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Dead Man Walking
31-05-2007, 04:08
Okay I had toyed with the ideal of starting an ogre army but I really didnt feel like buying so many new models. I had just gotten back into playing my lizzies after a long time playing marching dwarfs and slaanesh infantry. I was playing in a 1000 point league and I had brought all skinks, 2 units of kroxigor, 1 unit of terradons and the nike liz + a mounted scar vet and a priest.

I did very well and thats when I decided to field the lizardman 'Ogre Style' army.

The concept of the army is to field as many Kroxigors as you can and use stegadons and salamanders to fill out the rest of the army. Instead of Gnoblars I have skinks, and they are twice as effective as gnoblars. They skirmish, scout, blowpipe and most importantly they can be charged through.

in 1000 pnts I won with the previous list against dwarf gun line.
In 1500 points I beat brittonians and beastmen.

Now we are in 2000 point games and I can now field 4 units of kroxigors. This is what I fielded.

Kroxigor x4
Kroxigor x4
Kroxigor x4
Kroxgor x4
skinks x10
skinks x10
skinks x10
skinks scouts x10
Salamanders x3
Nike scar vet (spawning of tepok, jaguar charm, light armor and great weapon.)
Priest lvl 2 + diadem
priest lvl 2 + dispel

My first opponent was against undead, which I can say without a doubt would be the worst opponent I could possible go against. Still the first 4 turns of the game I had controlled the game and was winning by points alone, I however made a huge mistake.

My opponent was casting vanhels dance on a unit of zombies with 2 strigoi in it to charge a unit of skinks. I used my last two dice to try and dispel it and failed. The skinks ran and got caught and the zombies went straight towards a unit of kroxigor but missed by 1 inch. Then he pulled out the bound item to vanhels and charged the kroxigor because I had stupidly forgot he had that item and I had wasted my dispel dice. He killed off two kroxigors and I managed to wound the lord and kill the thrall, had I gotten the charge it would of been a different situation since I could of assisted the charge with nike scar vet. This break caused a mage to break, and two skirmish units to run. I then charged the character in and did 3 wounds on the lord but his ward save saved 2 wounds. Then he ended up rolling the center of the table and winning the game.

We agreed that my forgetting his bound item lost the game for me but I did surprisingly well elsewhere on the table as I was killing a lot of his units. I used skinks to tie up a unit of ethereals (he entered the wood to threaten them and they pulled back 2 inches, which meant he could not charge and could only move 1 inch in the woods every turn.)

I was pulling off 7-8 wounds everytime the kroxigors swung, and they destoryed several ranked up units.

So basically kroxigors have same ws as ogres, but have str 7 ws for half the cost of a man eater. They have a better save too. They can charge thourgh thier little guys, and thier little guys dont slow down the army. Skinks are far more useful than gnoblars and I get the advantage of cold blooded.

I have to play a Goblin player and I will post here the results. Then we go to 2250 for two more opponents with the same list.

31-05-2007, 08:23
I love Kroxigore. They are my favorite ogres size model. With their 4+ save, cold blooded rule and strength 7 I think they are a wonderful buy. I usually go with two units. I only once played with 4 units and that was against a daemonic legion army at 3000 points. I scored a draw.

31-05-2007, 15:04
Nasty looking list, looks like fun to play.

31-05-2007, 18:17
Lizardmen play ogre kingdoms style somewhat better than ogre kingdoms.

Think about it: Ogres with skink screens.

31-05-2007, 19:14
This is in my opinion the best way to play lizzies, the list works well against nearly everything and its rarely expected. The one BIG problem with it is the cost 16 krox in england will set you back about 128 which is more than my 1k eldar army.

Dead Man Walking
01-06-2007, 01:33
I have found that placing two units of Kroxigor and a stegadon or salamander on each end of the board and letting a skink unit hold the center works best if terrain doesn't mess with you too much. The ideal is to clamp like a set of jaws from both sides on your opponent, which causes them to abandon thier usual play (attack the center of mass) and makes them split thier forces. Most people dont put anything serious on thier flanks as well.

