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02-06-2007, 09:38
I want to start up another bundle of green joy, but this time with a bunch more axes and squigs rather than basiliscs and shiny bikes.

I am thinking of a 1500 point list, but don't know what is worth it in game and what doesn't really cut it as it all looks prety good on paper.

EDIT: List is now using the black orcs ard boyz list

I was thinking something like:

2 black orc bosses

orc shaman

2 units of 20 borcs

a couple of units of orcs

a unit of boars

2 units of speer chuckas

a rock lobba

and the totem thing (forgotten name)

whould this sort of list work? and what sort of points would I be looking at? is there anything you would change?

thanks in advance

Dead Man Walking
02-06-2007, 11:49
You can play the list any way you want and you can win but allow me to give some pointers.

I field 30 goblins in my infantry units. Not only does this almost always assure you mass and 3 ranks (which you are going to need to win combats.) but it makes you look big and impressive, and when your a gobbo looking big and impressive is being half way there to being big boss. (The other half is sneaky and mean.)

While you may enjoy the look of the boss on squig he is shooting fodder. He cant join units, not even other squig hoppers. You will want his leadership to hang back and keep the rest of your army on the table, put him in a unit and off the squig.

Squig hoppers are good but they will not break a unit from the front, put them on a flank and use them to assist in charges. You can also throw them away by tossing them at the front of a unit with intentions to just kill weak enemy mages (6 high str attacks). If you dont have to worry about getting nuked by magic you can also choose to jump behind the enemy rather than into them until you can line up another charge to assist on the charge.

I would go for gobbo archers, probably night goblin archers loaded with a fanatic and netters. You seem to have a goblin force going anyways. You can save yourself points by going gobbo archers and not orc archers because gobbo forces need lots of units to get the job done and 2 units of gobbo archers is better than 1.

If you go 2,000 points I suggest adding the lord special character with giant squig, skarsnick, and a 3rd mage.

Vile Snotsuckle
02-06-2007, 16:27
Green joy eh? Thats what I think everytime I paint about 100 of them! A bundle of green joy! I just finished painting an entire 1000 point goblin army. Gah! Shoot me in the foot!

The Orcs and Goblins have so much diversity! You can customize your army in different ways. Want a more forest/savage army, go savage orc and forest goblin. Go all orc, throw in lots of warmachines! Go Mongol/Nomadic, and get boar riders and lots of wolf riders. Go zerg, and gets lots of goblins and snotlings!

Armies like the ogre kingdom have no personality, in my opinion, because there is very little you can do to make them different (other than paint them differently). Orcs and Goblins allow you to do a lot of different stuff. Have fun experimenting!

02-06-2007, 17:11
try a doom diver. if anything, its funny to throw goblins at chaos chosen knights!:D

02-06-2007, 17:21

On reading the disgustingly deligtfullness of the black orcs list, I think I will be using that, but will get a bunch of other modles just 'cus they are so cool (squigs!)

I will eddit the above post of mine to be what i think will be good from that list

Lord Tzeentch
02-06-2007, 18:20
Take 2 chariots they work great in pairs. They will kill a great deal on the charge and but they take alot of fire which is great if you want a unit of 20 black orcs as they with get into combat with a couple of ranks. Maybe mount one of your warbosses in a chariot so it can break a unit on the charge.