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30-05-2007, 21:43
Im looking at a mobile(:confused: ) 2000pts TK army

any help greatly appreciated :D

Tomb King: Golden Ankhra, Chariot, Light Armour, Greatweapon 269pts
Priest: Hieratic (jam) jar, scroll, steed 173pts
Priest: Staff of Ravening, steed 168pts
Priest: scroll, steed 148pts

10 Heavy Horsemen: full command, Banner of the undying legion 220pts
10 Heavy Horsemen: full command 195pts
5 Heavy Horsemen 80pts
3 Chariots: Full command, Mirage standard 210pts
5 Light horsemen 70pts
5 Light horsemen 70pts
Tomb swarm: 2 bases 90pts

Tomb scorpion 85pts
Tomb scorpion 85pts
4 Carrion 96pts

that comes to 1959pts

The main blocks of 10 heavy horsemen and chariots(+king) advance up the middle. Fast cav on the flanks with a priest in each light horsemen. Carrion fly out wide to pick on warmachines and enemy fast cav in the second turn. Heirophant lurks with small group of heavy horsemen behind the main line healing etc. Oh yeah and the scorpions and swarms are a right pain in the :skull:

Was thinking of having a unit of 10 bowmen instead of the 5 heavy horsemen to babysit the heirophant but that doesn't fit with the army theme. Unless I changed it to include screaming skulls.... but I like the idea of the undead pony trekking club (not the army name by the way!! on the other hand....:evilgrin: )

Anyway, constructive input, positive or negative, is welcome

30-05-2007, 22:49
this list wouldnt work as u will suffer to many casulties u only have a 4+ save on heavy calvery i can see this doing well if you make the king a prince the screw the chariots and heavy horsemen and trade in for a cascket of souls a and 2 blocks of 20 skellies

altho that would kill the theme

30-05-2007, 22:59
It's deifnitely a cool theme. I've always liked heavy horsemen in units of 15. You're going to get another rank, and a bigger chance at outnumbering for an auto-break. 30 US fear charging units are not to be scoffed at, especially with combined charges.

With those extra points left over, definitely beef up the carrion unit to at least 5. That would work wonders if you auto-break someone straight into the unit of Carrion to be wiped out, and for twenty four points you're getting another two wounds added to your warmachine/lone-mage hunting unit.

Normally, I would never take musicians. But considering the theme of the list, I think they're oppropriate to help out in those draws.

If it doesn't exceed the theme too much, possibly consider adding another chariot unit. They can be rather devastating, especially with combined charges, would shouldn't be too hard to get for you.

Overall, I like it. Though I'd probably take the Crown of Kings myself, the Ankhra is a good choice.