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01-06-2007, 05:52
2250 Pts - Tomb Kings Army

5 Skeleton Light Horsemen 70
Liche Priest, Skeletal Steed 168
Staff of Ravening [45]

23 Tomb Guard, Full command 346
Icon of Rakaph [40]
Liche Priest,Hierophant; 165
Hieratic Jar [25]
Collar of Shapesh [25]

23 Tomb Guard, Full command 337
Banner of the Undying Legion
Liche Priest 165
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]

3 Skeleton Chariots 190
Icon of the Sacred Eye [50]
Tomb King, light armour 288
Flail of Skulls [45]
Chariot of Fire [25]

3 Ushabti 195
Tomb Scorpion 85

10 Skeleton Warriors, Bows 80
10 Skeleton Warriors, Bows 80

5 Skeleton Heavy Horsemen 80


I've built and painted some of this stuff, the ushabti, one unit of TG and a lich, and the scorpion. I've played one game with proxies, and it did ok, it turned out to be a minor victory. It was against a goblin chariot/shaman list.

Mad Makz
01-06-2007, 05:59
my main comment would be to give you heirophant cloak of the dunes to allow him to move around - otherwise I thin it makes use out of a lot of the good aspects of the TK list and should be quite flexible.

01-06-2007, 07:09
The cloak of the dunes is too dangerous now, I think.
I can see there are certain situations where it would be useful, but in general having a character, especially a hierophant, all by himself makes him a huge target.

01-06-2007, 07:58
Skull chuckers are a must....

firing twice a turn, they are worth their weight in gold.... although with GW prices it is probably cheaper to buy a gold one.

Other than... seems about the norm

01-06-2007, 08:55
I'd agree with the previous poster on the screaming skull catapult. With so many incantations floating about you could really do with something horrifically dangerous (like the catapult) to terrorize your opponent with rather than just shuffling units around for the sake of it :). Also, if you're up against Wood Elves it's an absolute must... I know, I play them!

Is it a good idea to have your Tomb King with Chariots of Fire? I've seen that item be quite effective with a Prince, but it's too much of a one hit wonder with a King, and I worry that you may get bogged down and killed through combat resolution.



01-06-2007, 09:39
Thanks for the comments. :)
I don't really see how a chariot of fire would hurt combat res...
1d6+1 as opposed to 1d3 seems like a no brainer to me.
But if there's something I'm not considering, please let me know.

Also notice that I equiped the king with the flail of skulls, and the unit he is with has the icon of the sacred eye which applies to him as well.
On the charge I issue a challenge, and proceed to generally hit and wound on 2+ and do double wounds. I think it's about as hitty as I can make him.:evilgrin:
My one main concern is fighting stuff that always hits first.

In the test game I played he did exactly what he was supposed to and brutalized two thick goblin units with netters pretty much by himself.

I have considered swapping out the Cav and shaving some points for two creaming skulls catapults. I've seen an army run two before and it's pretty beardy. And I like the models too, they look like they would be fun to paint up.

01-06-2007, 11:40
Sorry, it seems we misunderstood each other :). Chariots of Fire is great, but it seems to be a bit better on a Prince, as you can afford to fire him off into a unit without having to worry too much if he dies.

As it is, if I were your opponent, I'd concentrate one round of missile fire on your chariot unit, either killing off one (or possibly two) chariots or destroying your TK's chariot. Supposing your TK's chariot survives, he's charging in with quite a small entourage. If he doesn't break on the charge he'll get ground down by a modest static combat resolution (as the flail of skulls isn't really effective against rank and file).

Don't get me wrong, this is a small niggle :). But it does seem quite likely that you'll lose your TK early and then be struggling in other combats with no other aggressive characters.

I may be missing something though as I don't play Tomb Kings... just face them quite a regularly.



01-06-2007, 14:35
It's a neat idea, but I would probably never use it. I try to never depend on elite infantry at all times. Tomb Guard are nice, and I have a unit of them, but that's all I'll take, just the one unit. I would take away the skeleton heavy horsemen (I seriously have no idea why those are there) and two tomb guards off each unit and throw in a unit of 5 carrion at 120 points. This army as it stands is incredibly vulnerable to war machines or tough shooting units. You'll need the Carrion against those types of lists. Plus, the carrion are generally pretty good anyway. If you want that protection, at least.

A good list, overall, if that's your style. I would never play it, because it just isn't me. :D Good luck with it though. The Tomb Guard definitely have some badass looking models, so at the very least you'll have cool models.

Mad Makz
02-06-2007, 02:04
The cloak of the dunes is much less risky than having him inside a combat unit which you want to have combat.

