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30-05-2007, 14:50
In many of the games I've played, my opponents have often used their Dispel Scrolls at the first opportunity- even if I'm casting a relatively weak spell, medium strength against an unimportant target, and they have all their power dice left, it's very common for an opponent to use the scroll at such an early stage.

Myself, I tend to hoard my two scrolls and rarely actually get round to using them before one or both sides' Wizards are dead! There's got to be a happy medium in there somewhere, so what's the best way to decide when to use a Dispel Scroll?

30-05-2007, 15:07
It comes with experience, I guess. I tend to save my single Scroll for those game-breaking spells I cannot afford to let through. Sometimes they don't happen and it is not needed.

Maybe your opponents just take too many of them. If you only take one or two, you would (I assume) start using them with more care.

30-05-2007, 15:09
I gave up waiting for the 'killer spell' to use it on, since i tended to find that i ended up forgetting about it, or kept waiting for a more powerful spell until the end of the game.

Since i play 'counts, i tend to use it on any nasty magic missiles that my opponents comes up to take out my ethreals with once i'm out of dispel dice.

30-05-2007, 15:27
I think it depends upon the type of magic I am facing and the style of army that I have.

For instance, If I am playing a magic heavy army with lots of magic missles and damage spells, I will tend to use my DS early. This way I can avoid the losses so that my units have more punch.

But, if I am playing a magic that has alot of support spells, I will tend to hold off on using the DS.

If I have some mage hunting units, I can take a risk of using the scroll earlier in the hope that my opponents mage will die before the end of the game.

Also, playing Khorne, I find it unfluffy to take a mage/scroll caddy. So, in those games, I am forced to think carefully how I use items with magic resistance (kollar of Khorne) and my dispel dice. At the very least, I can take a Demon or a Hellcannon with the equivalent of a Dispel scroll on it.

30-05-2007, 15:58
I don't have any problem using my dispelscroll(s), I tend to use them half-early when the first/two first spells that would hurt quite much are cast. Like that burning head through two of my spearmen regiments or 3d6 str 2 hits from lore of shadows against a giant.

30-05-2007, 16:12
"Read your scrolls while your still alive boys", a dead wiz with a scroll in his robes pisses me off. I try to use all scrolls early to help me close with the enemy and hopefully take out his spellcasters so I don't have to worry about magic so much late in the game.

Count Zero
30-05-2007, 16:35
i tend to use the scrolls early, as E-dog says its better than the wiz dying with the scrolls unread, with so many mage hunters out there and mages being generally pretty easy to kill, a unit of fast cav/fliers can comfortably charge the unit and take the mage out.

Or if you kill his spellcasters early usig the same tactics then again you have wasted the points.