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02-06-2007, 18:35
Tried a log before http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52060 and though I paint loads I'm very bad at getting the photos taken.

Recently I have been working on a variety of armies so whilst various of them are in early stages I thought I'd try a new log. The old log can be seen in my sig.

The recent armies that are being worked on are:

Trollbloods for Hordes
Pirates for Warmachine
Khador for Warmachine - though these tend to get painted regularly
Improving my 13th Company Space Wolves - painted these a while back when I had just started painting again and they were pretty flat so I have been shading and highlighting them and basically sprucing them up until I'm happy with them now.
A Forsaken force for Dark Age - soon to be joined by a Skarrd force.

As well as bits for my Dark Angels successor chapter and my Blood Ravens.

There will also be scenery in here as we're building a couple of boards for the games room at home.

02-06-2007, 18:35
My wife and I sat down as part of our holiday project to paint up as many pirates as we could.

What we managed was the first half of the army release, with the second batch currently being worked on. We did it splitting them half and half so both of us took a unit of Sea Dogs + extras, and because Sabrina fell in love with the Jacks she got both of them to work on.

The first things was obviously to get them based. They have been along similar lines to other figures we have for use in an Eberron pirates campaign.



There's loads of shots here, but for the thread I'm mostly jumping to the finished pieces. To go with these we are also building a dock board to slot in with the Sul board we are building.

Bucanneer painted by my wife

Shae by the wife

02-06-2007, 18:36
Lord Rockbottom by me.




02-06-2007, 18:39
Onto the 13th Company. These are not based yet as we're deciding on how to do the board they will be played on.

The first few shots are ones that are being worked on, but aren't finished yet.


The middle figure is one of the Wolf Lords I have done. He's based on a Night Lords commander and converted.



02-06-2007, 18:41
The next batch are finished apart from transfers and basing.

One of the Rune Priests. The other one will have the usual Plasma Pistol.




02-06-2007, 18:42



Once I've finished updating the figures painted - including Wolfen and Long Fangs I plan on starting on the mass of wolves and the Biker Squadrons.

02-06-2007, 18:44


Taking my time on this Company Master for my oldest Marine army. They've recently been touched up as well to use a bit more bone on them and I want to do work on their Veteran squads to get a few nice conversions done.

02-06-2007, 18:47


These are part of a small force for the Dark Age game. I've gotten two armies that between them cost about $150/£80 and that should be more than enough to start playing and then pick up bits and pieces when the mood takes me.

Comments welcomed and trying a tripod next time to take the photos with a different position to get more light in.

03-06-2007, 11:05
Been working on my first board which is cobbled and then started finally basing some of the scenery I've had lying around for years. Some of it is the Mordheim pieces and so that just needs the brickwork painting, but some are scratch built so need to figure the colour scheme that will work for those.

This is the first try.



Going to try a few other schemes and look at making some non destroyed buildings. We're also planning on making a dock to go with the pirates.

The inspiration is largely from this fantastic project over at Privateer Press - http://forums.privateerpress.com/index.php?showtopic=113439&st=0

Working on finishing more 13th Company as well as the first squad of Blood Raven scouts.

Comments welcomed.

03-06-2007, 11:57
Somw good looking stuff there, and its great that your wife helps out and understands the attraction of painting little men.



03-06-2007, 12:00
She prefers the painting to the gaming that's for sure.

04-06-2007, 20:38
Just finishing off a squad of Blood Raven Scouts so will try and get pictures of them by the weekend.

Comments appreciated.

Pic of the painting station I'm using at the moment until we sort out the spare room. Or as my wife likes to call it "I used to have a coffee table".


And the boxes of paint. We just got in a full set of P3.


07-06-2007, 20:22
I've not managed to get any pics taken of the scouts yet, but have got up some pics of the Extreme Dire Troll I've done for my Trollbloods.


Probably could do with a bit of GS around the lower arm.

09-06-2007, 14:03
The plan this weekend is to try and finish enough of the pirates to have a fully painted 500 point force next sunday for a tourney.

That means doing the Cannon, the first Mate, the Quartermaster and of course the Doc with his dirty knives.

I'm also working on a stack more upgrades on the 13th Company and when I've cleared those I need to go and work on a 40k force and get some of them done.

Got a choice between Blood Ravens, my tech marines (cybernetics, weapons bonded to the men, lots of tanks), my Dark Angel successor chapter, a Mech Guard force or the Cadian converted Drop Troops.

17-06-2007, 19:25
I've finished all the pirates I have to paint currently and my wife just has a jack and the Troll Bosun to go. Pictures of these will be up shortly and just learning how to play with them as an army. I will probably come back and paint at least another unit of the Sea Dogs and another Jack in the army's colours.

With those done I'm trying to get a little break from Warmachine painting and working slowly on my Dark Age armies. My main focus is going to be getting a sizeable chunk of my Blood Ravens painted and finished to a standard I'm happy with.

What I'm intending painting in the next few weeks is:

1 Dreadnought - mostly painted so I'm sprucing him up. He's magnetized.
3 10 men Tac Squads - various weapon options.
1 8 Man Scout Squad - Bolters and HB.
1 7 Man Scout Squad - Shotguns and BP/Handweapon.
1 10 Man Assault Squad
5 Terminators - mostly done, but 3 are old terminators and for scale purposes I may swap them into a new squad so need to paint another 5 - 2 old and 3 new.
Veteran just for fun.

Think that's it for now.

Some pics of work on these so far:


17-06-2007, 19:27
These are all very much work in progress. Highlighting, markings etc still needs to be done as well as bone and skin work.



As I said the Dread is fully magnetized. If I can get a good load of these Blood Ravens done then I may reward myself with doing the FW Venerable Dread which I've already started to work on magnetizing.

17-06-2007, 19:28
And finally the Bolter Scouts.




17-06-2007, 19:30
The Scouts are being blended from some older figures and some newer ones. A WIP shot of the plastic scouts.

18-06-2007, 09:37
Just realised how much I hate the Scout heads.

Any comments/observations? Pictures should be coming shortly of the first Tac squad I'm working on which is one of those designed as one of the infilitrating squads. Had a look at the list after posting last night and it seems I'm doing 4 Tac squads.

24-06-2007, 21:33
Let's see if I can coax any comments this time.

Whilst I'm concentrating on the Blood Ravens I've kept some 13th Company out to give me a little variety. This is one of my Wolf Pack leaders converted from a Long Fang using Night Lord pieces.


I've also been working this weekend on a figure to use in a roleplaying game. This is one of the figures you get in the Hybrid Nemesis boxed set from Rackham.


Obviously the base needs to be done and because this is for a Piratey type game it will be a plank base similar to the Pirates.

24-06-2007, 21:35
On with the Blood Ravens and the first batch are almost finished.

First up the Scouts


Then the first Tac Squad which will be one of the infilitrating squads.


24-06-2007, 21:37
The Dreadnought has been spruced up with more highlighting, work on the gems and lights, as well as scripture.


Because this is Blood Ravens Librarians are King.



See he doesn't look Egyptian at all. Ignore those rumours :)

24-06-2007, 21:41
The last Blood Raven I've been painting is the one started from scratch - one of the Veterans.


Not sure whether I'm going to do a Veteran squad for this lot or whether he becomes a Sgt I can swap in.

At the moment the last two photos show what I have left of this batch to work on.



Once I've done all these I'll probably put the Blood Ravens aside for a bit, but there are Landspeeder squadrons, more Terminators and Bike Squads/Attack bikes to do after this.


25-06-2007, 09:06
they're coming on really well, keep it flowing!

25-06-2007, 09:13
Nice colour trade off between the red and the cream. I like it. try some deeper shading to juxtapose (woooo) the two colours.

25-06-2007, 10:27
Yeah probably do need some lining especially around and on the robes. with these I've just started doing more lining on the shoulder pads (though the pics haven't really shown it up). One of the reasons these are getting spruced is they used to have grey in the mix of the colour, but now that's changed to black to make them 5th Company.

Thanks for the replies.

29-06-2007, 16:17
Possibly going to work this weekend on sorting out somewhere in the house to light properly to take pics. Some more of the last batch though.

Almost finished the Pirates for Warmachine.

The first load are the Commodore. Though it's without the Commodore himself as I try and figure out transport issues.





29-06-2007, 16:21
Next up the Solos.


Hawk was painted by my wife. She has the Bosun and a Mariner to finish painting.


29-06-2007, 16:22
Killingsworth and Walls were painted by me. I loved painting the Doc. Walls grew up on me as I did the monkey :)



I'm having a little break from the Pirates, but I do want to get a Nomad and do it in Shae's colours.

More Blood Ravens this weekend and Scenery as well. We're building 3 different boards to swap out on our table at home.

08-07-2007, 12:51
Pictures should be coming shortly. Been working on terrain and one of the boards for the table. Loads of walls and fences painted up for starters and we've now sorted the board for Cityfight which means we can start on basing all the 40k and Dark Age figures.

The Blood Ravens have had Chapter markings and squad markings put on them so photos of them when the bases are done. That's one Tac Squad and one Scout Squad finished. One of the Terminator Squads is almost done as well as a load of Librarians. Got to have Librarians in a Blood Ravens army.

07-08-2007, 12:35
Ok pictures are in progress.

The Tac Squad, Scout Squad and Librarians are done, marked up, based and varnished. Did standard bases on this first batch, but have now started constructing more intricate ruined bases or using the 40k basing kit for the next batch. Pictures of these will be up when I get them uploaded.

Been painting barricades to sort out how I'm going to be painting my City when I build it. The barricades are all done, except the bike one which I'm figuring out the Blood Raven bike scheme on.

Currently working on finishing the Terminator squad, a second Tactical squad and been converting an infilitrating Veteran Squad. A few more librarians are getting done as well.

I had started an Assault Squad, but I'm trying to decide whether or not to do the helmets for the Squad in a different colour scheme. Any suggestions?

Figured out the costs and at a minimum I'm looking at 4600 points worth painted once I've done this all. Probably going to look at doing a Landspeeder next rather than the Veteran Dreadnought.

07-08-2007, 13:05
Like what I see so far. I have tried to get my wife to be into this stuff - mainly so I can spend more money. But she refuses to even play one game :(

07-08-2007, 21:31
Well getting her painting is not that hard, but playing regularly is still a task in hand :) She should be helping a lot with the Cityfight board and the fantasy siege board when we start building those up.

24-08-2007, 22:08
Sorry about the lack of updates. My mother in law died which has put everything up in the air.

Hopefully have new shots this weekend even if they are rubbish as we may not get chance to try out the new camera setup.

I've been working on sorting out how many basic points in each army and also rearranging some of the Space Marine ones so that they each do something a bit different. All the Space Marine armies except 13th Company are at least a Company strong plus scout or Terminator additions.

The Blood Ravens is looking like about 4600 points at the moment, though this may not include a Terminator Squad in the totals.

The Mech/Siege Space Marine force is now taking on a more Firey basis as I realised there was a lot of flamers in the figures put aside for it. I've moved all scouts and bikes/landspeeders out of the army to put in the other two. Still need a name and these will be getting spruced up as even though they were only painted 1-2 years ago they look like tabletop at best.

The Gatekeepers aka my Dark Angel's successor chapter is getting close to two companies strong. Looking at getting at least a Ravenwing boxed set for these guys and also sprucing up all the vehicles with Winged Hussar back banners that my Dad gave me.

My Eldar are probably my next big project after the Blood Ravens alongside the cityfight terrain. The colour scheme for these has changed completely in the last week as I became inspired by Altansar. I've done up two test figures using a more black and red scheme for them then the standard colour scheme. The important thing for the scheme was to make sure that they looked different enough to any other Black and Red forces I had around, particularly the Blood Ravens. They do as the red is much brighter and no use of inks on them. These should get pictures taken at the weekend. Obviously I need to buy more Dark Reapers for these guys. These will probably get worked along to a lesser extent alongside the Blood Ravens, but I still plan on trying to get as much done on the Blood Ravens including basing and markings as I can.

Going to also look at doing more Fluff for these forces along with the painting to help me solidify how they will work and to give me painting/conversion ideas. I will admit that when I put up army lists I do play 5 and 10 man squads as the norm.

From a non GW pov I also just got in an Earthborn Dire Troll for my Trollbloods which I will probably be a wuss and get my wife to put together for me. We're moving around a load of stuff so old armies that will not get worked on for a while such as Dark Eldar and Orks are getting stored away. This should allow some more space to start doing scenery construction.

28-08-2007, 12:05
Not managed pics yet with the wife's birthday and tidying up the house.

Finished the painting on the first squad of terminators. Working up the bases now with a mixture of slate, rubble, some of the 40k basing kit - just trying to make them interesting.

Working on getting the colour schemes finalised throughout the Altansar army - doing up a warlock, wraithguard, jetbike, scorpion, ranger and a banshee.

Still working on the Veteran squad and the second tac squad.

