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long the tiger
29-05-2007, 11:20
hi every1 this is my first army list so plz help me:

Tomb Prince 100pts
great weapon, light armour, shield, collar of shapesh, chariot of fire

liche priest:115pts
hand weapon, staff of mastery

16 skeleton warriors:128pts
spears, shields, full comand

16 skeleton warriors:128pts
hand weapons bows

3 chariots:120pts
hand weapons, spears, bows, full command, icon of the sacred eye

tomb scorpion:85pts
sting tail, wicked claws

so what do u think

29-05-2007, 14:18
First of all, with proper point values, here's how your list is:

Tomb Prince (203)
Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Collar of Shapesh, Chariot of Fire

Liche Priest (155)
Staff of Mastery

16 Skeleton Warriors (169)
Spears, Shields, Full Command

16 Skeleton Warriors (128)

3 Chariots (220)
Full Command, Icon of the Sacred Eye

Tomb Scorpion (85)

Total points: 960

So, you still have 40 points left over.

Tomb Prince: Why the great weapon if he is on a chariot? I understand the desire for +1 strength always, but it's nice to have that +2 strength from a flail in the first round of combat.

Liche Priest: The staff of mastery is, for the most part, garbage. Give your priest possibly the Cloak of the Dunes for extra maneuverability, Neferra's Plaques to re-roll those pesky snake eyes, or the Hieratic Jar to give him an extra, one time only, spell to help get that pivotal, game-winning charge that you need.

Spears: Why spears? At the extra point per model, you'd be better off throwing your points elsewhere. Something like light armour. As of right now, they only have a 6+ armour save, negated by a single strength 4 attack. With hand weapon, shield, and light armour, you're gonna have a 4+ armour save, which is much better for a sponge unit. Fighting in two ranks is nice, but if your front two ranks can't survive, there's no point.

Bowmen: I guess I'll put this comment here. I find the fact that you're going with 16 instead of 20 on either of the units of warriors is odd. You want that front rank of 5 to get some rank bonuses in CR. Don't exactly understand the point of going towards 4x4 blocks, really.

Chariots: Yay icon of the sacred eye. Really don't need more than that standard bearer. The 30 points from champion and musician could effectively be spent elsewhere in a place where it makes more of an impact.

Tomb Scorpion: Considering you can't alter his set in any way, there's not much to say about this. Except that they're definitely useful and awesome.

I know it's such a small list, but try to see if you can fit some carrion in there. They're always helpful.

long the tiger
29-05-2007, 14:46
thank's for that im going to show the guys that my local games workshop.
by the way great weapon always give u +2 strength not 1.
im going 2 take out the spears and give them light armour.
ill try and get another tomb scorpion.

thanks for that

29-05-2007, 15:53
by the way great weapon always give u +2 strength not 1.

Not when mounted in 7th ed. They're only +1 strenght.