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28-05-2007, 21:01
I know with other armies (well, at least Marines and Guard, but probably others), they have themselves broken down into companies and regiments.

How do the Grey Knights organize themselves? The only thing I've noticed is in the beginning of Counter's Grey Knights where the squad is called "Squad ____" (where the blank is the name of the Justicar leading it).

28-05-2007, 22:10
There are no companies etc in the GK, only Squads.

After bio-engineering abd training far more extensive than normal marines, a recruit is inducted directly into a squad, where he stays until he becomes experienced enough to be made a Justicar and gets his own squad to lead. As you say, the squad is named after the Justicar.

Those who show better than normal (for GK) fighting and psychic abilities may be allowed to join a terminator squad, from where they can, eventually rise to Brother Captain, or Grand Master, one of which (yes, there are more than one) is amember of the inner conclave (circle/council) of the Inquisition.

Normally, Squads work independantly of the rest of the chapter, often spending many years away from Titan, their fortress monastry, acting either on their own initiative, or at the behest of the local members of the inquisition.

They only call on the help of other GK when a major incursion by Chaos is located, too big for the one squad and local IG/SM/Inquisitional forces to deal with.

There are secret GK bases around the Imperium with a good size GK garrison, ready to answer such calls from outlying GK squads or inquisitors.


Light of the Emperor
28-05-2007, 22:54
Eventhough they are a chapter, they do number over 100 marines. Overall estimates on GK numbers are unknown.

28-05-2007, 23:13
Its likely a parallel to the Black Templars, with the maintenance of cells to be called upon by the Ordo Malleus when necessary, as well as those in transit assigned in operations. The background in the canonical literature never addresses the scale, but emphasise the presence.

Fact is they seem to be varying bands following independent leaders, rather like a anti-daemonice Kampfgruppe.

29-05-2007, 04:46
to expand on what Seleucus said, not only do they get elevated to other terminator squads, BC position, etc, but they also get moved to carry a heavy weapon or put in purgation squads if they show a talent for the heavy weapons...

29-05-2007, 07:21
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The WarSeer Inquisition

29-05-2007, 11:43
Wouldn't attritition amongst the Grey Knights keep their numbers more around the "Maybe a thousand" quantity? It would be expensive to have many thousands of them fielded, especially if they're all being produced from one location.