28-08-2007, 13:31
Good stuff I like the pirates alot, but its hard to see. Try putting the minis on a piece of white paper with another piece for the background with a couple of spot lights thrown on it will make it easier to see, cause from what it looks like right now, the blood raven tat squad looks kind of pinkish is that just the lighting?
Congrats on getting the wife to even paint, its a huge step for most people.


28-08-2007, 16:43
Yeah the Blood Ravens are a deep red. The Altansar scheme I'm doing is a much richer red.

Don't suppose anyone knows where I can get more Blood Raven's transfers? My plans for a full company look to be about 3 proper tac squads short due to the transfers I have all being accounted for.

Looking at having done at the moment:

3 Tac Squads
2 Dev Squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Command Squad
4 Scout Squads
4 Terminator Squads
1 Veteran Squad
1 Attack Bike Squad
1 Landspeeder squadron (might split these up)
1 Bike Squad
2 Dreadnoughts

08-09-2007, 15:09
The plan is to take photos tomorrow. Even with upheaval I'm actually painting - it's just this photo taking I'm slacking on.

Been sorting all the marine armies so I know what spares I had and what each army needed. Which will of course change when I buy new things for Apocalypse :)

The Blood Ravens army that'll be done when this is all finished.

No Total
Master 1 115 Power Sword, Iron Halo IN PROGRESS
Captain 1 125 Jump Pack, Power Sword, Combat Shield
Captain 1 120 Terminator armour, Power Sword IN PROGRESS
Epistolary 1 155 Terminator armour, Combi Plasma IN PROGRESS
Epistolary 1 116 Bolt Pistol IN PROGRESS
Codicier 1 125 Jump Pack, Might of Heroes IN PROGRESS
Codicier 1 101 Bolt Pistol
Chaplain 1 120 Jump Pack
Command Sqd 5 170 Apothecary, Company Standard Bearer,
Company Champion, Vet sgt Term Honours Power
Axe - still need to figure one more guy for this
group and decide if I expand it up to 10.

Terminator Sqd 1 5 240 2 Assault Cannon PAINTED
Terminator Sqd 2 5 250 Assault Cannon & Cyclone, 2 Chain fists
Terminator Sqd 3 6 240 ?- Cyclone - to build
Term Asslt Sqd 5 200 Close Combat - to build
Dreadnought 1 135 Lascannon, Missile Launcher IN
Veteran Squad 10 225 Heavy Bolter, Melta Gun , Infilitrate,
Counter Attack, True Grit IN PROGRESS
Vetn Dreadnought 1 135 Power Fist, Missile Launcher, Tank

Tac Squad 1 10 225 Heavy Bolter, Melta Gun , Infilitrate,
Counter Attack, True Grit PAINTED
Tac Squad 2 10 180 Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon IN
Tac Squad 3 10 226 Flamer, Missile Launcher, Infilitrate,
Counter attack, True Grit
Tac Squad 4 10 175 Lascannon, Plasma Gun
Tac Squad 5 10 221 Hvy Bolter, Flamer, Infilitrate, Counter
Attack, True Grit

Scout Squad 1 10 135 Bolters, Heavy Bolter - need to build 2
Scout Squad 2 10 135 Shotguns, Heavy Bolter - need HB
built, 1 other and model shotgun on 5
inc sgt
Scout Squad 3 5 90 Sniper Rifles - need to build
Scout Squad 4 5 90 Sniper Rifles - need to build
Scout Squad 5 5 90 Sniper Rifles - need to build

Assault Squad 1 7 164 2 Plasma Pistol IN PROGRESS
Assault Squad 2 6 138 Flamer, Power Fist
Bike Squadron 6 202 Meltagun
Landspeeder Squadron 3 210 Typhoon, 2 Multi Meltas
2 Assault Bikes 2 100 Heavy Bolter

Dev Squad 1 10 260 Lascannon, Missile Launcher - need
to build 1 lascannon
Dev Squad 2 10 260 Plasma Cannon, Missile Launcher

TOTAL 5473

As you can see that total is minus most wargear and figuring some of the Librarian powers. I've also not finished figuring out what other stuff the Commander is carrying as one hand is currently not being painted.

The Eldar are being sorted at the moment. The basics for them is about 4000 points, but with a fair bit to slowly buy up for them. Looking at sorting the Autarchs to give me some fun conversions to do. They are definitely the next force to paint and once I have more done on the Blood Ravens I will probably work on both forces at the same time alongside some Warmachine.

The next two marines armies - one Dark angel successor and one of my own creation - come to 5405 and 4354 respectively at the moment. As part of the bits sort out I have converted a new Company Champion for the own creation one. Just trying to sort a name and fluff for the own creation and chapter symbols for both.

09-09-2007, 17:27
Ok photos taken and going to put these up gradually over the next week so it updates regularly for a change.

Blood Ravens first.

Finishing off the Veterans. They have had squad markings done. All still need the Chapter marking and half need backpacks doing.

In this first pic I also need to do freehand on the small banner hanging off his shoulder pad.

Because these have True Grit I've converted a few to play that up.


09-09-2007, 17:29

As with all the Blood Ravens I have used an Elysian Melta Gun here.

09-09-2007, 17:35
The rest are WIP shots.

First up the Captain of the 5th Company

Not yet decided what else I'm arming him with. I've done a simple Iron Halo addition to his backpack.

The Chief Librarian. When I started to redo this army I thought I'd do Codex robes for the Librarians, but I'm definitely thinking of going back to bone robes. As with all my Librarians I do the left arm in Chapter colours.

The Second Tactical Squad which shouldn't take too much longer to finish.

09-09-2007, 17:36

Later in the week I have Altansar Eldar, my just needing basing Blood Raven Terminators, a load of scenery and my converted Company Champion for the Mech Marines.

09-09-2007, 19:55
Everything looks stunning so far Keravin.

Its nice to see some warmachine being painted as a blog....almost enough to tempt me to get my cyganr done.

Loving the 'ravens aswell, I gave up on mine due to not getting the red done correctly.

What are you doing for the chapter symbol though? I have a griffon games blood raven transfer sheet untouched at home, throw me a pm if you'd be interested ;)


09-09-2007, 21:01
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah that's what I'd been using for the Chapter symbol. Been freehanding it on scrolls and half shields, but doing that on all the Chapter would have driven me mad, especially as I know I'll likely have to freehand the other two chapters.

I need to do my Cygnar, but my trolls and Mercs keep jumping to the front of the non GW queue.

12-09-2007, 16:39
Update then.

These are the mostly finished Terminators.


12-09-2007, 16:42
Eventually I plan on going back and drilling out all the guns, but for now I'm getting them painted. Bit of tidying up to do on the freehand and you'll notice been trying different basing on these.

This base is for the Terminator Librarian.

This one's for the Apothecary.

Next up will be scenery and Altansar Eldar test schemes.

12-09-2007, 17:29
nice job on the bases

14-09-2007, 21:07

Onto the Eldar. The old colour scheme looked like this


The new one is a variant on the Altansar.


These are my test Guardians and I've decided to ditch the yellow as it doesn't work well and to do well would take me a lot longer.

14-09-2007, 21:12
Doing the Aspects and Wraithguard in the same colour scheme too.



Also been trying to work on how to blend the red on the jetbikes. The big vehicles will probably be lined rather than blended.


Slowly working on these to get the scheme to work and also figure how to base them to fit in with the boards.

15-09-2007, 13:41
The one thing I forgot was the barricades. Used these to try out colour scheme for when we start building the city shortly. Hopefully start in October.




The last one is WIP as it's being used to figure the colour scheme for the bike squads for the Blood Ravens. Need to figure if I can use bone or not on it. Probably will just be black and red and then do some banners.


Inquisitor D'selinas
15-09-2007, 14:06
Nice stuff Keravin. Those Terminators and bases stand out to me in particular, its all good :D

15-09-2007, 14:22
Thanks. Got old school terminators to do up next and adding a shield to do some personal heraldry on the Captain as well.

30-09-2007, 13:34
Ok update time

The old school terminators are almost done. Basing and squad markings to do on them and then a little work on lights on the Cyclone.

The Company Champion and Apothecary are also done which leaves me to figure converting the standard bearer and figuring out what the last man in the squad will be. I'm also trying to decide on the armament for my Company Captain. He's almost done except for missing one hand. Likewise the Chief Librarian is almost finished. I've also been working on a proper biker alongside the ruined bike. The colour scheme looks to be sorted, but god I hate the Codex use of orange as a company colour :)

Next up to do are 1 Tac Squad and a Devastator Squad. I've converted some shotguns to arm my second scout squad as well. Finally found a use for Goliaths from Necromunda. Well their guns anyway.

The Eldar continue as I get the colour scheme sorted with the Warlock and Farseer schemes pretty much set now. Still trying to figure what colour to do the ranger's cloaks, but the Scorpion is coming together as is the jetbiker.

Pics to come after basing is done on the last batch of Blood Ravens.

07-10-2007, 19:47
Managed photos so going to do this in a couple of updates so as not to put everything up at once.

First up is an army shot of where the Blood Ravens are up to.


The new Terminator Squad based with just their squad markings and varnish to be done.


And the 1st Company Captain.


07-10-2007, 19:51
Been working on colour schemes for other armies.

The Drop Troops and Mechanised Guard in progress.


And the Tau


The old scheme for the Tau was


Looks too false to me so I want something green, especially having seen some great schemes on Warseer.

Still to come - more on the Eldar schemes, a stack more Blood Ravens including finished figures and some of the conversions I've been doing.

23-10-2007, 20:55
Getting this a little up to date. The WIP is now over on Ammobunker at http://z3.invisionfree.com/The_Ammobunker/index.php?showtopic=239

An army shot so far of what's built for the Blood Ravens.

http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l167/keravin/Blood%20Ravens/DSCF2260.jpg Squad 1 of the First Company

http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l167/keravin/Blood%20Ravens/DSCF2255.jpgThe Veterans forming Squad 2 of the 1st Company.

http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l167/keravin/Blood%20Ravens/DSCF2213.jpg Most of Squad 2 of the 1st Company

23-10-2007, 20:57
Despite my heavy personal dislike of Pirates.

These guys are bloody great!

23-10-2007, 21:07
The Commander of the 5th Company and so far unnamed Chief Librarian

The start of the Command squad for the 5th Company. I need to convert a standard bearer using the Blood Angels Honor Guard one.

Captain of the 1st Company
Painting 2 more Captains from the Chapter Masters at the moment.

Some more of the Librarians. At least one terminator and a Jump Pack one that are being finished at the moment.

24-10-2007, 20:27
Ta for the comments on the Pirates. New Pirates coming at Christmas when more of the army comes out including the Press Gang.

Alongside the Blood Ravens I'm now painting the 6th Sabriel Armoured Company comprising of a Mechanised Infantry Regiment and Armoured support. It's being made up of Steel Legion and DKOK.

The initial starting point for troops was:

and vehicles was:

I'm trying to paint the Chimera alongside the squads they transport. After doing basing on the first lot they have now been split between the first two squads as I felt it was a bit much all together.


24-10-2007, 20:31
The First Chimera is also almost done.


The next two are sprayed and the HQ one will have a DKOK driver in it to allow me to sort how the scheme will look on them. FW goodies are enroute and all Leman Russ will have the full DKOK setup.

I'm also now working on one Ogryn at least a month to get up to a unit of 6 who will also need their own Chimera and the FW order includes a full unit of Rough Riders. I probably need at least 3 Chimeras for now and probably another 4 in the end. I only have 8 at the moment.

C&C welcomed.

21-03-2008, 14:18
Resurrecting the log. Mostly I've been painting Blood Ravens and Trollbloods lately with a smattering of Mech Guard (Steel Legion and DKOK now) and Pirates.

First off a Blood Ravens army shot from a month or so ago. I'm currently trying to paint up about 3000 points, though I keep getting distracted by doing stuff that's not on the list. I have about 6000 points in the army so it all needs painting eventually.


This second shot is part of the smaller 1500 points force.

The Company Standard Bearer

21-03-2008, 14:24
At the moment for the Blood Ravens I'm currently completing a Close Combat Terminator Squad, my 3rd Tactical Squad (infilitrators), the last Chapter Master, a 7 man Assault squad and 2 Chaplains (one Terminator and one Jump pack). These should all be done after this easter weekend.

Alongside the Blood Ravens I have been continuing to get all my Trollblood figures for Warmachine painted.

The latest figures for them finished are:

Grim Angus, the bounty hunting Warlock


The Earthborn Dire Troll

21-03-2008, 14:27
The other army is the Mechanised Guard. I've been adding DKOK elements to the Steel Legion with Grenadiers and Death Riders in progress at the moment.



As well as the first Siege tank

The first platoon is almost done with just one more Chimera to finish off.

21-03-2008, 14:34
Just to give you an idea of the madness to come

My Marine tanks for the next 2 Marine armies to be painted. Bare in mind that the Blood Ravens have only up to Landspeeders with them.

There's another 3 Vindicators and a Rhino to be built to go alongside those.

