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29-05-2007, 20:02
Man, I'm freaking exhausted...drank and partied to hard last night, and had to get up early and head out to GMI Games for the "INVITE ONLY" RTT that I put together...so hang over and all I head down there trying to pump as much Starbucks in my veins as possible...first I went to breakfast with Billy(Runelord), Big Quinten(Phazael), Bob "the Bastard" and Robert Canales...the thought and smell of food however turned my stomach for the most part, and Big Q(Phazael) ordered up a Sampler for us to share...I nibbled a bit...ugh... ...

So we all then head over to the shop, and meet up with everyone else...a total of 14 out of the 16 guys made it, so it was a decent turn out for being a Sunday! Some incredibly beautiful Armies were on hand, and a few unfinished ones(like mine! )...Toby got the pairings ready, explained in detail how everything was going to be scored, and we got underway!...here's my list really quick...

1x Exalted Champion: Khorne(174pts)
*Chaos Armor, Enchanted Shield, Helm of Many Eyes, Grt Wpn

1x Bray-Shaman: Undivided(166pts)
*Lvl 2, Death, Bray-Staff, Power Familiar

16x Warriors of Chaos: Khorne(315pts)
*Hvy Armor, Shields, FC

4x Knights of Chaos: Khorne(187pts)
*Hvy Armor, Shields, Barding, Musician

4x Knights of Chaos: Khorne(187pts)
*Hvy Armor, Shields, Barding, Musician

1x Chariot of Chaos: Khorne(150pts)
*Scythed, Halberds

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts)
*Daemonic, Fast Cav

8x Chaos Furies: Undivided(120pts)
*Daemonic, Flyers

16x Beast Herd: (123pts)
*8 Gors, Xtra Wpns, FC/8 Ungors, Spears

16x Khorngors: (292pts)
*Hvy Armor, Grt Wpns, FC, Vitriolic Totem

2x Bloodbeasts of Khorne: (150pts)
*Strength 5

Power Dice: 5
Dispel Dice: 10

GAME 1:Totem Hunt vs Jeremiah(Empire): This was one of the better looking Armies, not because it was painted to extreme standards, but the whole Army was well themed, and great minor conversions! Very clean and neat paint job, with super detailed Standards! The Army theme was Knights of the Rose, and EVERY unit had roses rapped around their lances, and shields with roses and all color co-ordinated with their specific Standard's(Red, Purple, Pink, etc) colors! Jeremiah hasn't played much, if any 7th Edition, but has been playing Warhammer Fantasy since 3rd Edition...more experience than me!...he could tell that I was still hurting from the night before's drinking feast, and offered to buy me a beer after our game...hair of the dog thing...we both laughed and began deploying our units...wow...lots and lots of knights!...had the Kislev Gryphon Legion, one unit of Inner Circle, 4 units of regular knights, 2 units of Pistoliers, 1 Great Cannon...lead by a Grand Knight, 1 Wizard, 1 BSB and 1 Priest...I goaded him into placing most of his Knight units in the center of the table, while I deployed mostly on both flanks...I win the dice off and take the first Turn...I pretty much move everything up, and prepare angles here and there with my Flesh Hounds, and Knights...he then moves his units up, also jockeying for postition...Great Cannon overfires at my Chariot, Pistoliers take out 3 Knights in one unit...my second turn starts with Furies charging the Pistoliers on my Left flank, joined by a unit of my Knights(not shot up)...he Flees, but fails to get away from the Furies...unit is caught and destroyed nearby his Gryphon Legion, who promptly fail their Panic Test and Flee right off the board! I have just collapsed the left Flank!....lone Chaos Knight (Musician) charges through Difficult Terrain to make it to the Grt Cannon, crew Flees but I still get to spike the cannon...Flesh Hounds go after the Rear of his other unit of Pistoliers, but their Flee gets them away, now exposing my Flank of the Flesh Hounds to 1 unit of Knights, and their Front to a second unit...uh oh!...my Chaos Spawn get charged by his big unit of 8 Knights w/General and BSB...kills 1 Spawn, but fails to kill the second one, so he's stuck...Knights charging the Front of my Flesh Hounds fail Fear and don't move, though I do get hit in the Flank by the other unit...I loose 2 Flesh Hounds, but pass Instability, loosing just 1 more model...I try to get both of my Infantry units into fighting position, with his Left Flank already collapsed, they had nothing to fight!...Beast Herds runs towards the middle of the table, threateing the Flank of his General's unit(yeah, right!)...my Chariot hits the front of the Knights fighting my Flesh Hounds, while my other unit of Knights hits the Flank of his General's unit...I bounce off his Armor, and loose CC, but manage to Hold...Spawn is still there, he can't wound it's T(5) easily...Pistoliers Rally and take out my lone Knight that took out the Cannon and crew (they failed to Rally) his Innner Circle Knights w/Priest and Mage counter charge my Knights, by hitting them in the Flank...kills 3 on the Charge, and I only manage to kill a sinlge Knight (general's unit) with my Spawn...my Knights Break, but their Flee get's them away from the Pursuing Inner Circle Knights, who just miss hitting the Front of my general's unit!...again, Spawn survives another round!...Chariot kills 4 Knights, Hounds kill 1 more, I win CC, fails Insane Courage and I pursue, with Chariot capturing the Standard...I charge his Inner Circle unit with my general's unit of Warriors, but he opts to Flee!...I was going to hit his Flank, so he figured better to run away...but when he rolls, he gets three '1's!!!! So I wipe out the unit and capture the Standard!...poor Jeremiah can't believe his bad luck!...he finally kills my Spawn, while he repositions his remaining Knights...and brings his Pistoliers over...I move my Chariot out of his LOS, while my Furies threaten his Pistoliers, and I bait his knights with my Flesh Hounds...i forget however to move my Khorngors out of the LOS of his general's unit, and pay for it on the following Turn...wipes out 7 on the Charge, and I fail my Break Test...he Pursues, but I actually get away!...he does capture the Standard however...Furies chase Pistoliers, who Flee and get away...bastards...Herd continues to move and captures a Table Quarter while the Shaman's Miscasts...his Knights take the bait, charge my Flesh Hounds, wipe out the last of them, and Overruns towards the Front of my general's unit...needs just a 14" to get there....comes up 1" short and parks right in front of me!...Furies capture another Table Quarter, while my Warriors mop up his Knights, break them, and catch them while Capturing another Standard...we're on Turn 5 now, but out of time so call it a good game and start to count up VPs...I gain an exta 100 VPs per captured Standard...so between 3 Standards and 2 Table Quarters I gain 800 VPs!...he barely gets 901 VPs which includes the one Captrued Standard from my Khorngors...I end up with a little over 1,950 VPs, and take a Solid Victory...17 Battle Points...

