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28-05-2007, 19:22
My son (12) has recently decided he prefers WFB to 40k and has spent hours nay days pondering his army of choice. Having read the Newbies guide and played a few games of BFSP he has plumped for Tomb Kings. Now I'm primarily a 40k player but have joined him in his foray into fantasy land with an orc and gobbo army which made its debut tournament wise over the weekend. However I have no clue in relation to the other armies being a real novice. So some advice.
First of all I know his choice is perhaps not the best for a young kid starting out (or at least so it seems from what I've read. ) I figured rather than try and dissuade I'd let him roll with it as long term I think he's more likely to persevere with an army he's chosen and grown with.
Second I've ensured he has a good grasp of all the basics and he is now au fait with the rules (at least to a reasonable degree) He's saved up his pocket money and has the following models as well as a rule book and army book.
1) Tomb Prince/King in a chariot
2) Liche priest on foot
3)Liche Priest Mounted
4)Tomb King Battalion Box.

The first question is How should we make up the models in the Box? Should the Warriors all be Archers (there's 32) and what about the cavalry what are the best options?

Secondly where should we look next for additions? The aim is to play a few 1000 point games then work up in 500 point blocks till he gets to 2000 points. Obviously his funds are limited as I want it to be his army rather than one handed to him on a plate by Dad as hopefully he'll value it more!

We are putting together an army list (1000 points) which will obviously hinge on the recommendations as to the box set ,so any help would be appreciated

28-05-2007, 22:45
Allright, first of all Tomb Kings as an army require a little finesse, so it might not be the most ideal starting army. It's a bit unforgiving at first. That said, it's my firm belief that everyone should play the army that appeal the most to them, because no matter how awesome the troops are or whatever, it's not cool investing that much time and effort (and money) into something you're not into 100%. And, he'll get the hang of it eventually, it might just take a couple of more games than with a more straightforward army.

As for how you should build what's in the box, I'd start out with maybe two units of 12 archers or something like that, and then get another box of skeletons and build them as troops with hand weapons and light armour. That gives you three good core units to build the army around. 30 archers could work I guess, but the troops are so expensive for what they do, you'll end up with very few units capable of holding their own in a fight. Especially with 1000 points, where the expensive characters suck up a lot of your points budget.

For the cavalry, go with the spears. The archer cavalry is really bad, because their undead rules basically render all the fast cavalry perks useless, as they can't flee or march. So what you end up with are sorta-fast archers, that are very expensive for what they do.

29-05-2007, 06:15
The previous poster is correct about TK being an unforgiving army.
I would assemble the horsemen as spears/shield. i have never found a use
for the mounted bowmen.

For skeleton warriors, I prefer to use handweapon shield. With bows, unless you are concentrated in making a shooting army with Queen khalida, i feel the bows aren't useful after turn 2 or 3 when the enemy is upon you. You need to have a solid unit to hold, and skeletons are your best bet.

For the bang for your buck, you should take a regular chariot and put the tomb king into the chariot.

Finally, and most importantly, it is very hard to play with TK with 1000 points. I find 1500 challenging too. The reason is because heroes make up a high composition of points, while they are not the strongest characters. I rarely play less than 2000 pts, if I can help it.

Hope it helps

29-05-2007, 07:04
Tomb kings are the army that got me into fantasy, and now I am hooked. The army looks great and if played right just can't be beat.

http://z4.invisionfree.com/Khemri/index.php is a resource that has helped me a lot with my Tomb Kings and this site will tell you what units are good, are not good and why as well as a miriad of other things.

29-05-2007, 13:40
My son in law got me interested in WFB two years ago and I chose TK as my first army despite his warnings that it is not a good starter army. That choice has worked well for me. IMHO, you need at least one solid block of 25 warriors with hand weapons and shields and a full command. One or two 10 strong units of bowmen. Heavy cav is better than light cav (but neither is so great in the case of TK). Get a scorpion or two as they are great, esp. in small point games.

For a rare choice, it depends upon whether your son wants to go offensive (bone giant) or defensive (catapult). While I find the bone giant fun when I go with an offensive force, a defensive force with two catapults is what works for me.

As others have said, TK really come into their own at 2000 points. It is tough to win consistently below that level but it can still be fun to play.

30-05-2007, 07:32
I love tomb kings as well, though you need to get used to their unsual playing style. I would start out with 10 bowmen and 22 skeletons with hand weapons and shields and 8 heavy calvary. This is a good small army. I might buy one more box and add 16 bowmen. I would also strongly suggest a couple of scorpions. They are a bitch to build, but really super for a starting army, and not too expensive when you consider one is a unit in itself.

That Guy
30-05-2007, 16:54
I'd make about ten of them archers. I'm a huge fan of balanced forces, so a little shooting combined with a little hand to hand goes a long way.

I agree that I've never found a use for the horsemen with bows. Give them spears. Tomb Kings work with the standard hammer and anvil approach: the units of skeletons are great anvils, and chariots are great hammers (horsemen too, but really chariots are amazing).

As for additions, I have never left home without Carrion and a Tomb Scorpion. They really compensate for the lack of mobility in the rest of the army. Also, more skeletons. This might just be a style thing of mine, but I love to load up on core troops.

Once you get up to 2000 point games, I love the catapults. Panic checks will drive your opponant nuts. I hate the Bone Giant model, and it's not as effective in close combat as a unit of Ushabti, which are also a very nice hammer.

As others have said, playing Tomb Kings at under 2k is really tough, but rewarding. Remember to always keep a balanced force, and enjoy!

30-05-2007, 19:01
Tomb Kings were also my very first army when I entered the hobby a few years ago. Little did I know at the time the learning curve to using them would be so steep! However, now that I have learned how to use them and have moved onto another army (O&G) learning using TK's has served me well as I have become one of the better players in our gaming area.

Your son will need lots of patience while getting 'thumped' by his opponents, but it sounds like he is willing to learn. Also encourage him to ask his opponents what he could of done differently either tactics or army composition wise to help him improve.

As for how to assemble the models, a small unit of 10 arches is always useful, however I prefer to assemble my skellies with handweapon and shield as you need the army save more than you do trying to kill something with a spear, plus paying more for spears is not a good trade off.

As for his next unit, a catapult and a scorpion or two is very handy.

01-06-2007, 09:46
I've only played a test game or too with my TK, but I've found the scorpion to be a great psychological weapon. Set up that burrow marker, and watch your opponent struggle with moving units too close to it. I would try to fit one into the list if you can.