Those tanks are to go alongside these two armies.

The 'Techmarines' - a Mechanised Marine force who need a colour scheme and chapter name/symbol sorting out.

And the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers started out as a Chapter called Gates of Hell when 1st Edition came out, but since then their old scheme was stolen by the Legion of the Damned :) They are now a Dark Angels Successor Chapter with a Ravenwing known as the Wardens.
Is the 5th Company that needs repainting.

21-03-2008, 14:37
With various elements of the 4th, 1st, 2nd and 10th Companies to go alongside them.

The Ravenwing in bits - I've learned to stop buying completed bikes and instead I'll be painting them up as I construct them.


All these marine armies end up between 5-6000 points so far. You may notice that the Blood Ravens are all Mark VII and above, whilst the other two are assembled with various marks and some utilise the old fluff that bits from one mark could be used with another armour.

C&C welcome and I'll start updating with shots of stuff done so far and wip when stuff is done.

22-03-2008, 18:56
I'm currently working on two Chaplains.





The plan is to finish all my WIP stuff this weekend which would include these two. I'm working on sharpening the black and then onto details for both these.

27-03-2008, 00:34
Given I posted about the Chaplains I'll show them first in terms of the new pictures.




These two are my first try and light sourcing with their eyes. Not certain it works, but I may try a few other tests when I've gotten headway on the Mech Guard.

27-03-2008, 00:37
The Jumppack Chaplain is to go along my second assault squad. The first is largely connected to my still wip jumppack Librarian.



These need Chapter symbols and they are done. This gives me a unit of 6 and then a unit of 7 assault troops, so I'm planning on painting another 7 probably in May to get them up to full ten men squads.

Another thing finished this weekend was the new base for my Chapter Master. His previous base meant that he didn't look dynamic enough.



C&C welcome. Especially if it'll mean someone else posts in this thread rather than just me.

02-04-2008, 12:55
Still an echo in here I see.

Ok more updates in the vain hope that someone will say something.

The other things being painted last month were Terminators.
The 5th one to finish off the unit is being worked on at the moment after all of them needed rebuilding after buying them on ebay. God bless bits service that allow you to get Cruxes on the correct shoulder.

This month I'm painting a converted Venerable Dreadnought, a full squad of Shotgun scouts and an attack bike. Mostly I'm trying to do work on other armies this month.

I also built a few objective markers to go alongside various armies.

Firstly (because I didn't think it was fair painting an injured marine who needed rescuing in any of my Marine paintschemes) a Rynn World Crimson Fist. I need to do his chapter symbol, but his auspex shows the battle of the farm layout on it.

A communications array

02-04-2008, 12:58
One of the armies I'm trying to do work on is my Mechanised Guard.

Though I'm still waiting on a new drill to do the lance for my Death Rider.

I'll be finishing the third Chimera for Platoon 1 and then starting on the 2nd Platoon.

I'm also painting Inquisitor Lok alongside all of this once I figure what colour to do his cloak in.

C&C welcome. Planning on having a full army shot for the Blood Ravens done this weekend.

06-04-2008, 18:25
What I've mainly been working on this week is my Venerable Dreadnought.





This is still wip. I've got some touching up to do on the Dread and then the base needs some work on it. Done some more lightsourcing with the eyes. I'm trying to figure if there is anywhere else on the model to add some touches like scripture.

06-04-2008, 18:41
Echo, begone!

You've got some very nice stuff here mate, and damn, that's a crapload of marines :eek:

14-04-2008, 13:52
Thanks Makina. Yeah the plan is to finally get them painted. Figured it out roughly this weekend and between these 3 armies I'm looking at 5 full companies (before I start buying any more bikes for the Deathwing variant).

An army shot of the Blood Ravens so far. There's the Ven Dread, 1 attack bike and a full Scout Squad to go with these.





I almost managed to pair up all the Librarians and Captains, but the Jumppack is still not done so the 7th Captain is all on his own.

The pictures almost all work except the blurry middle.

At a rough estimate that's 4000 points of Blood Ravens.

I've just spent the weekend getting my Landspeeders all together so I'll have 2 Typhoons, 1 Tornado and 1 normal Melta one). Going to start painting them enmasse soon.

That'll leave me with 5 Terminators, 10 Scouts, 3 Tac Squads, 1 Dev Squad and 7 Assault marines to finish off 2 units to do.

So I've started figured working on my other Marine army which will be more Conversion heavy.

07-06-2008, 13:18
Not updated this in a bit and a fair amount for all armies has gotten done, including starting my new Marine army.

After a lot of trial and error I have finally finished my Jumppack Librarian.

As I'm getting to the finish of the full 5th Company for the Blood Ravens and to give myself a break from them I've done some work on my other chapter. Now I used to have two more, but with the changes coming for 5th edition I couldn't really see how the three armies would end up playing all that differently so the Blood Ravens will largely be my Codex chapter, whilst the Gatekeepers will mostly operate from the Dark Angels Codex. This may vary as with merging the third army into the other two I now have the equivalent of almost 2 Companies for both Gatekeepers and Blood Ravens minus all the Terminators, Ravenwing etc.

The new scheme

This is from the 5th Company. Because I have DA and BT bits the 5th Company are the crusading company so will have BT bits incorporated. I'm going to create the fluff for how all this will work. The 2nd Company are the Ravenwing of course, but will be known as the Wardens.

07-06-2008, 13:24
One of the fluff things rising from the 5th being the Crusading company is that they are constantly on the move and supplies can get a little sparse.

So some of them when injured have not been able to be fitted with bionics for example and so various marines have taken it upon themselves to still fight, but with fitted heavy weapons until such a time they can be properly taken care of. Of course some have chosen to not take the opportunity when it is presented to them.

The Blood Ravens army is all set up with Mark VII armour and all the nicest toys. The Gatekeepers are an old geneseed and thus have older marks of armour. I'm using a lot of beakies as part of this army and mixing and matching many years of bits.

Other pics from the army taken so far.
I think he'll end up as a veteran sergeant in the command squad. He really does sell the siege mentality of the company to me though.

07-06-2008, 13:28
Whilst the Blood Ravens have loads of Scouts I hadn't actually planned on giving the Gatekeepers any, but I was in a converting mode so I've tried to make the old Space Crusade scouts a bit more useable.

Just one squad as I can't see when I will ever use them, but I think they work pretty well.

I'll try and remember to do more updates shortly, but that should be enough for now.

17-06-2008, 12:21
Should have an update later as I seem to have been painting Techmarines for both armies. Not sure why I ended up doing 3 at once, but I've got one converted, one original and one sort of newish. Well for the Blood Ravens it was because I'm doing their third Dreadnought so I figured I'd do a techmarine to let me do the apocalypse datasheet.

Makes a change as last month it was Landspeeders. I hate that kit so much. I understand the hate now :)

Apologies for the photos on these.

One Typhoon finished except for chapter markings and the base.

One normal one

with a second typhoon being finished off now.

Techmarine pictures to come and hopefully the lighting setup will work out better.

19-06-2008, 16:32
Finally got the photos taken. This week I realised I had or was finishing 3 Dreads so I did the Techmarine to go with them.

Dread first - still lots to do on this and probably needs pimping up a bit.



Also on the WIP table are the second Dev squad


And the third Landspeeder

I think I may finally have gotten the hang of photos. None of these are properly highlighted yet.

19-06-2008, 16:38
Onto the techmarine. He's actually the third I've been painting at the moment. I'll post the other two and stuff I've been doing on my other Chapter later in the week.


He's obviously a conversion with the arms being the main changes.


Took a while to sort the Mechanicus symbol onto a terminator arm.

You can see the Blood Raven imagery better on this pic


and this one


The base still needs finishing and probably need to stabilise the harness a bit more. Really would like C&C on him.

19-06-2008, 17:20
Nice work mate, the Techmarine looks excellent. I think he's one of the best miniatures you've done so far in fact.

The one Gatekeeper marine with the thunder hammer is a cool idea that I'm gonna nick, I have the same hammer bit in my bitz box and couldn't find a good pose for it to work, so cheers! ;)

Kasrkin 666
19-06-2008, 19:39
Hey, if your looking for some Trollbloods, I've got some:) Just PM me


19-06-2008, 20:30
Hey, if your looking for some Trollbloods, I've got some:) Just PM me


I've seen your list and I've got everything but Elvis Troll thanks. If you had more Champions or Kriel Warriors then I might have been interested.

HM, cheers. I like the Siege sort of mentality I get from the Thunderhammer guy. I've saved some more of the double shoulder pads to use on some other marines as I like the look. Looking forward to seeing how you do up yours.

26-06-2008, 13:18
Need to take some scenery shots as the spare time this week has been spent doing some basic stuff on my industrial board and arguing with the wife about which way to put a fan on one of the buildings.

Meanwhile as I work on getting the first company finished for the Blood Ravens I've been continuing with the Gatekeepers mostly to lock down colour schemes.



Their first transport. No modifications as I wanted to sort the scheme out first before doing. Still WIP, but the Yellow's worked pretty well. I find this a lot easier to paint than the IG tanks/transports I've been doing. Possibly because I've got fewer left to paint.

I'm also currently working on their second tactical squad. http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l167/keravin/Gatekeepers%202/DSCF3271.jpg


I'm going to be working on these a squad at a time to try and mitigate burnout. I have my next squad for the Steel Legion primed, so once I finally get off my butt and finish the Leman Russ and 3rd Chimera I'll start on those.

Not sure if I've said it before, but with my restructuring I'll now end up with about 2 full normal companies for both Blood Ravens and Gatekeepers (minus some Rhinos) and then most of the 1st and 2nd (ie Ravenwing) for the Gatekeepers and most of the 1st and 10th for the Blood Ravens. So roughly 6 companies when all's said and done.

29-06-2008, 20:15
I have two finished bits today. I've been doing a 6 month project for another board on my Blood Ravens and this is just about done. I'll have shots of all the army that's been done since January shortly.

First up one Dreadnought.


He just needs the Chapter symbol on his arm and he's done. Very happy with the chequered effect.

And finally the other Chapter Master is done.


29-06-2008, 20:18
As we're in the last straights I'm working on getting all the basing done. I've finished the last Landspeeder.


and then that and these two need bases.

29-06-2008, 20:21
So basing is getting done for these (oh and that Techmarine as well).


The plan is to get all this done (and maybe the second Devastator Squad) as soon as possible, though most likely by next weekend.

08-07-2008, 12:08
Finished the Landspeeders


The whole Blood Ravens army as it now stands looks like this:

With so much done on the Blood Ravens I'm planning on switching focus a bit and the current plans to work on are

Blood Ravens
Finish 2nd Dev Squad
Finish the 2 assault squads up to 10 men each.
Do a 4th Tac Squad

Finishing 2nd Tac squad
Finishing Dreadnought which just got started.
Couple of characters for them - nearly done the 5th Company Librarian and the Chief Librarian
Dev Squad
Finish Razorback and start on Vindicators

Steel Legion/DKOK
Just finishing two Sentinels and the first Rough Rider
Working on finishing 1st Platoon's last Chimera and the Leman Russ
Then onto the second Platoon and probably the Company HQ

And then odds and sods along side them to keep me interested and give a bit of variety. Oh and the industrial sector terrain.

08-07-2008, 12:09
I blitzed two Sentinels this weekend. They were such easy paints I have no idea why I've not done them before. I'll probably end up getting some more Sentinels for the army, but I also have plans to use them over with the Drop Troops alongside their drop sentinels.


Obviously these need basing, but I've been building up terrain boards so once those are done I'll have some spare bits to spruce up these bases.

09-07-2008, 19:16
Well because you demanded it another update. Prepping the Krieg Command HQ and the second Rough Rider at the moment so they should get blitzed this weekend. It's only these damned tanks that are slowing this army. Probably a flaw doing a full mechanised army then.

Joining the awaiting basing piling is Borka Kegslayer. I need to prep the next load of Trolls before I can work on them.


Must try him out, but I'm still having fun using Grim Angus.

For the Gatekeepers I'm quite happy with their first Dreadnought.

Obviously he still needs freehand, chipping and more scripture doing on him, but really happy with the sarcophargous.

09-07-2008, 19:17
As part of my getting force organisation done I'm finishing the second tactical squad for the Gatekeepers. Since the pictures got taken these are actually done and just waiting, you guessed it, basing.


So the new army is already legal. With these done I've started on a Company Champion (mainly because he was primed already) and then assault marines and the 4th tac squad for the Blood Ravens. Hopefully get the BR Devs done this weekend, and my plan is to get terrain boards sanded and primed depending on the weather.

C&C are welcome if only to stop me post whoring.

14-07-2008, 12:53
Well as part of the get the armies to be legal I spent today converting and sorting out all the tanks I have for my Mech Guard as well as figuring out how many Chimera I'm short. Which seems to be 2 or 3 before I start getting a heavy weapons platoon. However with the exception of maybe the Chimera I want to convert for the Ogryn I'm going to put off buying anything new for the Guard until the new codex is out.

