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10-08-2005, 19:07

Great game, really addicitive. Take part in the Ashes as Enlgand or Australia, or in the Natwest Series as India or Pakistan.

Salty :)

10-08-2005, 19:32
Magnificent stuff. Cheers Salty :) Even though I'm rubbish at it at the moment. Ashley Giles just took a triple-wicket maiden! :eek:

10-08-2005, 19:36
I did badly enough as Australia to be all out for 36 in 6 overs.
Is this some sort of record?

10-08-2005, 20:14
no, I've been all out for 15 runs. Try to hit it just after it bounces, and use your arrow keys.

Salty :)

EDIT: Oh and btw: Shane Warne over = W W W 2 W W


10-08-2005, 20:21
Sounds like he's in good form for the 3rd test ;)

10-08-2005, 21:04
Hah. Destroyed the scoreboard, then my guy got hit in the head and fell onto his stumps, dead.

The pestilent 1
10-08-2005, 21:17
i like this game.
one of my guys has just taken a blow to the face.
i have no idea what the hells going on otherwise, but i never was one for cricket.

10-08-2005, 21:56
Heh heh. I play and watch it and I'm still rubbish at this game, I don't think connection with the game has any relevance beyond finding some of the situations that arise rather amusing (Ashley Giles taking 6 wickets for about 3 runs, for example :D)

10-08-2005, 22:51
209-9 in my first knock! :)

I wish Ashley Giles was that good in real life, though... he took all 9 wickets!

Kargos Bloodspit
11-08-2005, 22:34
I hate warne. His slow bowling made it hard to judge when to press the buttons. Hence, i lost :(.

Congratulations salty, you've pretty much succeeded getting every man woman and child on warseer :p hooked on stick cricket.

231 for 9 is my best so far.

Though i didnt win :(

needed to get 251 to win :(

Brother Munro
12-08-2005, 08:15
Awsome! Shame I'm rubbish at it...

Edit: Still haven't won but Trescothic got a 50

12-08-2005, 09:17
Don't worry guys, I can't win either. Closest I have come is 244-10 needing 255 :(

@Kargos: People NEED to be hooked on cricket!

Salty :)

Wolflord Bloodangel
12-08-2005, 10:09
Wow, thats absolutely brilliant. Only made 110 on my first go :( Must. Play. More.

Kargos Bloodspit
12-08-2005, 10:52
A tie!


though shouldnt i win, because i did it for 3, and not for 9 ?

bugger, it got resized.... erm... woops :D


this should do it:

The boyz
12-08-2005, 11:02
Pretty much lost in that game. My chaps just kept getting knocked out by the ball then decimate there own wickets or they got LBW.

12-08-2005, 11:34
It's the blasted spinners that get me, just can't hit them. I'm getting the hang of the seamers, but I'm all at sea as soon as Warne or Giles comes on.

Kargos Bloodspit
12-08-2005, 12:03
Just got a really nice over there.

edit: this is getting annoying, i get so far, gunna need 13 to win. Then clarke steps up for the last over... and well... yeah, i get screwed :(

Kargos Bloodspit
12-08-2005, 14:11
T3h winnz0rs!


12-08-2005, 14:13
Having another go: just hit 30 off one Glenn McGrath over :D

Kargos Bloodspit
12-08-2005, 14:30
It appears that i can't NOT win now .... ehehehe :evilgrin:


12-08-2005, 18:08
Warne is a demon in disguise, he always takes at least 1 wicket from me!

Salty :)

13-08-2005, 20:52
Whoo, I finally won!


Salty :)

P.S. Sorry for the double post!

Kargos Bloodspit
13-08-2005, 21:04
Whoo, I finally won!


Salty :)

P.S. Sorry for the double post!

nice, not a bad run. I really want to try get a double century :D

13-08-2005, 21:05
My best mate finished yesterday with Trescothick and Strauss (and Strauss had 123 runs...)

I wouldn't have believed him but I was there when he did it.

Salty :)