The point being that you start him in the tomb guard unit, but when they are looking like they are going to be engaged in combat you fly him out of the unit to somewhere safer. If he's in with the TG combat and all he's got to protect him is a 4+ ward save (which costs you 24 points everytime he makes a save mind you, 12 points for the TG you are killing off and probably an extra 12 points for the extra 1 wound your TG suffer from combat res.) then not only is he likely to die but he's also denying you the strength and toughness 4 that you've paid for in your tomb guard as those in base to base target him (up to 3 models) rather than the TG.

Much better to have the cloak of dunes and start him in the TG and fly him out when things get hairy, or have him join one of the units of archers and do the same thing.

02-06-2007, 06:03
Ah, I see your point about the chariot of fire. My thoughts are if I'm sending the TK into combat, I should really commit to it. A prince would get shot up just the same, but I definately see the benefit to putting fewer points in a vulnerable basket.

This army as it stands is incredibly vulnerable to war machines or tough shooting units.

That's a good point. This list would really be hurting against a shooty empire or dwarf list. But I don't know if I like carrion enough to take a unit. I agree with the heavy horsemen point. They're just there as a point sink to help the chariot unit out.

Ahh, I see. That is much safer than keeping him stuck in a combat unit where he'd definately be a target.

I'm too used to playing chaos and not having to worry about this stuff:rolleyes:

02-06-2007, 13:25
What's not to like about Carrion? Just curious.

02-06-2007, 21:15
carrion take up space that could be filled by tomb scorpions:(
but thats just me personally

02-06-2007, 22:45
Scoprions, if you're lucky, just emerge on turn 2. Carrion are in combat doing their duty by turn two. Unless you have excellent die rolls all the time, ICFB can be pretty iffy at times, and carrion will usually be in combat before then.

03-06-2007, 01:56
Whenever I've played against a Tk army with carrion, they've never done anything useful. It's totally possible that the only TK players I know aren't very good, I've just never seen them used effectively. I mean, they're the fastest thing in the army, I know they can get to me and distupt my line so I make them a priority. I can only assume most people react to them in the same way.

03-06-2007, 02:33
And yet those of us who know opponents will make them a priority gives us an advantage because we know they'll be after those guys and they'll be extra careful. In the hands of a good general, the carrion can be quite amazing. As can most fliers. They usually almost always do me good, but there are times for every unit that make them useless. It's a game of knowledge and tactics, and being a step ahead of your enemy makes the game much more stacked in your favor.

And said chain can be repeated, in theory, infinitely. Thus making something a priority doesn't exactly equate to being a disadvantage.

You've done battle with either Tomb Kings players who don't know how to use fliers. Not insulting them at all, there's just some people who don't use them right and they don't achieve maximum effectiveness. I know of plenty of battles where the Carrion have saved me. It also helps that two of my best friends play Empire and Dwarfs. Yay gunlines, where fliers are infinitely helpful. Anyway, that's all I really have to say. Just still trying to fully comprehend the reason to not take Carrion.

And even aside from hunting and holding up units, they still have a variety of different uses, that can all be employed from turn 1.

Esco Thomson
03-06-2007, 14:54
Whenever I've played against a Tk army with carrion, they've never done anything useful. It's totally possible that the only TK players I know aren't very good, I've just never seen them used effectively. I mean, they're the fastest thing in the army, I know they can get to me and distupt my line so I make them a priority. I can only assume most people react to them in the same way.

It's all in how they are used...Carrion in all honesty are for the most part indispensable. The ability to move 40'' with incantation is simply invaluable. With 7th edition the only real change has been me fielding them in a unit of 5 minimum.

They pose an immediate threat to war machines/lone wizards, which are extremely important for TK to dispose of. They can be used for crossfire(in big enough units), sweeping through a war machine, and hanging around to eat any who fall through. I have used a unit to simply screen other units. Skirmished, toughness 4 with two wounds provides some degree of a shield.

I can go on and on, but I simply do not pass up on these guys whenever possible. As was posted, in the hands of a decent general, they are an immediate, reliable, and constant threat.

03-06-2007, 16:53
After reading the your comments, I'm seriously reconsidering adding some carrion to the list. If they're that key to pulling off victories, it seems like I shouldn't be without them.

03-06-2007, 22:00
They're not a huge key, but they can make a difference as long as you use them properly (just like any unit, really). It also helps to have fliers in an otherwise pretty slow army. Mobility is something Tomb Kings don't specialize in, so it helps to take it when you can. Helps make reactive tactics more useful.

I suggest a unit of at least 5 carrion in every TK army, but that's me.