I've spent the weekend putting most of the gubbins on the 8 chimeras, 5 Leman Russes and also converting two old Bradley kits to function as 2 more Chimera. Oh and converting an old G I Joe tank to function as a mobile Anti Aircraft vehicle.

It's based on an old G I Joe tank called the Equalizer from 1989.


The tank's been sat in the garage not doing much, but now I've started working on it I'm looking at other old G I Joe toys to convert over. I have to see if my brother will let me nab his battery operated tank, because having your baneblade variant roll across the table towards the opposition under its own steam I think would look very cool. But we'll get to that if I manage to nab it.

So far it's been mostly figuring out what needs rebuilding. The sideskirts are being replaced with plasticard to let them be lower. The old sideskirts have been cut up and I'll probably use them on Rhinos.


I'm either going to just build over this and put a hatch up here or maybe look at putting an observation platform on here.


These front two hatches... well I keep veering between just sealing them and building from there or removing the hatches and building over them. I am trying to figure if there is anywhere to put sponsons or a secondary weapon. The problem is that I think they will end up being too high up to be useful and building off the sideskirts would look odd.

More to come on that as I figure out what I'm doing with it.

14-07-2008, 12:56
The Bradley conversions have been around for about 6 years or so ever since I got the Steel Legion and used to look like this.


Some shots of the Bradleys. One's not finished yet as I need to either find another old Rhino headlight or sort out two new headlights for the front of it.

New and old versions of the conversion


The old conversions had lascannon barrels - from the old over the shoulder heavy weapons- and hunter killers - I think largely because my dad liked the look and they were replacing the Bradley kit's own version.


14-07-2008, 12:57
The new version has the barrel converted from an ork weapon.


The headlights on this one are converted in part from searchlights.

Got the first one all sprayed up and starting work on painting it up.



This will probably end up being used for the DKOK Grenadiers. It might get used for my Command HQ as I'm short a Chimera at the moment, but I doubt I'll keep using it for them. Makes more sense for the Command HQ to have a spruced up normal Chimera.

And here's how they look alongside some of the other stuff I was working on at the weekend.


More to come later and C&C welcome.

15-07-2008, 12:58
Showing off some of the rest of the stuff that's now in the production line (but still no guarantee I'm actually going to get these done).

All my Russes have now been fitted with some form of filters or other. After the first load of trench rails I've decided against doing any more with them

The Basilisk stripped down so no gunshield. The crew as with all the army are wearing gasmasks and I'll be looking at adding little details to the crew area.

And finally I have the 3 basic Chimeras primed for the second platoon.

All of the Chimeras have had extra armour and details added.


Yeah those photos didn't come out great so I'll try and get better pics of the details at the weekend.

Think all I have left of photos this week are the very special miniatures that I'm going to be painting to amuse myself. All I can say so far of the figures is that they are a partnership.

Pictures to come later, but a cookie if anyone guesses who they are ahead of me showing them. They are pretty damned old and GW figures.

17-07-2008, 22:42
Nope no guesses so no cookies for anyone.


Had Johnny and Wulf for years and I used to use them as Bounty Hunters for Necromunda, but I figured they would be different to paint whilst I'm doing mostly guard.

Pictures definitely coming at the weekend. The basic paint jobs on the Leman Russ and the Basilisk are done so it's details and weathering to do now. Lots quicker to paint together than individually. Going to work on getting the three Chimeras done and figure what colour scheme to do on the Bradleys. I've also primed Yarrick alongside the DKOK HQ so those will get slowly worked on, though I am trying to figure suitable bases for Yarrick and the Senior Officer.

Oh and the one update I forgot to put up was the 5th Company Champion for the Gatekeepers. Obviously still WIP as I want to bedeck him in heraldry, but he's joined the Librarians to get finished.


20-07-2008, 21:19
This weekend managed a mass of basing done and the converted first Bradley joined the Bassie and the Leman Russes in brown. I've been working on the troops, but particularly the last of the Stormtroopers and the crew for the Bassie. I've yet to find a decent version someone's done of the Krieg Senior Officer as I'm looking for inspiration for him. I'm doing Yarrick at the same time as I want them to compliment each other. Then on sunday I got sick so that derailed loads.


Bradley in progress. I've failed to find another of the same frontlights so I need to convert some new ones for the other Bradley. I have also come to the clear conclusion that the brown scheme is a lot faster to paint than my Chimera scheme. Those 8 Chimeras may in fact drive me mad.

Still looking for shells to go on the back and painting the crew.

More tanks later in the week and loads of guard as well.

23-07-2008, 10:01
To go along with the ground crew I've based up a servitor.

Nearly finished the Grenadiers unit.

And continuing to work on the second rough rider. I may end up blitzing the other 3 in this unit to get them all done.

Command Squads are being done and pictures of them and the two Russes will get shown later. The Command Squads have progressed a lot since I took the photos as I'm working on them and Yarrick at the same time.

25-07-2008, 10:18
I'm trying to avoid using this scheme on the Chimeras to give some variety to the army, and if I can sort it then this weekend should see me doing markings and transfers which will get them ready for finishing.

The Demolisher now done up in the same style as the rest of the army.

And one of the new Russes to accompany it.

25-07-2008, 10:21
The Command HQ's being slowly working on. It looks like the Scarlet and Black will carry through and Yarrick's being done to fit this squad.

And a quick shot of the Platoon HQ
These guys are being worked on slowly and I'm doing the Steel Legion officer along with them to see how well the two blend together. I'll probably swap out the Krieg officer to a Steel legion HQ to give some variety as they do seem to work well.

C&C welcome.

03-08-2008, 20:29
Ok photos done. Due to the light and flash they seem a little washed out, but there's about 50 odd photos taken so I'll live with them for now.

The army managed to get named this week so they are now the Sabien 16th. Because of that I've started building some fluff and background for them. Need to figure out where the tanks and artillery are from now.

First up is the Company HQ with Yarrick. Yarrick is the only person in the army with a face. Everyone else is gasmasked.


He's painted to go alongside the Company Commander

For the Sabien heraldry I've ended up including chequered pattern as well as black, red and yellow (hmm those colours were an accident rather than a reference to any specific flag).


03-08-2008, 20:30
Because I had a Company HQ and a Platoon one I wanted to redistribute the special weapons so the plasma gunner moved.

And because of the scenic elements I tried a little lightsourcing again.

The Radio operator who so needed to be carrying a weapon.

And the final member of the squad who very much feels like the fifth wheel. No funky stuff for him.

03-08-2008, 20:31
A shot of the armour for the army in progress and shots of these will show up during the week.

And for Digits a glimpse of some of the graffiti to come.

Lots of vehicles, the Platoon HQ and first squad to come as well as even some marines.

C&C welcome.

04-08-2008, 12:25
And so it's
to another update. Going to be mostly vehicles this time.

The Demolisher
Bit weathered up and probably needs some more. With all these vehicles I'm thinking of more markings on them to just give a few more focal points.

The idea behind the tank numbering is to cluster the Company and Platoon numbers together and have the tank number separate.

You can see that again here. The transfers probably need some dulling down, but the flash really brings out the transfer which isn't as obvious in the flesh.

04-08-2008, 12:26
Revised markings on the Sentinel. I really like these, so at some point I'll pick up another couple.

The Basilisk will get a shot done when the third crew member is done. Just finishing painting him at the moment, then he'll be attached to lounge around on the back properly.

I spent the last week getting three Chimeras done and refreshing the three that were already done.


04-08-2008, 12:26

Bit more on the graffiti to come and the troops/rough riders being done. Next update will probably be Marines though to give a bit of variety.

06-08-2008, 13:16
At the same time as doing these I've also been working on my Gatekeepers Marines.


I have a FW Dread left to do at the moment, but the Black Reach one will end up in this army.

06-08-2008, 13:17
And for some reason I keep painting Librarians.

The Gatekeepers Chief Librarian (who needs a name)

And his base finished.

And the Librarian of the First Company

06-08-2008, 13:18
The pictures on those two models aren't great. Ah well.

Putting together a third squad for the Gatekeepers and also working on two Captains.

Firstly the Captain of the 5th Company "The Castellans"

And of the 3rd Company (Maybe called the Watchmen)

Next update will be troopers of the Sabien 16th. Including the FW Platoon Command Squad and the

This is what my painting station currently looks like.

C&C welcome.

08-08-2008, 11:45
Oh, you seem so productive compared to my own pace of building a unit per month and only ever painting the week before a tournament...

I really like your gate keepers, a fairly original and very well executed paint scheme. Keep up the good work!

Of course the DKoK look nice too :-)

08-08-2008, 12:43
Thanks very much Ironjens. Glad to see someone else comment and thanks for the nice comments.

Ok finally got some shots of the Basilisk with crew in place. The crew are done, but the Bassie still needs work.


Wip on the Razorback for the Gatekeepers. Not happy still with how flat the green looks.


08-08-2008, 12:43
And wip shots (though almost done) of the 2nd Platoon HQ.


Had to do a fair bit of green stuffing on his arms to get them to line up with the gun so he still needs a lot more work.

C&C welcome. No updates until next week as I'm away until Sunday.

24-08-2008, 21:51
The 16th Sabian Mechanised Guard with Armoured Support.



24-08-2008, 21:52

Three platoons, Sentinels, Rough Riders and Ogryn support.
I'm short one Chimera for a spare squad which will probably go in the third platoon. I think I'll be using the new Bradley for the Company HQ and spruce it up a bit. The Ogryns need a transport too.

I'm planning for this to become a command centre. I need plasticard to work on building up the module.

I'm also looking for ideas of what to do with this
I'm tempted to get rid of the turret and just use the running gear, but no idea what to do with it yet. Any ideas?

24-08-2008, 21:53
And to give an idea of the scale of the Anti aircraft 'Baneblade'

You should be able to see the 2 Russ and the Vanquisher I've been working on and I've also almost finished the second squad for the second platoon.

And a shot of the Gatekeepers army that's either finished or in WIP at the moment.

I'll probably take some more shots of the new Rough Rider when I finish him tomorrow, and also been working on the two Gatekeeper Captains and Johnny Alpha and Wulf.

25-08-2008, 20:24
Photos of the stuff recently painted will be coming later in the week.

Finished this weekend
1 Rough Rider
1 Steel Legion Squad
2 Ogryns
4 Blood Ravens Devastators
Almost finished a Gatekeepers Razorback.

Another Rough Rider
Finishing 4 more Blood Ravens
1 Gatekeeper Terminator
5 Gatekeeper marines

And a partridge in a pear tree.

The ogryns got started last night and today they are finished. They were really easy to paint so just need their transport and two more to finish the squad as I already have the Bone 'Ead done. I'm going to work on finishing all the tanks so far which will leave me 1 full platoon, 1 Rough Rider, 3 Sentinels I got off ebay and the Command Chimera/Bradley to finish the army so far.

Been trying to figure the Colour scheme for Wulf Sternhammer. Hadn't realised his hair colour had changed colour in recent 2000ad stories. Johnny is pretty much done, though I'm highlighting up his green a little more.

With the Mech Guard almost done I'm trying to figure what to do next. The two marine armies will get done alongside whatever else I'm doing, but it's down to Tau or Eldar.

The Eldar scheme (for those who can't be bothered to go back to the start of this log) was based on Altansar and looked like this:


Now having painted the Blood Ravens I'm unsure whether I should keep going with the scheme as it's another black, red and bone scheme. Thoughts?

I've had two Tau schemes and I don't think either really work and both end up looking flat to my eyes now. So I need to pick a new scheme for them.

As per usual with me these are 4000+ point armies so I'd probably be doing a 2000 point chunk as a minimum.

Be happy to have any comments or suggestions.

08-09-2008, 01:01
Well I've been comvinced by posters on other boards to stick with the Altansar scheme so I've started sprucing them up and getting new stuff ready to paint. I'm still continuing working on finishing the Mechanised Guard by the end of the month. 1 platoon, 2 Rough Riders and another Chimera/Bradley to build and convert. Not sure I will get it done, but I'll probably get most of it done.

Two Ogryns are done.
The unit still needs a converted Chimera to roll around in and I may buy 2 more Ogryn before the prices go up.

The third Rough Rider is done with the 4th underway

And I got three new Steel Legion sentinels which need repainting so two are in progress whilst the third gets fixed due to rubbish packing.

08-09-2008, 01:05
Johnny Alpha is well underway and I can't find a definitive colourscheme for Wulf so I'll be making a decision on him soon.

Onto the Gatekeepers and I've finished the first Razorback and started on the first Vindicator for them.

08-09-2008, 01:09
Ahead of the new Codex I've started converting up Sternguard units to use. For the Gatekeepers I'm doing one to go with the 4th and one to go with the 5th Companies. These can be expanded when I get to see the loadouts they can have.

For the 5th Company. They will get the Limited edition sergeant if the UK website ever relaunchs (though frankly I hope we just get the Limited edition and not the hideous site design).


