View Full Version : Ordo Xenos Army Experience?

28-05-2007, 23:56
I'm planning an Inquisitorial army based on an Inquisitor Lord and retinue being accompanied by several squads of Storm Troopers as a core of the force. I want to convert up a small Marine squad to use "counts as" a Deathwatch Kill Team.

The main thing about this army is that I want to be able to use it in Tournaments. This means that the Deathwatch Kill Team has to be a basic vanilla-rules squad chosen from the Marine Codex so they will be unable to take the usual Xenos killing toys that their "official" brethren enjoy.

As I don't want to die of old age waiting for the Xenos Hunter Codex to be released, I will be using either the Daemonhunters list or the Witch Hunters list, depending on which I think is more appropriate.

Does anybody have any advice / experience / ideas / suggestions on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.

Lord Inquisitor
29-05-2007, 00:04
As far as the US GW tournaments go, they allow DWKT in normal Imperial armies. If you don't mind only having 1 kill team, why can't you just use a regular Kill Team?

29-05-2007, 00:10
My concern is that I have only played in one Tournament so far and here in England, Deathwatch are "strictly" not allowed.

29-05-2007, 01:05
You could always use the current Dark Angels or Blood Angels list, have 2 squads of Tactical marines as support marines and a chapter master or librarian as HQ, then up to 3 squads of Veterans as "Counts As" Deathwatch. You still loose the special ammo but get most of the rest of the toys of the DW. Then ally your Inquisitor, Retuine and up to 2 Squads of Shock Troops.