GAME 2: Arch Rivals vs Bob "the Bastard"(Chaos Slaanesh) So Bob "the Bastard" moans and groans that he has to play me again in a Tournament, and we all laugh! We always have really, really fun games, but I tend to wipe everything out before Turn 6, regardless of what list he brings...so Bob wanted to try out his new Slaanesh Beasts against me...we actually played a game yesterday with the same Armies(minor change in his), and I wiped him out by Turn 3 or 4...so he definitely wasn't looking forward to this...he had a Shaggoth Lord, another Shaggoth, a unit of 7 Furies, a unit of 19 Slaangors w/Bray-Shaman, 2 small Herds, a unit of 3 Chaos Trolls, 2 Tusk Chariots, and a unit of 3 Minos of Slaanesh...oh, and 1 more Shaman in a Herd...he wins the dice off, but has me go first...I quickly surround his Army, and begin to set up my combo Charges...he fails to counter them, and my Furies w/Knights hit a Beast Herd, while my Warriors w/General hit the other Herd...Chariot hits the right flank of the Slaangors that he angled to face the oncoming Knights/Furies...Flesh Hounds went into the front of the Chaos Trolls...Trolls chop up my Flesh Hounds, but I manage to keep 1 alive after Instability...Warriors mop up the Herd they were fighting, Overrun into a Tusk Chariot...Furies and Knights crush the Herd they were facing, Pursue and my Knights hit the Front of the Slaangors...since it's in CC with my Chariot and it hasn't been fought yet, we do it Immediately...I kill a total of 9 Slaangors and the unit Champ...he Fails his Break Test, and I Pursue w/Chariot only (Knights can't Overrun/Pursue again)...Chariot crashes into the Flank of the regular Shaggoth...Bob of course get's excited about this...his Minos and Furies combo Charge my Furies, and wipe them all out...I position my Spawn so that they're headed towards the Chaos Trolls, who wipe out my last Flesh Hound after taking another wound them selves...my Chariot does 2 Wounds to the Shaggoth, it then kindly blows it up...my Knights on the left that helped destroy the Slaangors now Flank Charges the nearby Minos of Pleasure who were still feasting (Bloodgreed) on my fallen Furies...I do 4 Wounds, one Mino dies, I win CC, Pursue and catch them, running into his Furies...my other Knights finally get some action and set up a nice counter charge on his Shaggoth...with both of his Shamans dead, my Shaman had free range of casting both of his Magic Missles(Dark Hand and Wind of Death) at his Shaggoths...I end up doing a total of 3 wounds to each one!...Trolls kill 1 Spawn, while his Shaggoth lord wipes out the other one...my Chaos Knights hit the Trolls from the Flank, while the Khorngors hit the Front and wipe them out...Bob "the Bastard" just can't believe how bad his Army is dying, and starts razing me about a Spell Caster in a Khorne Army... ...I finally kill off his Shaggoth Lord after I put a few wounds in a Personal Challenge w/my general, though he kills mine...he looses CC, breaks and Flees getting away from my Warriors only to Flee right through my Beast Herd!...Khorngors kill off his Shaggoth and the game is over in Turn 5...we still have about 20 minutes left, but all his models are dead!... ...he laughs, and is actually happy that he got to Turn 5 this time!....I take a Massacre and gain 20 Battle Points...

