View Full Version : GW Returns Policy?

Slaaneshi Slave
29-05-2007, 19:22
I have 136 of models new in boxes and blisters just sitting in my storage area collecting dust. I don't want to make an army from them, so what are the chances of me being able to exchange them for models which I would prefer from a GW store as unwanted gifts? Is this something they would normally do? Only problem I foresee is that I obviously have no receipt.

Lord Malek The Red Knight
29-05-2007, 19:25
you used to be able to do it (even without a receipt) as long as the packaging was still sealed (and in good enough condition for them to sell them again). it was official policy, and was advertised in WD etc.

whether you still can, i dont know...

~ Tim

29-05-2007, 19:29
I cant see a problem with that. As long as they are in good condition and are still stocked (ie can't imagine them exchanging an RTB01 set even if it is mint nick) you should be able to swap em for what you want.

I have dont that a couple of times with things I have won at a tournament, like a Catachan battleforce (I play Eldar....)

Mr Zephy
29-05-2007, 20:09
To be honest if i worked at GW and was asked for a swap of a Rogue Trader for goods, i'd do it, pay for the goods out of my wallet later, ans stick it on Ebay.

Slaaneshi Slave
29-05-2007, 20:35
They are all current figures (Lizardmen), don't worry. :p Thanks for the help!

Stormtrooper Clark
29-05-2007, 20:36
You can take anything back (Even without a receit) as long as it's still packaged (And in the current range of models)

29-05-2007, 20:37
without a recipt they will usually only exchange items..

29-05-2007, 21:21
They'll do an exchange but the items have to be still in the system. If they've been OBS then you might be out of luck at least dropping them off at the store though some stores may still take them.

Slaaneshi Slave
30-05-2007, 18:48
I took them back today, and exchanged them for a bunch of Eldar models. In total I got a 1,500 point army for 52 euros (I spent the money on the other models ages ago, so it doesn't count anymore, obviously). :D

30-05-2007, 20:32
isambad, i'll gladly take that catachan force from you. :)