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02-06-2007, 15:51
i am currently taking suggestions for a 1k dwarf list. i dont have the codex, and i am looking for inspiration. this 1k force will be part of a 2k force, led by the white dwarf himself :D. he takes up 1k points and is currently the only dwarf model i own. my next stop is the codex, and batillion. i think i have the right points values. i have an idea of a basic army. it is
white dwarf 1k
runesmith 130
gromril armour, shield, rune of stone, rune of iron, rune of cleaving, rune of striking

16 quarellers 233
full command, shields

16 thunderers 275
shields, banner, musician rune of sanctuary

24 warriors 241
heavy armour, shields, banner, musician, rune of battle

cannon 125
rune of fortune

total 2004

i know it isnt a balanced list, but i like it.
tactics. WD goes with warriors down the middle, missile troops on either side, cannon where it has most targets

02-06-2007, 15:57
1000 points! for a single model! bloody hell! ive never seen his rules but he must be good! *comes to his senses*
anyway...although im sure he is good, i personally could never justify spending 500 points on a single model let alone 1000 points. even if hes that good, he could still get broken on combat resolution and with half your army spend on a single model ur likely to be horribly outnumbered by ever army you face
thus, i would be very weary of continuing with this idea
the rest of ur troops is fine, but like i said, 3 units and a cannon in a 2000 points army is likely to get smushed

out of interested, whats the stats for the white dwarf. im curious now

*just found his rules lol...hes only worth 526 points....only....*

02-06-2007, 16:19
ok new white dwarf rules from WD issue 330
the model is a lord, on shield bearers, but the WD on a shield being carried by bugman and gotrek

points 1000
3 7 4 4 5 4 4 4 10

unit strength 3

special rules

ancestral grudge

bugman and gotrek
attacks are made at WS 7
bugman 4 strength 5 attacks at I 4
gotrek 4 attacks at I 5 that always wound, no armour saves, causing d3 wounds, against daemons or dragons this increases to d6

immune to psycology

strong oaths and beer

roll a d6 at begining of move
1-2 no moving, all wounds recovered
3-4 normal move
5-6 charge 12" towards most expansive enemy unit.

magic items
Rune helm of Zhufbar
fleeing troops within 12" auto rally
Armour of Glimril scales
1+ save, 4+ ward
rune cloak of valaya
magic resistance 3
rune axe of grombrindal
str 6, re roll failed to hit, to wound, and passed enemy save rolls.
the ancestor shield
any missile or magic missile e.g. cannon ball is halved in strength rounding down. e.g. cannon = str 10, now = str 5

personally, i think its worth more than 1000 points:)

all the stats were taken from White Dwarf Issue 330 and are copyright Games Workshop

Lord Tzeentch
02-06-2007, 20:15
I saw someone using him in a 2'000pt army it got hit by a cannon ball on turn 2 and died after suffering 5 wounds lol no more where sold that day. Still 1000 pts for 3 migets on a big plate come on.

02-06-2007, 20:27
ok so a cannon at strength 5 will wound on 4+, so then you have a 3+ armour save, and then a 4+ ward save. a cannon doesnt have a lot of chance of killing

02-06-2007, 20:46
Umm... I don't mean to be a jerk but you shouldn't have the stats and cost for the White Dwarf because of GW intellectual property rules. If i'm wrong ignore this. Also I've been told that the White Dwarf is so over powerful that your other thousand points need only tarpit till he can arrive and demolish your enemies

02-06-2007, 20:59
um yes i have changed it so GW gets the credit, but anyone could post it as it is in White Dwarf. should i have a thane or runepriest in the army. it says in WD that the rules are just for fun and the model cant be used in tourneys, events, or other posh games.

02-06-2007, 21:32
he wouldnt have an armour save if hit by a cannonball...

02-06-2007, 22:05
doesnt he? because the ancester shield thing cuts the strength of anything that comes under magic, missile, or magic missile, or anything like that, in half, rounding down. i do believe you get saves against strength 5 things

Lord Tzeentch
03-06-2007, 00:45
It says in the rule book that cannons dont allow armour saves it doesnt say its because of the strenght ten. Anyway id take a rune lord on an anvil of doom. just i case ur opponent doesn't want to fight 1000pts of white beard. :)

03-06-2007, 12:57
oh, i didnk know about the cannon rule. but still, it has to wound, then get through a ward save. i they dont want to play him , then i would just play 1000 points with a thane instead of a runepriest

Lord Tzeentch
03-06-2007, 15:57
True. 2k of dwarf armys are great to play i mean if you think about it a runesmith on AOD will be 100 times better i mean dwarfs moving 12 a turn and carnt be dispelled. plus all the other spells. In 1k a thane and runesmith work wonders 5 dispell dice + magic eating scrolls a real pain 4 magic heavy armys like VC. lol funny when you get rid of the summoning spell.