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The Thnikkaman
30-05-2007, 07:56
Hey all,
I've been playing with 1k of ogres for a few weeks now and its evidently clear that they are far different from my beloved tzeench mortals or dwarves !

They've been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least; leadbelchers consistently lose the game for me by blowing themselves up at inopportune moments; ogre bulls have always put up a fight when i expected them to run; and ironguts just kick ass.

The absolute highlight was a campaign game played where it was 1k of ogres vs 2,600 of blood dragon VC. Due in large part to his blood dragon general exploding first spell, first turn and some overzealous fellbats, i was able to romp past his main battleline and force his army to split in two. total victory points difference was in the order of 1900+ to me. w00t.

but to the point; i want to expand and get into some of that awesome gut magic. Ive got an ogre battalion box and wondering what to get next. So here goes;

*1 Bruiser - heavy armour, great weapon, wyrdstone necklace, fistful of laurels, luck gnoblar (182)

1 butcher - skull mantle, dispel scroll, tooth gnoblar (180)

*4 Ironguts - full command, warbanner (272)

4 ironguts - full command (247)

3 ogre bulls - extra hand weapons, musician (127)

*3 ogre bulls - ironfists, musician (130)

*2 leadbelchers - musician (120)

*2 leadbelchers - musician (120)

1 gorger (75)

*8 trappers (48)

1501 pts, 29 models, 4 pd, 3 dd.

models with asterix are ones which i have already. any constructive suggestions more than welcome :)

30-05-2007, 08:28
I'd go for 2 gorgers, that way you increase the chance of one shoving up.
I guess the butcher and bruiser will join the ironguts? Maybe squeeze in look-out gnoblars in those units as they will recieve plenty of hits. Butchers look bad with cannonballs in their heads...

The Thnikkaman
30-05-2007, 08:53
sorry i forgot to note it down when i transcribed the list; the ironguts units do have lookout gnoblars. Butcher would flit between an ironguts unit and hanging back i guess...

30-05-2007, 09:04
no need to hang back a butcher is good in melee too, ecpecially with a magic weapon of some sort.