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28-05-2007, 14:31
This is a 2000 point list i was thinking of using as the basis for my WE army. Any reviews or suggestions would be welcome!

Treeman Ancient
Annoyance of netlings
Cluster of Radiants

Wood Eld Noble
Battle Standard
Stone of Crystal Mere

Spell Singer:
2x Dispel Scrolls

Cost: 635

10x Glade Guard

10x Glade Guard

8x Dryads

8x Dryads

8x Dryads

Cost: 534

7x Wardancers

7x Wardancers

20x Eternal Guard

6x Wild Riders

Cost: 710


5x Waywatchers

Cost: 120

Couldn't fit in a HofD arrow. But ah well.

Im slightly worried about majic heavy armies but i can't really take anything out.


29-05-2007, 10:34
id take the treeman ancient out and put another spell singer and prehaps a noble in aswell. i found that while a treeman is useful, it doesnt really come into its own unless it is in bigger games. in smaller games it can be easily avoided or bogged down.
Also, what level is you spell singer? if ur going magic defense down worry about the level upgrade as it only gives additional casting dice

29-05-2007, 20:05
A BSB isn't a good way to make EG stubborn. Take a noble w/ a GW and amber pendant.

If you're going for scroll cadies take pagaent of shrikes.

Take musicians in your wardancer units.

Drop the standard from your wildriders.

Take 6 waywatchers.

30-05-2007, 16:27

*Zapherion - don't you think that 2000points is big enough for a treeman? He has movment 10 and will be sitting right next to my eternal guard so if the enemy wants any points for a win they will have to come get him im just abit annoyed about the two tressingings im paying for but i suppose with 3 out a turn one may get through and it really does waste dispel scrolls. Also, yes the mage is lvl 1.

*popisdead - Im just wondering what you would suggest taking out to get those few extra points togther.

The BSB isn't just to make the eternal guard stubborn, a noble seemed like the right way to go but the battle standard in the eternal guard with the treeman next to it makes 2 extremley reliable units.

I would drop the standard to get musicians on both my wardancers. But as i have a genuine lack of standards anywhere in my army basically anywhere that the unit hits the standrad will confer its +1 CR. I will think on this one however.

I don't see the relavtive bonus of 6 waywatchers apart from the increased liklehood of killing blow. But for 24 points a pop? I will have to drop something major somewhere else to fit him in.

30-05-2007, 18:02
now u see, if ur putting them right next to each other ur allow the enemy alot o room to avoid them both. dont use them next to each other if u insist on using them. spread them out otherwise they cud both either get avoided or just bogged down by a big enemy unit. and i stand by my statement that 2000 points aint big enough for an ancient...a treeman at a push but u cud defo spend the points more wisely

Slann mage Tokes
02-06-2007, 02:53
waywatchers are 24 points each? what do they do?

ok killing blow short range and set up like chameleons.... tight.

what is the unit size?