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30-05-2007, 20:11
Do Hordes of Chaos mounted Daemonettes get an additional save since they're mounted? The Storm of Chaos faq in ~WD297 says yes, but does this apply to regular mounted daemonettes and how is it applied? 6+/5+ or -/4+

Also, centigors are armed with a hand weapon and a spear, does this mean i can choose between 2 hand weapons or a spear, or is the hand weapon option only included incase i buy shields (but then why not say may purchace hand weapon and shield)?

30-05-2007, 21:12
Yes they do,they get a 6+ armour save due to being mounted and a 5+ daemonic ward(real ward in the daemonic legion list).

Centigors have no option for using 2 hand weapons,despite it being mentioned that they can benefit from it.
You use either a spear(like if you are mounted)
You use a hand weapon and sheild(as if you were on foot).

Giving them throwing axes doesnt mean they get additional hand weapons.