View Full Version : Are there any Battlefleet Gothic mods for Homeworld/2?

Sgt John Keel
10-08-2005, 23:25
Well, it seems like a perfect game to use as a base for a BFG mod, but I couldn't find any. Do you have any information for me?


Son of Morkai
11-08-2005, 00:02
Nothing I can find. Everything looks stalled and long dead. I think the best thing to do is harass Relic until they decide to make a BFG game, since they can't make HW 3 due to license issues.

New Cult King
11-08-2005, 03:32
HW2 is a hell sweet game. I've only played this one, up to the dreaded 11th mission which I just cannot beat. Are the previous 2 games worth it?

Man, a BFG game using the HW2 engine would rock muchly.

11-08-2005, 16:44
The previous two are Homeworld and Cataclysm and they are totally worth it, IMHO.

Never got around to beating Homeworld 2. :(

On topic: don't know where to find it again, but I seem to have this faint recollection that there was in fact some modwork going on, someplace in time. Maybe check Relic's forums on the subject?