08-09-2008, 01:10
For the 4th Company it's modified Dark Angel vets.


C&C welcome and I'll probably update with some better pictures of the Eldar soon.

11-09-2008, 00:21
Onto the Eldar. Been sprucing these up as it's a year plus since I painted them and I've gotten better and do a lot more highlighting now. I also wanted to ramp up the red to make them look different to the Blood Ravens.

First attempt at doing the Altansar Craftworld symbol. Scared to death of doing it on the Jetbike front.

I need to highlight the black a bit on him as he's larger than the Guardians and it shows more. Then I'll finish off the unit for him. I have a Bonesinger to go along with them as their warlock.


11-09-2008, 00:22
Mostly just highlighted the robes on the Warlocks and also redoing their weapons with proper wraithbone mix I got out of white dwarf. Added a few symbols to them as well.

The Farseer - well the first one anyway.
Since the pic I've also done some work on highlighting his helmet (ooo er) and giving reflection to his eyes.

And the normal Guardians

Again just normal highlights and getting the scheme down. One of the first things to do is to expand this unit to be legal and do a weapon platform to go with them. As per usual my plan is to get a HQ and 2 troops all sorted fairly quickly. So Guardians and a Bike Squad.

11-09-2008, 00:22
I'm also still working on getting the Aspect warrior schemes to work. So given the Scorpion some yellow accents on his boots as green won't really go with this scheme. Still very wip.

Bit more to show with the next update and I'm having issues painting camo netting on the tanks as I'm adding it after I've done most of the work on them and it's bright green to start with :)

Marshal Caligula
11-09-2008, 00:45
Very nice stuff you have here. I really like your marine paint scheme, its very different but it looks good IMO. The Krieg look excellent as well. Is that an old scorpion model? I haven't seen it.

11-09-2008, 13:01
Yeah one of the original Scorpion models. I may get some of the newer models eventually, but I quite like the originals and I'm avoiding their replacements as they never did anything for me. I've mostly got Banshees as Aspect warriors as I originally was doing an Ulthwe Strike Force. Thanks for the comments.

End of the current update then. Which is a Gatekeepers bonaza. Didn't realise I had so many pics of them to show.

Vindicator for the Gatekeepers

I think I've learned a fair bit from the Razorback I've just finished and I'm quite happy with the base to build from. Having a few issues doing hazard stripes on the front shield. Glad I'm only doing it on one of the 3.

The Razorback is pretty much done. Meaning I'll put it out of the way so I don't go and do anything more on it now.

11-09-2008, 13:02
Working on the next Tac squad
Quite happy with the minimal conversion on the sergeant. I hated his old sword.

Still working on the Terminator Captains. One old school and one new school.
Doing a Red Corsairs shoulderpad for the base. Really like their colourscheme and trying to avoid starting a chaos army.

I took out his head and trying to figure what to replace it with. Not entirely sure where all the bits I replaced on him have ended up.

Should get some more done the next few days and get another big update early next week.

04-10-2008, 15:00
Update here took longer than expected, but some finished or almost finished models to show off.

First up the Vindicator is pretty much done.

The hazard stripes proved a pain due to my inability to paint a properly straight line, but they'll do and for the next two I'll end up doing something else.

I've been rejigging my marine armies again with the new codex out and so I've shifted terminators over to the Gatekeepers from the Blood Ravens. That still leaves me with 7 squads of 5 for the Blood Ravens, but means I can do a Deathwing for the Gatekeepers. I'll have 9 squads variously armed with a HQ squad as well.

Finished the Captain who I'll be using as Belial

04-10-2008, 15:04

To go along with him the first Terminators are also done. These were done to basically get the scheme sorted. Not everyone in the army will have the hooded heads and I'm just sorting out a Sergeant for the squad.


I've gone with a grey scheme for the terminator badges to make them a little different and also to make me paint something other than bone.

Alongside those gentlemen I've finished two Captains.

04-10-2008, 15:08

I've realised if I was using Codex Dark Angels for the regular Gatekeepers then I wouldn't be able to make the first Captain, so one more reason to switch them to the new Codex.

The first Captain isn't named, but the running one is for my 5th Company and that is Captain Jareck Nicht. Big cookie if anyone gets the reference.

To go with the 5th Company I'm working on finishing the Command Squad and finally painted a white figure I'm happy with.
Figuring out the armament for the rest of the squad, but using this guy
as the Standard bearer.

04-10-2008, 15:17
Next up for the Gatekeepers are finishing the tactical squad I've started, a Rhino for them, a Chaplain and the other three Terminators for the first squad. I've also been working on an old school Predator that's been waiting to be painted since about 1988.

As for the Eldar I've started getting them into units.

First up finishing off some of the models in progress.
Wraithguard. I have 4 more to do and what looks like a converted Bonesinger to go with them as I hate the head on the Bonesinger.

The Scorpion is almost done
Like how the red works on him. Probably won't do it for all the army, but as a nice vibrant red for the scorpions and banshees it'll work whilst still tying them into the army scheme.

The first finished troops. I've seen found another 5 scouts so I now have 2 units of 6.

The Guardians are being worked on, but I needed to sort out a weapons platform so this one is wip.

04-10-2008, 15:18
Happy with how the blending is going.

And finally for this time the jetbike is done.

C&C very welcome and I should have an update a lot sooner than it took to do this one.

10-10-2008, 17:37
Still refining the Altansar, but finished a unit of Dark Reapers for them.

Given Maugan Ra's connection to Altansar I'm planning on picking up some more at some point. It also works well that the Dark Reaper scheme is quite close to that of Altansar and also using a bit more purple wash on the normal scheme to tie it all together.

After looking into the fluff some more on Altansar I've also looked to make the skin when seen to be a lot more pallid. Currently working on another unit of Rangers that show what I'm trying to do.

10-10-2008, 17:42
As for the Gatekeepers I've finished a few more figures.


I'm also working on an old school Predator for next month
It's only been waiting 20 years to be painted.

10-10-2008, 17:51
Because of the new marine codex I've been rejigging my two main marine armies, and in particular the terminators. The Blood Ravens are just going to have the 25 terminators (yeah cutbacks) and all their fast attack etc as part of the main force. This means I can do my Ravenwing and Deathwing armies with the Gatekeepers whilst using the main codex for the normal companies of the Gatekeepers.

This means I now have 9 normal squads of terminators for the Deathwing and then a command squad to convert up.

becomes the Belial for the army.

I have a normal Sammael to paint once I get in enough bikes to start a proper sized force for the Ravenwing. Looking at 15 bikes (of which I own 6 so far), but it's mainly landspeeders I need to start getting again. I have one so far, but I'll need a few for the support squadrons.

For the time being I'm working on the main Gatekeepers, the Deathwing and the Altansar.

Sorting out a full 5 man squad of Wraithguard at the moment with this gentleman to accompany them.

C&C welcome.

20-10-2008, 14:50
Ok then finished a Chaplain for my Gatekeepers.

Finally got the new codex and been working on figuring out how my Blood Ravens (now minus all their traits) and the Gatekeepers will work. The Blood Ravens have gone up in points to 6466 from 5826 even with the loss of infilitrate etc. Best idea I can think of for them so far is to use Shrike and give the army Fleet to compensate for their lack of tanks as an all infantry army.

As for the Eldar I've been working on fluff for them and finishing the scouts I'm on with. To break up their jackets I've added a design to them.

And the Wraithguard and Boneseer are now being started.

C&C would be most welcome.

25-10-2008, 19:51
The first Terminator Assault Squad

The Rhino with Tank rider

Tactical Squad 3. One of the older ones still needs its base doing.
And the second unit of Scouts for the Altansar.

Been working on the second Vindicator. Probably get some more done tonight, but tomorrow I'm off demoing all day at Fiasco at the Royal Armouries. Then Manchester next week for Game then Thought Bubble at the Armouries again, followed by Dublin Comic Con. So I might get one weekend painting next month if I'm lucky.

02-01-2009, 19:13
Very far behind updating here.

First up the Eldar.

A shot of the army so far.

Been finishing units left right and centre.
First 3 jetbikes. Looking to expand to have 2 units of 6. I have one shrieker so need to figure converting some as I don't want to buy the kit for something that should be easily available.

I built my old RT Wraithlord, but then became concerned at his lack of armament, so I converted a Scatter laser for him to use.

02-01-2009, 19:15
Painted up and fitted to the Wraithlord it looks like this

Gives me a fairly functioning Anti infantry Wraithlord. Means I can build the other one which is a new one to be an Anti Tank Wraithlord.

The next unit is the start of the Dire Avengers. Painted to fit the Altansar colour scheme as blue wouldn't really go.

02-01-2009, 19:18

They fit quite nicely alongside my new Autarch. After doing some reading I realised his load out caused problems so I magnetised him for a bit more flexibility.


02-01-2009, 19:19
I still need to figure out what to do with the purple banner.

02-01-2009, 19:22
I had an old RT Farseer as you can see further up the page, but I really like the new ones.

Freehand of the Farseer symbol on the back of the cloak.

Another Warlock who will be going with the Storm Guardians.

02-01-2009, 19:26
For the Wraithguard I converted a boneseer.
I hated the original helmet so obviously that went and the banner gives it a nice oriental feel.

And his squad
I'd like to fill these out to 10, but that'll take time. Though I wish I'd bought the Spirit Warriors to do a Wraithguard squad with when the bits service was still in place.

02-01-2009, 19:29
When I bought bits of the army I ended up with a converted Waveserpent.

Not the greatest load out, but I'll get a proper one at some point.

Striking Scorpions - 5 so far, but I'd like to get a few more and an old Exarch to go with them. Again blending into the army scheme.

And because this is Altansar who else but Maugan Ra to go to war with them.

02-01-2009, 19:34
I'm not sure the photos really show off how the bone's painted, but really happy with him.

And a squad of Dark Reapers to go with them.

Now I've been doing them a bit I've started feeling a bit more comfortable converting up troops.
Some Storm Guardians. I had 6, but needed 10 for a minimum unit. Ended up with 11 as one is already painted and I got a bit carried away.

02-01-2009, 19:37
Two fusion guns converted to use in the squad.

and an old jetbike with new rider.

I'll wait to do the Gatekeepers update and see if anyone comments. Comments very very welcome.

07-01-2009, 17:00
Well that was a resounding flop. Not even a single comment.

See if there's any signs of life after a Gatekeepers update.

The Gatekeepers work is currently split between 2 armies - a normal codex force and a Deathwing style 1st Company.


Both armies are a mix of new and old models and conversions between the two.

One of the best examples of the mix is my new Sternguard squad.

07-01-2009, 17:07
This squad is attached to the 5th Company. Because of the new Codex I scrapped one of my Marine armies and moved what was in it into the Blood Ravens and Gatekeepers. That means almost 2 full Companies of normal Marines for both before taking into account the Terminators, bikers and Scouts. For the Gatekeepers with the setup in their fluff I have that means both the 4th and 5th Companies are Crusading forces that have been on campaign for some time. In imagery terms the 5th Company use swords and crosses in their icons whilst the 4th are robed.

A Captain attached to the 1st Company. I use the original Terminator Captain as my Belial.

07-01-2009, 17:10
Rhino for the 5th Company

I still have a few old Tank Riders so painted one up to go with this venerable machine

Predator attached to the 5th

07-01-2009, 17:11
Not all the armour in the Gatekeepers is 20 years old though.

07-01-2009, 17:13
5th Company Champion

7th Company Captain

5th Company Chaplain

07-01-2009, 17:15
Squads for the 1st Company.

07-01-2009, 17:20

As well as the start of the Command Squad

Currently working on a new LandRaider, magnetising a Crusader/Redeemer and building a non Jumppack Vanguard squad.

07-01-2009, 17:22
On the painting table are another two squads of terminators and a Devastator squad along with all the Eldar stuff.

Comments would be very very warmly welcomed to save this just being me multiposting.

07-01-2009, 18:02
You asked, you got. Just discovered this log, so please, keep updating as I'm now subscribed. Love the mix of old and new figures, especially the older tanks. The Gatekeepers look really impressive, especially in the army shot. Particularly impressive is the sheer amount of painting you do! Also good is the conversions you've done. Keep up the good work! Are the pirates and trollbloods still WIP or you put them aside to concentrate on the marines and Eldar? Also, what's happening with the Imp. guard?

Oh, and kudos on finding a woman who paints with you! My girlf thinks it's a total waste of time and money!

07-01-2009, 18:23
Cheers Finbob.

The Pirates are now mostly done. I have some new Black Scorpion pirates I bought to give me extra Sea Dog units after painting two full units of the Privateer Press figures, a cannon and a couple of solos still to do, but mostly done at the moment. The Trollbloods have a new figure in progress, but he's being done slowly.

