View Full Version : So, what you think? Should characters be in the unit or outside it?

Vile Snotsuckle
31-05-2007, 13:10
I play a night goblin army, got a zerg strategy going. Common sense tells me to put my big boss or warboss in a large unit for protection! Plus, it helps out the unit! Adds a little zest. A friend of mine, who plays dwarves (my goblins hate his army's faces) says thats a bad idea. I know, I know, why am I listening to my enemy? But, then he said he would challenge my big boss to a duel. Gahh! He would get slaughtered, unless I gave him some killer magic items! However, I don't want to do that. Points spent protecting my wussy big boss could be spent on more troops to help out in the zerg effect (which I will be having a hard time performing since I'm fighting dwarves.

So, what say you? big boss in unit or not in unit?

31-05-2007, 13:20
In the unit. Big Boss out of unit: pincushion. There would just be no reason not to shoot him.

31-05-2007, 13:21
In unit, or he'll get shot. Just give him a boss 'bouncer'.

What's the zerg effect anyway?

31-05-2007, 14:01
If he's in a unit and gets challenged, you just accept the challenge with the unit champion. A challenge is issued by a character to the unit as a whole, so you decide who accepts it.

In any case, these characters are going to do nothing at all outside units, since they can't take on another unit by themselves due to static combat resolution.

31-05-2007, 14:07
In the unit, your dwarf friend is trying to persuade you to give him easy VPs. Outside the unit he WILL get shot and killed byt Dwarfs especially, inside the unit he adds static CR as McMullet points out and you can always accept with unit champ, allowing your orc charcter to munch on his units infantry.

31-05-2007, 21:23
In the unit. In the unit, everytime in the unit. Always start in a unit. There's nothing that says you cannot leave the unit later, so it doesn't really matter at all.

Dead Man Walking
01-06-2007, 02:46
I think it is all situational.

a: Is your character mounted?
B: Are you against an army with no magic missiles and no shooty?
c: Are you worried about beastmen showing up behind your army?
d: Are you a mage?

If your character is mounted you may want to use them to clear out small units or skirmishers.
If they are a flyer (skink with feather cape) you may want to use them as flyers to assault artillery, get behind your opponent to march block or to suicide run in on mages.

B, do they have shooting? Several armies do not, undead/chaos/demons/beastmen, at which point see if they have magic damaging spells which can target your character. If so stay in a unit. If you know your opponent has bound items to do magic missiles stay in a unit (after a while you tend to know your opponents play style.).

C, Some people leave an unmounted axe swinger in the back of thier army to deal with beastmen popping up, or undead summoned wolves/ghouls. I did in my last game and my scar vet dealt with ghouls quick and easy before they became a nuisance.

D: Are you a mage? Some people find it easier to have a mage out by themselves if the above conditions are favorable. Check your spells, if you dont require line of sight then perch them in a deep wood (of course you dont do this if the other mage has a spell that can effect any unit on the table regardless of range/sight.). So if I get a skink priest who ends up with a spell to create d3 rerolls that anyone in my army can use and comet of cassadora I perch in a wood and rain death down on my opponent safely if they dont have foot of gork or gorks warpath.

So in your case, dwarfs are shooty (unless they are all marching no shooting like my army) and your not a mage. You have no reason to be outside a unit, espeacially since that unit needs your leadership skills. Your orc is tough too, so he will be hard to kill (espeacially on a boar) and the best tactic is to kill everything in your opponents army except the unit the lord is in, he cant win with only one unit and a lord.

Vile Snotsuckle
02-06-2007, 15:35
zerg effect means, swarm strategy. I'm playing around with it. I outnumbered a skaven army like 3 to 1. He had some hard hitting units, but, I won combat everytime and chased down a couple of his units and crushed them. I don't think the strategy will work for dwarves though, they're stubborn and got high leadership.