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01-06-2007, 03:21
I cannot beat Brettonians. Everytime I try, I am cruely beaten back with minimal damage to the opposing army. What can I do to increase my chances against them?

Iron Father
01-06-2007, 04:57
use a sacred host of Tlazcotl list, this changes your skink priest to lore of metal. this should help vs. the knights.

01-06-2007, 05:28
Slann with lore of metal and skinks to shield and FLEE!

01-06-2007, 06:02
#1. If saurus warrior are the basis of your army, you will have trouble. They usually can't hold up to a brettonian charge.
I would use some of the following:

Kroxigores and skinks. IF you use your skinks to bait and flee, you can get some attacks off with Kroxis, and if you attack Brettonians with Kroxis, its ugly.

Slaan & Temple Guard with shield. This is a very expensive unit, but will not flee and after the first round will begin to slowly take a knight unit apart.

Stegadon or Carnosaur. With their free turns, these are actually more mobile the Bretts and can usually take knights apart in combat.

01-06-2007, 07:20
Kroxigor for sure, take 2 units of them, with their 7 strength you can easily crash though their knight no matter what armour. Use skinks to screen them.
And as above said, Stegdon and Carnosaur are ideal too, high strength and mobile.

01-06-2007, 09:17
consider the gleaming pendant of chotec for your Saurus character in a unit of saurus with spears. Therefore you're striking first with 4 str 7 attacks and 14 str 4 attacks. Other than that, yea Krox and skink screens.

Dead Man Walking
02-06-2007, 22:05
Understand that even with str 7 they will get 5+ ward saves so don't expect a complete route. Another problem you will have is the unit of pegasus knights, they will chew up skirmish units. To counter them I suggest a char with 18 inch charge (Jaguar charm) and great weapon.

In my last game against brits my salamanders did more as a flank charging unit than a shooty unit, I hit 22 times, wounded 12 times and only one brit failed its save. That may of been luck of my opponent but I think if I had a choice I would choose 2 stegadons instead of a stegadon and a salamander.

Take a unit of scouting skinks to harass them from behind.

A smart britonian watches how far you move and then does the math to determine how far they can move and trick you into charging and failing by slightly less than one inch. To counter act this I would choose a unit of cold ones with the banner to move d6 inches in the magic phase, you don't charge you just drive up to within 1 inch and then use the banner. It is paramount that you put a scar vet on a cold one in this unit as the cold ones will not break a brit unit from the front without his help.

I would also suggest not giving him a central unit to converge on, place all your skinks and kroxigors on the flanks and 'Snapping jaw' technique him, which is to attack from the flanks towards the middle forcing him to split his forces and go on the defence.

I would not use saurus at all as they are too slow and stationary, anything that brits can charge they will obliterate short of an elite dwarf unit that is stubborn.

Dont take a slaan, as should brittonians get within casting range of your spells its already too late. You loose him and frankly you loose since you can not win.

03-06-2007, 01:08
What point levels do you play at?

04-06-2007, 12:35
I've played against Brets before (once...) and one thing I found that really helps is hitting them right in the side with a JSoD w/ Blade of Revered Tzunki & Spawning of Sotek. Eats even Bret heroes for breakfast because it cuts through that fancy heavy armor. That combined with a flank charge on the very flank can cause Knights to roll over right onto each other, and when they start falling back through each other, lots of fun stuff happens. Terradons are also great for disruption too.

Once brets get disoriented, Saurus can pick them apart because Knights will be spending all their time reforming. Also, because Knights aren't incredibly strong without their lances, charging the Knights with Saurus can usually yield some pretty decent results just off stacked CR and a lotta' swinging. However, skinks are dust against Knights because they're puny little cowards and they might as well flee and get cut down, letting the knights ram right into your Saurus. (Fortunately, brets don't have much of any shooting, so you don't need to screen your Saurus.)

Brets in a lance formation are also comically-easy to flank charge. Monsters are preferable due to really long moves, free pivots, and Terror, but anything with a smack at least that of a Saurus Block will work. And Saurus are incredibly good at holding in CC if the BSB is nearby.

If any of this doesn't work, please keep in mind that the Bret player I played against wasn't all that good.

05-06-2007, 08:06
I disagree about the Slaan. He is not easy to kill with his 4+ ward save, and there are a lot of useful spells which aren't missle spells. Lore of beast and heavens are two I can think of from the top of my head. I have never lost a Slaan and only killed one once, and that was with an ogre tyrant with a tenderizer. Plus since you are stubborn, the knights will stick to your temple guard unit, making them easy to hit in the flank

05-06-2007, 10:51
We play at the 1500pt level. I fared much better in my last game against this player in part because of my kroxigors (skinks were charged, fled, and kroxigors moved in; killed 5 out of 6 grail knights) and in part because of the comet of casandora (one comet, range 6", killed 3/4 of his archers and 2/3 of his pegasus knights). the game ended in a draw, which, believe it or not, is the best I've done.

Unfortunately, I have no stegadons, slann or temple guard and not enough kroxigors to split them into two units, although since they are the only units who really seem to scare them I'll seriously consider getting more.