The last Warmachine figures I actually did were some repaints on my Cygnar

The Mech Guard are mostly done. I've got a Sentinel, 2 Rough Riders, couple of Ogryn and a 3rd platoon to do, but the majority of the army is done until I go back to them. I'll probably go back and spruce them up later in the year, but once the new Codex comes out I think I'll start working on my Drop Troops again unless the greatcoat plastics show up which doesn't look likely at the moment.

But cheers for commenting and I'll try and update more regularly rather than doing big drops of pictures over here.

08-01-2009, 17:04
I think your gatekeepers look smashing with a simple yet effective colorscheme and I also like the mix between old and new, because I do it too (check my sig :) ). However there's one thing I don't really like, there's something wrong to my eyes about the red hooded terminators. Not so much the apothecary but the green ones. Are their heads perchance woodelf in origin? There seems to be something skewered about their scale. Or maybe I'm just seeing things...

Anyway keep up the good work painting your humongous amounts of models ;)

08-01-2009, 17:40
Ironjens - yeah the red hood ones do have wood elf heads. I got them like that and just kept them largely because I want to use the Dark Angel heads elsewhere. They'll be the only squad that will look like that and where from when I was going to go a different way with the Terminators.

12-01-2009, 07:35
Thats a scary amount of terminators. More so, yay for the wraith guard, one of my most favorite units!

12-01-2009, 08:48
Cheers T_55. The Deathwing will have 10 Terminator squads in it when it's done. Just finishing one squad now and I'm hoping to have an update with photos tomorrow.

14-01-2009, 09:47
Started work on my Gatekeepers fluff which I'll keep doing whilst I try and sort what next to do on the Eldar stuff.

The shadow drifted over the moon orbiting Maneus IV. As the battlebarge Axirius made its way towards the outer limits of the system the captains of this campaign group of the Gatekeepers Chapter were assembling to set out their battle plan.

Captain Jareck Nicht strode down the hall into the command centre. Opposite the door stood the cracked Mark II armour of Xavier Genia, the former captain of the 5th Company who had defended against the Xenos invasion of Harebi VI. Xavier now rested in his sarcophagus far below this room, but his armour sat here as a reminder that one marine could stand against the horde. Alongside were displayed other crusade icons and trophies, some more recent than others. They had just come from putting down a Chaos incursion on some backwater world and had been intending to head back to the homeworld for replenishment after many years crusading. A call from the Adeptus Mechanicus on Ammoriss had changed that. Rendezvousing with members of the 1st Company the 5th Company was preparing to go to war again.

Inside the room sat Captain Hawke of the 1st Company who rose as Nicht entered. Also present was Librarian Tamas who had fought beside Jareck upon the Space Hulk Endurance, alongside other members of the Librarius and Armoury. For the moment these were the most senior members of the Gatekeepers involved in this Crusade.

“Brothers,” Nicht started as he made his way around to stand in front of the main screen of the command centre, “Our return home has been delayed. We have received a call requesting our assistance in the south regions of a planet designated Ammoriss. There is evidence of increased traitor activity and we will be first of all going into secure a location called The Ridgeback Range.”

The images began to display the are known as the Riderback Massif. “The Adeptus Mechanicus have been in position for a little while and PDF forces were assisting them. However there have been losses. We have been requested to join the Mechanicus and protect them whilst their excavations are taking place. I suspect the Mechanicus have found something and wish for secrecy from prying eyes as they work.”

Hawke moved around to the display. “Have they said what forces are in opposition?”

“Sketchy reports so far. There is an increasing Guard presence so we may be able to use them to flush out any pockets. I intend that we secure this region and then look to assist others in the area. I believe the Storm Dragons have already been into action,” Nicht answered.

“Then we will move into position. The Deacons will be happy to venture forth whilst the Castellans hold ground.” Hawke smiled at his counterpart.

There was a rivalry between various of the companies of Gatekeepers, largely bought about by constant campaigning. It was part of the Gatekeeper tradition to be proud of their companies and many of the 1st Company known as The Deacons still displayed icons and markings relating back to their old Companies. “We shall see.”

Named a few of the Companies and I'll do some work on their company symbols
Companies of the Gatekeepers
1 The Deacons 4
2 The Wardens 5 The Castellans
3 The Watchmen 6

Each of the companies has a different focus so working on the fluff for that which will also inspire me modelling wise.

Need to base them but the next squad of terminators is done.


Trying some different techniques on highlighting the yellow, but not sure they show up.

Still working on the Land Raider

14-01-2009, 09:48

Needs more highlights on the green and working on what I'm doing on the yellow in terms of getting it smooth whilst also messing it up with mud etc. Then I can look at sprucing it up with markings, icons etc.

15-01-2009, 14:14
Bit more work on the Devastators.
Why do Devastators seem to take so long to paint?

Finished pic of the Vyper which I don't seem to have taken a finished pic of before.

Set up so I can swap its armament as shown by the Scatter Laser and Shuriken Cannon. Quite happy with it and starting the second one now.

15-01-2009, 14:14
Slowly getting through some Warmachine

The Black 13th Gun Mages
Light on the photos not that good. May try and get some better shots at the weekend.

Just need to do the bases, but I'm back doing some work on the new Khadorian caster.

Hopefully get some more work done on Thursday and got Saturday at the moment for a full day painting.

15-01-2009, 14:34
I dont feel so bad about my WS log not getting replys if you only got 2-3 in the last 40.

Hey Keravin.. Just waiting to see what you have planned for the month end....
Dont know that I like the LR exhausts but other than that it looks to be turning into a very well painted tank...

17-01-2009, 21:57
Dean - the LR exhausts are far from done. That's basecoat. They've been gone over with some tin bitz for starters.

For the Gatekeepers the Terminators are getting based so they should be done soon and the next unit of Terminators is having its bases done too.

Almost finished the first load of highlighting on the Land Raider.

Now to start on scripture and weathering.

Been working on mass basing which will finish off various bits.

Whilst doing those I've managed to finish off a few more things.

Saxon Orrick for my Magnus merc army.

Lots of work trying out the washes and really working on naturalising the colours. Means that I feel more confident to doing my Idrian skirmishers for the same army. Doing more work on the cavalry officer, which I think will also see a lot of wash work.

18-01-2009, 18:16
Over for the Eldar I've started the next Vyper and 3 jetbikes. The jetbikes I'll do for the tutorial that I've been asked about. Vyper as I said is getting a slightly different scheme to give a bit of variety.

The Warlock is still going. Almost done.

Finally finished the last Guardians for the first unit.

And a full unit shot
I have at least 2 more Defender units to do and the Storm Guardians. I have way too many Guardians and I don't think I'll do the lot.

20-01-2009, 22:23
First Land Raider done. I'm frankly gobsmacked even though it's not been waiting to be done as long as that RT Predator.

Might get some more heraldry on it but it's been very inspired by Titan's brilliant Black Templars one. Next up will be the magnetised Redeemer.

21-01-2009, 14:07
More with another squad done as well.
The Sergeant is ex of the 5th Company as shown by his markings.

21-01-2009, 14:09

Trying to do a bit more with the bases. The next unit of Terminators maybe joining them next week though I may blitz some Storm Guardians or jetbikes.

23-01-2009, 09:25
Still working on the Land Raider trying to increase the detail on it. I'll look at starting the other one at the weekend.


Trying to use techniques out of the FW Masterclass book so first time using a sponge to do the weathering.

23-01-2009, 09:28
I've also been trying to do a few more details to bases as well.
Easy one, but I like how it works. Probably do a similar base for the new Wraithguard.

And just little detail whilst trying to finish these damned Devastators.

Got some new Eldar in a trade.
Picture for Digits for painting over on AB.
And started on them
Using one of the schemes from White Dwarf which fits the Altansar quite well. Looking at expanding this batch shortly.

24-01-2009, 18:15
Well the 3 I have are all done. I'll need to pick up some more to finish and start using the unit.

Might go back and do something with the crotch area of the Exarch - ooer - as it seems a bit ill defined with the webs.

Working on finishing the Dire Avengers first unit.

and started on the Wraithlord too

Plus working on the other Vyper and the jetbikes. See what ends up getting done tomorrow, but I'd like to finish off some other stuff.

01-02-2009, 15:52
Ok updates. A non GW update later in the week. C&C very welcome.

Just got myself a Waveserpent off ebay. I'm looking around to see if I can get one of those combo packs with the Waveserpent and troops.


Everything else is wip.

The new Vyper with the alternate scheme.
I have 4 Vypers so I reckon eventually I'll do them all, but with slight variations on the front scheme. Can't see me doing the other 2 for a bit though.

Next set of Dire Avengers. These need details and touching up doing mostly. Got 4 to build and an Exarch to convert as I'm short a pair of legs for them.

And Wraithguard #6. After their performance in their first battle I do want the full unit of 10 even though they are very expensive. Just need to keep them out of close combat. He's pretty close to being done and they are fairly easy to paint.

01-02-2009, 15:52
But 3 more bikes on their way which will give me either another troop choice or a 6 bike squad. Got another 2 ready to be started.

04-02-2009, 10:02

My plans this weekend to work on the Redeemer have gone nowhere so at the moment I'm just working on finishing the Devastator Squad and the new unit of Terminators (who seem determined to keep coming away from their bases).

I'm still working on various things for Hordes and Warmachine and doing small repaints as I go along as well.

He's getting there. Done a fair bit of work trying to get his face to work and I think he's sporting a beard I'd missed so redone that to start blonding it.

He's getting close to being done. I've done the blue as he'll be going into my Magnus army most of the time so I wanted to tie him in. Still not sure it works. His base is going to get a lot of work once he's restuck to it to help emphasise the movement of the piece.

04-02-2009, 10:03
As I said I'd been doing repaints and continuing to work through my Cygnar giving them a halved scheme and also just generally sprucing them up as they are a few years old.

This guy is almost done. Base and touching up where the green stuff was used to anchor his chain in.

He's a lovely dynamic piece, but has been a pain to keep together once stuck. Really looking forward to using him though.

04-02-2009, 10:05
And the Swamp Bellows guys. Almost complete. These pics seem to show off the skin a bit better.

And finally the Motherland

She's closer to being done, but god only knows what's on her face on the pic and her chest clothing is probably going to be repainted. Need to do work on her staff as well to give it an ethereal quality if I can.

04-02-2009, 10:06
And finally he is slowly starting to take shape and isn't any more difficult to paint now his body is put together.

Looking for something funky to paint next, but I'm very much in a clear things off my painting desk mood at the moment, so I'll probably finish Death Rider 4 for my Steel Legion who has been sat neglected for a bit.

C&C welcome.

05-02-2009, 10:04
I picked up an oddity that I wanted for a while. Hell I should have bought 10 off the bits store when I had the chance.


And a little bit later

This is going to be part of a 5 man Wraithguard unit when I get around to slowly (even more slowly than I'm buying Wraithguard) pick more up. The Spirit warriors really do seem to me to fit the fluff of Altansar quite well.

05-02-2009, 10:05
Foxman sorted me with a Scorpion Exarch

Who also after a few hours looks like this

Got to figure how I'm going to do his claw and slowly working on him.

Far further behind will be
who I'm just painting slowly whilst I do other things. And I wonder why my painting board gets so full.

05-02-2009, 10:05
For Grizz over at AB who was asking for a bit more rust on the Bouncer
A little more rust on the Bouncer. Also painted his gammon so it's finishing touches and base now.

Horse now done and skirting basically finished. Face to do and sword and blanket. Then base and hoping to have him done on Sunday.

C&C welcome.

08-02-2009, 16:29
Finished the first unit of Dire Avengers
I've got 4 more to do and another Exarch to convert.

The next Wraithguard is done.

And Thor Steinhammer is done. Need to have a look at where I'm at on my Searforge army and see what's next.

09-02-2009, 09:15
Another update. Might get some comments at some point.

Finished Zerkova. Really like her and now working on finishing the Koldun Lord and redoing the Greylords who are going to be more green than grey :)

The first alternate Wraithguard is done. I love these guys. If I can get enough to do 5 then I'll look at converting them a special bonesinger.

09-02-2009, 16:22
I love your painting style! I have realized that I can't emulate it but I think it's very stylish. I think it's the combination of apparently thick paint and not being so picky with details while at the same time maintaining a high level of blending. Myself I always get stuck in painting details which suck because I don't have a steady hand nor thin brushes and I have never blended any colours because I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get the same mix for when I'm about to paint next model in the army.

I think you maintain the same standard over all your work creating a unique and very nice Keravin look. Keep up the good work.

As a side note, how much free time do you have man? You seem to paint in one week what I do in one month, and I'm not a person to put hours and hours of work into one model. When do you have time to game?

Good luck with your painting!

10-02-2009, 20:47
Thanks IronJens. My free time varies. Sometimes I have weekends off to paint, but this week I was only able to really get 2 hours one evening and bit of sunday. Gaming happens infrequently and is mostly Monpocalypse and Warmachine/Hordes at the moment.

