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31-05-2007, 00:45
The question I have may be silly but I'm confused.

Is there a way to take a Daemonic Legion with daemons from all four gods? It says at the beginning of the Daemonic Legion rules that those rules replace all other daemon rules, yet it says nothing about not being able to take certan daemons in the army.

I am considering an undivided army, but I want some of each daemon for my collection (and for WFRP). The Greater Daemons aren't much of an issue for me, it's the little ones I want.

If I can't do it this way, there's always my Alpha Legion.

Thanks in advance guys.

31-05-2007, 00:59
As long as your general is Undivided you can take units with any marks within your army. This is true of any Chaos army.

If you have a character marked by one of the 4 Greater Powers then you must also have a unit with that mark.

31-05-2007, 01:12
Awesome thanks a lot, that's what I thought but you can never be too sure. I just thought I would check some opinions before I went ahead.

As an aside, what is the future of this list leaning toward? Is this list illegal or legal? I hear it's legal in the states, where I am, but it's not elsewhere? Will the daemonic legion be a list for much longer, or is it one that will eventually find a home in an army book somewhere?

Thanks again for helping me out.

31-05-2007, 01:23
Hi Vishok:

I would suspect that most of the lists will continue to be legal in North America because they are for the time being, and they plan to redo chaos in a bit over a year I've heard. At that time, the lists will probably change, which has put me off of adding some of the more esoteric things to my daemonic legions list lately (namely a khornate chariot).

31-05-2007, 01:45
Just remember to take the 'True Core' units into consideration. you can't take a unit of Bloodcrushers without a unit of Bloodletters, and you can't take mounted daemonettes without a unit of daemonettes.

Otherwise the sky is the limit.

31-05-2007, 11:52
Yeha so long as you havea true core unit from each of the gods and you have an undivided general your fine.
So long as you dont have more of a non-true core unit than you have true core units of the specific god.

ie. you cant have 3 units of nurglings if you only have 1 unit of plaguebearers.

Pretty sure the list is still legal in a lot of area's,although some tournaments might have the list as illegal due to too many people taking the abusive tzeentch variant(its basically a magical gunline).