GAME 3: Pitched Battle vs Jeremy Marks(Lizardmen) A really nice guy, very soft spoken, both he and his brother Josh(who was playing an all Goblin Army in the Tournament)...still new to the game, only playing about a year now...the game was very quick paced and seriously fun and brutal!...he had an Old Blood on a Cold One in a unit of 7 Saurs Cav, 2 units of 11 Blow Guns, 1 unit of 11 Javalin Skinks, 2 units of 20 Saurus Warriors, 2 units of 4 Kroxigors, a unit of 3 Salamander Packs, 2 Lvl 1 Shamans...we both headed right for each other, and by Turn 2, most of our units were in Close Combat! I luck out with my Flesh Hounds having a drawn CC against his general's unit, allowing one of my Knight units to Flank them, help win CC, break him and run the unit off the Board!...Khorngors and Chariot of Chaos hit the Front of a unit of Saurus Warriors, wipe out 8 models, but the roll Insane Courage!...Kroxigors chop up my Spawn, while my other unit of Knights fights the other unit of Kroxigors...kill off 2, but then I get cut down after 2 rounds of CC...4 Turns in a row, my general fails his Stupidity Test!!! ....as all the mayhem continues on, a few key rolls in my favor help me kill everything in his Army except the Salamander Packs(I ignored them) and one unit of Kroxigors...he killed off my Flesh Hounds, a unit of Knights, half my Furies and that was it...so another Massacre and another 20 Battle Points!...

So, as we all sit around and recount our horrid war stories of bad dice rolling, Toby enters all the Info and announces the winners...

Best Sportsmanship: Billy(Dwarfs) (Runelord)
Best Appearance: Rich(Chaos Nurgle) (Qrab)
Best Themed: Joey (Skaven) (Hemee)
Best Overall: Steve Masuta (Orcs 'n Goblins)

I again had the highest Battle Points, 47, tied with Steve Masuta and was in 2nd Place Overall...another very fun Tournament, and well worth it!

31-05-2007, 12:29
Congrats to the second place and a very nice repot. One thing i'd like to say is that it is rather difficult to follow what's happening with all the dots ....blabla..bla....BLA!..... i got a head ache from it. But as said before a very good report

01-06-2007, 09:53
Why on earth did "the bastard" let you go first?

01-06-2007, 10:52
And lo! There was a wall of text, and ellipses were its mortar. :evilgrin:

Congrats on the positioning. I had my doubts when I saw your list but you obviously know how to make it work :)

05-06-2007, 00:50
Thanks again for the replys!

Danil: I appreciated the congrats, and I do apologize for the....it's a bad habit I picked up posting on the internet...oh well, I'll see if I can cut it back more.

Glorfindel: Bob "the Bastard" figured he'd counter act what I was moving, and hoping that he'd make it to Turn 6 to try and capture Table Quarters.

Atrahasis: :D That was funny! Yeah, this isn't a strong list, but well themed, and has it's uses. Thanks for the congrats!

05-06-2007, 11:47
Tell your friend bob that reacting to your opponents move is the worst kind of tactic there is, ask any good chess player :). Reacting to your opponents move is a sure way of falling into traps devised by your opponent.

Congratulations on your performance though, well done and it was fun to read.

05-06-2007, 18:51
Very true Glorfindel! Much better to be the agressor then not. Bob "the Bastard" however is kind of set in his ways, and has these "great shcemes" that in his head work, but in reality are long shots. I'm glad that you enjoyed the read and there's more to come.

13-06-2007, 09:27
Its great that your putting all these BR up. The formatting really would help an awful lot. Breaking it down by turns and phases would be awesome albeit time consuming for you.
Your battle reports are especially good because they are decent sized armies (2000+) Kepp em coming :)

14-06-2007, 21:42
Congrats! I liked your write up but perhaps next time you could use some paragraphs? It was a good read but hard to read at that. ;)

16-06-2007, 04:20
I really enjoyed it. You definitely proved your general skills by doing so well with a list that diverse.

At least do some paragraphs though next time, please! :P Looking away for a minute and then trying to find my place again was a bit much!

25-06-2007, 20:14
WOW! Sorry for the late replys guys!

Kerill: Much thanks! I used to write up very fluffy and detailed Battle Reps, but time has been stretched for me...I'll see what I can do for ya'll!

Zensunni: Thanks again! I shall endeavor to make the read a bit easier for everyone, my apologizes.

pcgamer72: And thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the read, sorry it was difficult at times...as I've said above, I'll see if I can make it an easier read for everyone...