Not sure what to say about my technique. I tend to get the base coat laid down quite firmly so that blending,washes etc can be applied to that. That's why getting a scheme to work to is important for my armies. I thought I was pretty good on details - not when I'm laying down the colours, but I can't remember missing much nowadays. Certainly I've come a long way in terms of painting even in the last year which is why a lot gets repainted as I find myself less than pleased with it. Hopefully I'm at a stage now when all I'll be doing is going back and sprucing up figures. Blending I find is easier if you work with multiple paint lines so that you already have different shades available.

New update then
The Warlock for the next Guardian unit. I'm giving the Defender squads Warlocks with singing spears to increase anti tank potential.

The Scorpion Exarch is done too. Loved painting him compared to the normal Scorpions.

And working on Eldarad slowly. I'm hoping the next 3 bikes will be done soon.

10-02-2009, 20:49
Stannis is almost done. Bit more to do on his arms now he's stuck together and then it's his base.

And then finally. I've been converting him to be less Fisty and more in line with my Gatekeepers. Still more to do and if I felt more confident I'd remove his skirt as I'm not a fan of the greco-roman style, but he's getting there. Might encourage me to do my second unit of Sternguard and maybe expand the first unit to 10.

C&C very welcome.

14-02-2009, 17:13
Ok start(ish) of the weekend so beginning by clearing old stuff off my work tray so I can start on new stuff.

Still trying to figure out what scheme to do on the new Waveserpent which is also delaying doing the Falcon so I'm still looking for inspiration on them.

The bikers are almost done. When I've got time I'll get the tutorial up. It's easier than I imagined - lots of drybrushing and blending really.

The front section of the new Vyper is almost done so it'll be the base and the turret left to finish. Liking how the scheme is close but different enough to the other one.

The bases for the bikes and Vypers are coming together slowly. I want to do some bigger scenery stuff on the Grav tank bases and I'll get on with them once the tanks are done.

14-02-2009, 17:14
A newly converted Exarch for the second unit of Dire Avengers. I was missing legs so did a small conversion on Guardian ones to get them useable. Getting him painted up then that leaves me with 4 DAs to do for the time being.

Then finally Eldar wise I'm slowly working on Eldarad. Quite happy with how he's coming together at the moment.

So elsewhere I've started on Thorn, a unique warjack, for my Cygnar. He's got a bit more bling than usual because he's unique, but I'd like to play with him and I hate playing with unpainted figures.

Started on Kantor - need to get him named to fit in with my Chapter.

C&C welcome.

15-02-2009, 12:33
Khador wise it's more on the Greylords.
The Ternions just need a bit more sprucing and they are done. Their bases will get redone when we redo all the Khador who will be getting some snow on there.

They fit pretty well in with the Koldun and I'm glad I grabbed the Greylords to work alongside him. Looking forward to using them on the field together.

Then finally just finishing the other stuff on the table.
He's finally got his beard all done and just needs basing.
As do these guys.

More updates coming later as stuff is either finished or on its way. Comments very welcome.

20-02-2009, 23:17
Ok start of the weekend shots then.

The Gatekeepers terminators are pretty much done. Might spruce them up a bit more, but we'll see.

Still got the Devastators to finish, but need to figure what to do next for the army. Kantor continues.

Over to the Eldar
The Exarch is almost done. Some highlighting and detailing to do.


20-02-2009, 23:18
Really happy with how the Wave serpent is coming along. Looking at building the Falcon as this will be done sometime soon. Should get the Greylords done this weekend and so with the board some what clearing I'll be figuring what to work on next.

21-02-2009, 19:23
Ok update after painting for today.

Eldarad midday


So he's been built up slowly. I'm very concerned that he seems to benefit from less is more, but this is the state of play now.

Started on the Banshees as I was thinking what I might actually play at the Bash.

21-02-2009, 19:41
There's some very nice stuff in here!
Love the Warmachine stuff, and the Marines have a very striking and unique paint scheme. I like it :D

27-02-2009, 21:57
Thanks Outofcontext. The plan is to keep going on all of them. The Eldar may get put to the side post April, but got way too much WM stuff to not be working on that.

More done on the Waveserpent which is nearing completion.


The Falcon which will be the next to be painted is being built and looking at making the armament changeable on the turret. For the Waveserpent I'll be picking up one of the FW turrets to give that some more variety - because twin bright lances is excessive these days.

And the new Exarch for the Dire Avengers is done.
That leaves me with 4 Dire Avengers to do until I potentially buy a new Battleforce.

Continuing Kantor

27-02-2009, 21:58
And finished the Greylords for my Khador

Well it's finally the weekend so I actually get some time to paint. Plan is to finish the waveserpent, the Devastator squad and do the bases which will allow the Vyper and Bikes to be done as well.

28-02-2009, 21:44
So starting the weekend I've managed to finish a load of stuff for the Eldar.

Really like the second Waveserpent and yes much better than the scratchbuild.

The second jetbike squad (or maybe more for the first). Really wish the normal jetbike came with the shuriken cannon as an option. I object to paying the metal price to get one.

Second Vyper. Like the scheme, but I think I'm done painting Vypers for a while. Can't really see a point to using them.

28-02-2009, 21:45
And continuing on the Banshee Exarch
Going to use her to work on the scheme and I want to get the full squad done up shortly.

Still working on Thorn. Slow going.

And started on another WM figure to go with my Magnus army
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor. Should be fairly quick as I'm quite quick on painting red at the moment :)

More tomorrow. Looking at finishing the Gatekeeper stuff and starting some new stuff.

01-03-2009, 00:47
Yay waiting for the gate keepers!

Good looking eldar as always. What's with the green for the grey lords? Or does their name have nothing to do with the color on their clothes?

01-03-2009, 12:34
IronJens - well you should get a lot more Gatekeepers when I update later. Waiting on batteries to charge and almost finished the Dev Squad and starting a couple of other things for them.

The Grey Lords are a repaint. They were grey originally which fitted with my Winter Guard, but when I did the scheme for my new Warcaster I switched to the Green. The name comes from their group, the Greylord Covenant, so some of them do wear grey, but this lot are wearing colours to fit in with their commander.

04-03-2009, 12:25
Well the next update then.

A first blast from the past

Finished the Blood Ravens Devastator Squad. These two have been sat on my work space for ages, but finally done.

Not the only Dev Squad finished today. Yes I'm quite shocked they are done. That's 270 points for the Astartes for Ammoriss for March.

Started on the Assault Squad for the 5th Company. I still have another Dev, another Assault and 3 Tactical squads to do to finish the company along with a few bits for the Command Squad.

Continuing with Kantor who I'm contemplating calling Sandor or Ferenc in my Chapter.

And whilst I've been pulling together what I'll use a Vanguard squad I've kitbashed this sergeant. Really like the pose so he'll get worked on and I'll figure a squad for him to go in. Powerfist doesn't really fit the Vanguard squad I'm doing.

04-03-2009, 12:26
Another blast from the past getting worked on. Only one more left to do after him.

Eldar wise lots of stuff getting started. These are being worked on alongside the last 3 Scorpions and the 7 original Banshees.

Yet another Warlock. I have two more to do after him that are assigned to the next two Guardian squads.

Another biker. 5 more left after him. Then roll on the new versions.

And my Falcon. Looking to try and get this done this month to allow its use at the Bash. The scheme is based on one from the US GW catalogue a few years back.

Finally slow working on Orin

Got a few days off this week so hoping to get a fair bit done. Also getting ready to reorganise my games room and rejig how the armies are shelved.

06-03-2009, 10:23
Because I have a bit of time and because I was tidying up I've been working on the Command Squads I have to do for my Deathwing and for the 5th Company of the Gatekeepers.

Bit more dynamic than the one in the Dark Angels codex. I've decided to make the FW Captain into a member of the squad if I can which will leave 2 more to do for the squad after this one. So now I need to figure out what to paint on the banner.

For the 5th Company command squad I've converted up this techmarine. It fits the 5th Company's connection to the Ad Mech, adds in the hammer style that I've gone with in the Company and gives them some more power as they will mostly be used for Close combat purposes.

06-03-2009, 10:24
After playing a bit of 40k I'm putting together objectives for my armies.

So this will be one of the ones for the Eldar.

Load of updates the next few days. Might not get loads done today as I'm off to see Watchmen.

07-03-2009, 21:52
Well Watchmen was pretty good. Just not a huge fan of the story itself. Picked up a few dvds so sitting painting and modelling watching Wanted, Hellboy 2 and Monsters Inc.

Still working on Orin.

And then a mass of Gatekeeper work too. For the banner bearer I'm going with a black background on the banner and going to look around for inspiration on what to do there.

07-03-2009, 21:53
And the Falcon comes along nicely with alternate armament.

The Warlock continues. Not really happy with how his cloak is coming together.

The last 3 scorpions heading to get detail and yellow done on them.

07-03-2009, 21:53
The Banshee exarch is almost done. Now I've done her hair in orange to differentiate it from the rest.

Not sure at all what colour to do the rest of their hair. Might just leave it black. I'd really like suggestions please.

09-03-2009, 16:25
Well no one had any opinions or suggestions on Banshee hair colour so they are staying black for now.

The new Banshees finished.

And the full unit including the already finished one. Massive difference in the shots I know.

The 3 new Scorpions also finished. That finishes off all my old Aspect units though the Banshees is only 8 strong and the Scorpions 9 so I may at some point pick up the last few to have ten men/women in each.


09-03-2009, 16:26
The Falcon done. Due to superglue screw up the cockpits are a mess due to misting over. Don't have spare cockpits to change them so I'll have to live with it. Yay for GW and its bits service.

And then the first objective for the army. Nice and very simple.

Gatekeepers next then

The first half of the assault squad continues. The yellow really doesn't look good after messing to get the colours better on the photo, but it's a lot better in person.

Command Squad veteran

Command squad terminator. He'll get done and then it'll be ages until I'm happy with the banner.

The veteran sgt. I've decided that the blood drops on him and the jewels on Kantor both represent campaign badges from fighting alongside the Blood Angels. Might freehand some on others when I paint them.

09-03-2009, 16:26
And then Captain Ferenc
Still think his base needs a bit more doing to it and the highlights are a lot more obvious this closeup. Need to decide what Company to put him with. Can't go with 1, 2, 4 or 5th.

10-03-2009, 22:48
I love captain Ferenc, a simple but striking conversion. Oh, and leave the banshees hair black, I think it makes them look coherent with the scorpions and at the same time it is very obvious who's the exarch. Your opponent will thank you when playing :)

02-04-2009, 20:40
Cheers Ironjens. My opponent should know who the leader is anyway. They definitely do with the Scorpions :)

So I forgot to update here for a bit.

Eldarad might be almost done. Something seems missing. Any suggestions?

Orin is pretty much done except for his base.

02-04-2009, 20:41
Now that Eldarad is done I've been slacking on Eldar stuff as that's all my points done for Ammoriss. However I said to myself that I would finish the other figure I had outstanding so here he is (though still wip)

He's my own Corsair captain from the Fluff. Still fair bit of stuff to do on him. So it's him, two bikers, a warlock and the last 4 Dire Avengers being worked on. I need to build the Warwalkers sometime soon, but the Guardians and Storm Guardians will be done in small batches whilst I work on the Drop Troops. Just need a break from the Eldar for a bit after the bash.

And onto the marines

This is the last thing that really needs to be finished in time for the Bash.

The other new Sternguard who won't be at the Bash. Conversion based on SpikyJames idea.

02-04-2009, 20:43
The next five assault marines. Hoping to get them done for next month, which will leave 3 Tac, 1 Dev and 1 Assault squads to do for the 5th Company.

But they will be going with these fine gents.

Quite happy with them. Makes me want to mix some older helmets into the other batch to do.

02-04-2009, 20:47
And the banner bearer all done. Really pleased with him.

Working on what to do next and I think it'll be some Warmachine alongside what I'm working on at the moment. Waiting on the new Codex before I start on the Drop Troops as by then I'll also have got the Valkyrie to go alongside my Vulture. I still need to figure a scheme for them so the Codex should help with that. I think the Gatekeepers should see the 5th Company at least finished and then I'm thinking of doing some Blood Ravens again. Probably do a spruce up of what is already done and then some new stuff to fill in gaps. If I could find my larger magnets then I may yet do two more Dreads for the Gatekeepers before switching.

Not much painting done on anything but scenery, but I've been off at wargames shows and work stuff. At triples this weekend as well. Managed to pick up some Pig Iron stuff for my Drop Troops and the start of another company probably to go with the Steel legion.

Got a load of Warmachine too, so been green stuffing that and pictures to be taken tomorrow I think. Warning posts may contain Dogs and Polar Bears. Not for the nervous of disposition.

02-04-2009, 20:54
If you are having trouble painting yellow, i use a simple way to make awesome looking yellow (thats what i think anyway :P)
I use Iyanden Darksun foundation with a Gryphonne sepia wash, it looks good and i was told it by Joe who works in games workshop leicster :D

hope this helps, and i like you marines , subscribed.