I have also had good fortune with facing a kroxigor unit away from the center to look like he is going to walk around the terrain and take the far flank, let my opponent commit forces there and then on my turn about face and do a 5 inch move back towards the center which is followed by a 12 inch move that puts my kroxigor unit in a position to threaten the center again.

with 4 kroxigor you can hold a ranked unit to the front, with an assited charge from char/kroxigor/stegadon/salamanders you can obliterate just about anyone. With an assisted charge I cause 15 wounds on a 30 man zombie unit and then caused them to poof with +17 combat resolution.

I had even conscidered taking a standard bearer with jaguar charm to keep up with the unit, but it would be unable to charge through skinks.

I would personally love to take a kroxigor and model him to sit on a Carnasaur and use the saurus lord stats on him.

02-06-2007, 03:45
This is most likely the most common kind of set up you see for tournie LM armylists, it carrys all the nice heavy hitty combo units in one neat list.

I used to run

A lot of skinks

3 x kroxigors
3 x Kroxigors
3 x kroxigors

3 x terradons

2 x salamanders
2 x Salamanders

Basically I'd run up the drill enemy units with B.pipes and javelins, harass and negate movement with lots of throw away skink units, letting my kroxigors hang back and choose their battles a bit more.

If I played Southalnds I'd go magic heavy with lots of priest and just hang right back the lightning bolt targets and then support my kroxigors with re-rolls.

But usually I'd go for a old blood with a solid magic solid(again mainly for re-rolls) so I had another heavy hitter in the list.

Its a very strong way to play L.M..

Dead Man Walking
02-06-2007, 04:23
I would have to agree with that list. I painted up (because I want one of every unit in the army.) and tried cold ones but I just didn't see the return I wanted from them. They were dropping like flies to strength 3 attacks.

Dead Man Walking
07-06-2007, 04:04
I played the all Gobbo army today (he did field a level 4 orc shaman though.) and I won in a land slide after the 5th turn, but he controlled the flow of battle until then.

Fortunately for me by the time I got to the game room all the hills were in use and we could only place two small hills on the table (less artillery hitting kroxigors.) and both mages ended up with the 4+ ward save spell and rerolling 1's. I had to face off against 10 fanatics but I used skinks to release them and would end the units move on several of them to wipe them out. Most of them killed themselves. I used a the snapping jaw technique (2 kroxigor units and a sally or stegadon on each flank with a push towards the middle which forces the opponent to split thier forces or go on the defensive.)

At first I was barely able to knock down incoming dangerous spells because I had two skink priests and he had 4 mages. Then I had fanatics to contend with. I personally never got a spell off because he used 5 dispells. It took me 4 turns to get into combat and I lost several kroxigors to fanatics and bolt throwers (4 of them). However I finally managed to flank a unit that failed its animosity test with a unit of 4 kroxigors and it folded, the stegadon made it into combat with the general and survived 2 rounds of loosing combat. Then another unit of kroxigors came to the rescue and flanked a unit flanking the stegadon. Steggie killed the general and it was a house of collapsing cards after that.

My Salamanders did not preform too well, it wasnt until the last turn that they managed to do any real damage by causing 11 wounds and a failed panic test on a stray gobbo unit. I am thinking of changing them out with another steggie and seeing how that works out.

07-06-2007, 08:58
With a single artillery dice varying between 0 and 10 hits, salamanders are liable to be temperamental, even in units of 3, and goblins are numerous enough to absorb even fairly high casualties so they aren't the best targets. Given that, they can be deadly with good, or even moderate roles, and the salamanders themselves aren't completely incapable if it comes to hand to hand. Perhaps more importantly, they are your only really good ranged unit-with a range of 12" and penalties for moving, over half range, and firing twice, skinks fall a very long way short of the godlike reputation they seem, somehow, to have aquired on this forum. Which isn't to say they aren't useful as an expendable screen for the kroxigor, but you can rely on the salamanders to help with the fighting and do some damage at range, with the ability to move 6" in any direction and shoot making them able to pick their targets much better than your combat based units bound to a 90 degree frontal charge arc.