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31-05-2007, 17:08
This is using the standard O&G List.

Grimgor Ironhide

Black Orc Big Boss
Heavy Armour
Mortog's Best Basha
Sword Of Battle
Guzzla's Battle Brew

Orc Shaman
Level 2
Idol Of Mork

Da Immortalz
14 Black Orcs
Full Command

10 Spider Riders
Full Command

10 Spider Riders
Full Command

20 Black Orcs
Full Command

20 Black Orcs
Full Command



Looking at this list now, I'm thinking of dropping the weapons on the Black Orc Big Boss, and the Idol Of Mork because at best all I'll have is two 20-Orc units, not really worth 50 points.

This is my first Fantasy army list, so any advice would be much appreciated. I would like to be able to win with whichever army I build, but if this theme is quite a weak one then let me know, and why.

Thanks for looking.

31-05-2007, 17:29
i don't play orcs and goblins, but get he impression there should be a lot more of them in an army than there are in yours. maybe drop the two extra units of black orcs and go for some bigger units of goblins or normal orcs.

31-05-2007, 17:52
The point of the Army is for the Black Orcs, led by Grimgor. I'm thinking of swap[ping Grimgor out for a cheaper Lord, as I can get a Lord and another unit of Black Orcs for his points.

04-06-2007, 10:08
First off, you can't take 2 magic items from a single category, so you need to ditch at least one of those magic weapons on your boss.

Black orcs are hard-core, but they're also really, really expensive in an O&G army, which means that you won't have alot of models and they'll thus be more vulnerable to shooting, magic and getting flanked. Take a unit if you want but I would suggest that the rest of your infantry should comprise of orc units with 1-2 net-armed night goblin units to guard flanks and (more importantly) support combats with the orcs.

Spider riders are, at least IMO, best used in units of 5-6 with a musician and nothing more. fast cavalry can't get a rank bonus so there's no point in more models. Goblin champions are OK for diverting characters but are otherwise wasted points, and standards are just easy victory points for your opponent - leave the standards for the rank and file I'd say.

Personally I think Grimgor isn't that great. He can kill stuff, sure, but being stuck in that unit of black orcs makes him very unwieldly and his hatred can make him easy to lead around and pulled out of position by faster enemy units.
I'd prefer to take a warboss of some sort and put him in a nice big unit (25?)of orcs.

If you really do want to go all out on grimgor and the black orcs, then i guess this is an alright start. Personally I'd split the black orc units into smaller sized regiments and fill out your special slots with them (either that or at least take a few chariots). Possibly remove the standards and champions on 1-2 units to find the points to do this if you must.
Also as I alluded to before, drop the spider riders down to 4 units of 5-6 with a musician each to help protect the flanks.

Whatever you do though, keep the giant. He makes a great magnet for drawing missle fire and magic, which will hopefully keep your black orcs safe until they get into combat.

For the record I normally use all-goblins, so playing with an army like this is not all that familiar to me. :D

06-06-2007, 00:33
less gobos, more orcs! thats grimgors style!

Crazy Harborc
06-06-2007, 01:03
I say go ahead and give the list a try. That includes the 2 X 10 spider riders. I don't bother with the full command for fast cav, just use the musicians.

09-06-2007, 00:28
go storm of ******* chaos! use grimgors 'ardboyz! black orcs and boar boyz are core, trolls are special, you can take machines as long as theres a bully, and you get the idol of gork! + you can use rugluds armourd ocs which have...Crossbows!

Be Afraid
10-06-2007, 14:02
go storm of ******* chaos! use grimgors 'ardboyz! black orcs and boar boyz are core, trolls are special, you can take machines as long as theres a bully, and you get the idol of gork! + you can use rugluds armourd ocs which have...Crossbows!

i did that army, as i started just before storm with orcs !

they were really, really cool, if only it were turney leagel :cries: i got 35-40 metal black orcs while still at school for nount >.<

10-06-2007, 18:37
There are no spider riders in grimgore's army, so that setles that.

Take the effigy of gork, it is free!!!

Take a unit of boars and a unit of basic orcs instead of the spiders, you nead more modles on the board at 2000 points, even if they are rock hard, great weapon modles :D