

Before I'll make any changes, I'll see if anyone else has any ideas at this point...

28-05-2007, 15:49
Taking away the priest for a mage wouldn't do very much. One mage doesn't get his spells through and offers the same amount of dispelsdice. He cannot fight and doens't give hatred, the only way you would want that is if you're going to have a lvl one scrollcaddie. Filling up an additional heroe slot in empire isn't very expensive (leave out some flaggelants for a start).

28-05-2007, 21:19
List updated...

28-05-2007, 21:24
Do you intend to use the Knights for charges with your general, or mainly with the Spearmen? If so, you'd be better off putting the War Banner on the Spearmen (Who are less likely to break if they're in a bad spot, with their increase static combat resolution), as those Knights are so fragile they could easily be beaten in combat, auto-broken from fear etc. and lose their banner.

Biting Blade on a Wizard = lol by the way. Can you put a Talisman of Protection on him?

Be Afraid
29-05-2007, 01:30
that engineer is just a 2 wound crewman, you BSB cant take a pistol, and for the sake of god . . . WHY HAS YOUR WIZARD GOT A BITING BLADE ?
not only id it the worst magical weapon a character has ever had the misfortune to hold, but why give it to a waizard ?!?

i would swap wizard for a warrior preist, give war banner to spearmen, drop knights and, with those points bulk flagenents to 30, make sure warrior preist is well equiped, then buy crossbow men

29-05-2007, 10:40
The Bitting Blade was there to fill the points, but now I have changet the list. I got both wizard and priest, knights with less points on them and Flagellants on two blocks. I don't have more than 23 of them... I'm facing Dwarfs, another Empire, VC, WE, DE and probably O&Gs...

I'll post my second support army that has Halflings in it, other one will have Orges...