Laters, volt

15-04-2009, 11:08
Cheers Volt - yeah I use Darksun as the base and then build through using P3 paints with a chestnut ink for the shading, but I'll try the wash.

Bit behind updating here.

Firstly been putting things together.

Kovnik Markov to go with my Uhlans. Not my favourite unit, but he makes them work so getting him done so I can start using them again.

Converted base from the free mini for Salute 2009. Almost certainly to get used by Warmachine, but no idea for whom yet.

Idrian Skirmishers and their unit attachment primed. I need to get two more for this unit to get it up to maximum strength especially with the Mark II Warmachine rules.

15-04-2009, 11:10
Finished Eldarad finally and Yriel is now almost done.

For the Gatekeepers
Next member of the Command squad done. Just leaves one normal marine and a standard bearer to do.

Sergeant done.


15-04-2009, 11:13
Sternguard Heavy flamer done.

And the Sternguard done that I needed for the Ammobunker Bash. Just finishing the second half of the assault squad.

The War Dog for Khador. Mainly working on blending on the skin at the moment.

15-04-2009, 11:15
But the main thing that's been worked on are my Mercs.

These got painted on Thursday night mostly. Really like how they came together. Probably get another unit and max them out, but they painted up very easily.

Last thing is Brun and Lug.
Slowly working him up.

15-04-2009, 11:16

But his Bear companion is pretty much done except the base. Really happy with how he's come out.

15-04-2009, 21:01
I would call that bear most excellent! I just love the metal colors!

Keep up the good work. Also a very lovely sternguard flamer, is it from a terminator originally?

15-04-2009, 23:26
IronJens - yeah very happy with his armour. He's just been a fun figure to do all round. The sternguard conversion is taken from how SpikyJames has done two in his plog and it is a terminator heavy flamer. Thanks.

29-04-2009, 15:55
This is behind again, but this weekend should see me getting on with my Drop Troops and trying to figure a scheme for them.

Ok catch up time. Doing these alphabetically as it makes going through photobucket easier.

Yriel is done. Quite pleased with him and tempted to do some guardians to fit his scheme. If I end up getting some Eldar aircraft then I'll do them to fit him. Next Eldar wise is finishing the Warlock I'm doing and the last 4 Dire Avengers I have to do and finishing the new Ghost warriors that turned up.

For the Gatekeepers

29-04-2009, 15:59

The second half of the assault squad done.

Khador next

He's almost done except for the base and got used alongside the Koldun Lord and the War Dog yesterday. He and a Manhunter totalled a Deathripper and distracted some Bane Knights quite nicely.

Beast 09 under construction. Wanted to do something good for him given what a lovely model he is. Just building up the rocks now he seems solid, but I'll probably add a bit more green stuff to his leg joint to make sure as well.

29-04-2009, 15:59
Little more work done on him. If I get chance I want him mostly done before next week.

And finally Trolls


I've been putting together this unit to make sure I actually paint them. They'll take a while, but I'm bribing myself to do it and get it done. This is the basic Kriel Warriors unit with the Musician and Standard Bearer Unit attachment. When this lot are done I'll let myself get the Caber thrower to go with them as well.

I figured if I'm doing a stack of trolls then I might as well get more done so the Stone Scribe Elder as well to boost the Krielstone bearers.

29-04-2009, 16:00
And finally
Epic Doomshaper. I like the idea of Doomshaper and how he can keep the Dire Trolls calm(ish), but I always had a problem with the normal version and how to use him. Angry Epic Doomy is lots of fun and I've only killed him so far so looking forward to using him. Particularly when MKII Hordes comes around.

Army shots then - Eldar first


29-04-2009, 16:03

The Eldar got their first outing at the weekend and managed to get a draw against a Nightbringer led Necron army. Still got more to do on them, but they didn't disgrace themselves.

Awful shot of the Deathwing. Apart from characters most of that was done as part of Ammoriss campaign over at Ammobunker. First game and Belial died quickly, but the army pulled off a win against Necrons. And I've learned to just not deep strike again.

29-04-2009, 16:03
What was painted for the 5th Company and others as part of Ammoriss.

And another fairly naff shot
The Gatekeepers as they stand now minus a few Rhinos.

Started getting out my Drop troop force to see what I have ahead of my new stuff turning up. I've had stuff put aside for a bit, but like with my marines the plan is to make the armies do different things. So my current Steel legion will be the tank/mechanised army and this lot are going to be lots of infantry and aircraft. No plans for any tanks with this lot.

So far I've gone through and divided up what is made into 3 platoons each with a specific purpose - so so far the idea is

Platoon A - Just flamers for 2 Squads and Flamer and HB for the 3rd - advance towards enemy.
Platoon B - Missile launchers and Grenade Launchers - covering fire
Platoon C - Melta delivery

I have a lascannon heavy weapon squad and Missile launcher heavy weapon squad set up as well as a sniper specialist squad (who I may just make ratling proxies as I'm not getting any of them). Then two squads of stormtroops - though I probably need some more basic stormtroops to allow the swap out of special weapons.

So plans are fermenting. Really tempted to make some tarantulas from old Space Crusade guns and of course when the 2 Valkyries show up that's 3 Flyers in this army with the Vulture. Just wish the Codex would get here already.

05-05-2009, 21:56
So general painting and figuring IG scheme.

The original Drop Troop scheme looked like this

The retry looked like this

And the new one is going to look like this

Not certain if you can tell but the black armour has scorched brown highlights to tie it together. The plan is to go with a freehand symbol and white numbering. The freehand symbol is going to be in red to give it another colour into the mix. Once I have the codex I can arrange the army and figure what to dismantle and rebuild. I'm a lot more comfortable with conversions now so finishing ones already done and adding a fair few more.

05-05-2009, 21:57
Other stuff then
More Eldar Wraithguard
That brings me to 12 - 6 of normal and 6 Ghost warriors.

Started on the Vanguard on foot unit. Might never use them, but I think they'll be a nice characterful unit. I do want some jumppack Vanguard eventually though.

And onto the PP stuff. Cygnar first
The Squire is pretty much done. Looking forward to trying out all his abilities and he beat the Wardog to get completed first.

05-05-2009, 21:57
Yuri for Khador done, again except for the base, with the axe fixed as it had gotten a little worn.

And then a lot of Mercs. Various of these are touchups which didn't take a great deal of time.
Like the Steelheads - Sergeant in shot. I have another unit of these to do and a few more bodies for this unit.

The Ogryn Bokur. Much happier with him after the touchup. It may now prompt me to paint the other one I have.

05-05-2009, 21:58
Gun Corps - 8 of these done, with another unit of 6 to do. I'll be getting 2 more to bring this up to a unit of 10.

I also worked on the Nomad and the Mule which I didn't take a shot of. Vanguard to do next.

Bran is now done to go with his Bear. Really looking forward to playing them so it looks like with all the stuff done that the Searforge Dwarves will get played soon.


05-05-2009, 21:59
11 risen and a Thrall warrior done for Alexia. I've had her done for years, but these guys had stayed half done for a bit. At some point I'll do another Thrall and 9 more Risen to bring these up to the max numbers she can bring along.

And finally working on Durgen Madhammer also for the Searforge. He'd been waiting my wife to paint him, but after the Forge Guard I felt he should get done.

Got a lot more done at the weekend as well alongside magnetising my Venerable Dreadnaught for the Gatekeepers. Got 2 arms sorted for each side so plenty of variety with him.

06-05-2009, 18:50
I managed to find my magnets in the tidying up I've been doing so the Gatekeepers get two more Dreads.

First up
The AOBR one - minimal extras.

or is it
Magnetised venerable Dreadnought. Been waiting to work on him for a while.

More Warmachine and Hordes stuff now I'm off the Ammoriss bandwagon.
Thorn is almost done for my Cygnar.

06-05-2009, 18:51
Another spruced up Jack for my Mercs.

Kell Balloch to go with my Magnus army. Trying to get them all painted up at the moment. I think he's the last solo I need to do for them.

And started on the Steelhead cavalry to go with them as well.

Then Trolls. Because the skin is such a pain I'm doing a mass batch of them at the moment.

06-05-2009, 18:52
I'm not certain if this will show the shading on the skin work. There's a load more blending to do before I'm happy with them.

The Stone Scribe Elder.

And then finally Epic Doomshaper. Well you'd want to be Epic too with a name like Doomshaper. Lots more to do on them obviously.

06-05-2009, 23:13
Oooh, I just love those old ghost warriors with tiny chainfists and built in weapons in their heads. Those were the days...

I don't play warmachine but looking at your models I'd say the mercs look the most fun and diverse. Which faction is your favourite, or do you like them all?

More Gatekeepers!

07-05-2009, 16:44
Ironjens - yeah I've been wanting a proper Wraithguard unit using the old models for a while and I forgot to buy them whilst the bits service was still available. But these are done and I want to get a Spirit Warrior dread to convert to go with them.

Mercs are loads of fun, but realistically hide 3+ armies amongst them. The Dwarves and Ogruns are one. The Pirates another and then I have a Magnus the Traitor force which uses stuff such as the Steelheads and then various characters I've been painting recently like Stannis on the horse, Orin Midwinter in the red, and then Kell Balloch who is the new one I'm doing. Khador were my first faction and I play them and Trolls as my main armies for Hordes and Warmachine, but I do love my mercs, especially because they are at a disadvantage so playing with them is about character rather than trying to win.

Gatekeepers are continuing - the Dreads and vanguard are on the table now and then probably another Terminator unit after the Deathwing got their first win recently. Possibly get the Redeemer/Crusader done as well now the magnets have been found.

ok then the Drop troops. I need to sort out exactly how this lot will work in 40k as they seem a little at a loss now without everyone having drop troop - yay that's two infilitrating etc armies that GW have killed in two Codexes.

The idea is 4 Platoons - no tanks, no Chimera, but Fliers. 2 Valkyries and a Vulture for starters.

The Platoons figure out like this
1) Heavy Bolter and Grenade Launcher - Command with Missile Launcher - Stand and shoot
2) Meltas - Melta delivery to armour.
3) Flamer - Command with Heavy Flamer - anti horde/flambe time
4) Missile launcher and Grenade Launcher - Command with Plasma - stand and shoot again

These are so far 2 squads and command for each, though with extras I have enough to add another 2 squads into the mix.

To add to these then -
2 Heavy weapon squads - 3 LC and 3 ML
Special Weapon squad with snipers - might be tempted to do these as ratlings
2 Storm Trooper squads - melta and plasma loads

Then probably looking at Creed as the big boss.

But hey for the Mechanised Guard at least the heavy weapon squads don't have to go in Chimeras anymore. That saves me buying at least one :)

On with the pics then

The new goodies

Stuff already in place
My Vulture. Needs sprucing up.

09-05-2009, 13:04
Back from seeing Star Trek and I started converting Captain Raimi. Schaeffer's head came off which was a little emotional as this was the third Guard army he'd been in and his previous disguise was as Major Rawne. Anyway Raimi lives and been inspired writing my list of what each platoon is so Raimi (aka Al Raheim or whatever) is the outflank, down and dirty platoon. Conversions ahoy and Digits trademark leg cutting is in full swing. Has meant that some figures already started painting have been swapped out to give more of a feel to the platoon.

well I hadn't been observant enough when I started so I used tank driver legs for part of my first batch so having to learn better green stuffing too :)


One of the ones made.

And then two in action
Really like how this guy came out. The green stuff on his back looks smoother now.


Both those guys end up in different squads for Captain Raimi's relief.

09-05-2009, 13:04
The man himself

and his command squad
The flamer guy is a heavy flamer and these along with the first full squad are getting painted now. Block colours are down and then still need to think of an army symbol. Probably give Raimi a special symbol as well.

To go with one of the squads as well

I think I've done more green stuffing in the last couple of nights then I have done ever :)

19-05-2009, 13:15
First up Durgen Madhammer for the Searforge Dwarves

He's mostly done and the picture is washing out a lot of the work especially on his face.

Onto the Guard. Looks like my current Mech Guard list is about 3300 points, but I'll probably swap some of the converted Chimeras so I can use Autocannon rules for them. Just need a few voxes and a chimera or two and then to finish the 3rd platoon.

As for the 'Drop Troops'

Basework done on the first squad. Converting up a lot more and I doubt there will be many unconverted models left at the end.


Writing the fluff as well which is coming up with some thinking behind why some are wearing gas masks as well - the main reason is not fear of gas.

19-05-2009, 13:15
Command Squad for Raimi.

Raimi continues

To go with the platoon I'd also been working on a Commissar.
Very WIP.

I maybe swapping him out (though maybe not due to armament).
My last remaining Gaunt figure was missing an arm which had ended up on a converted Milo in my stolen Gaunts army, but quite happy with the conversion now. Especially after the hole in it got filled after this photo was taken.

On with detail work on the squad, bringing up the command squad and Raimi to look a bit nicer and building the next stage. Planning on trying to get the first platoon done soon.

20-05-2009, 16:19
The next two platoons basically sorted. Slowly working on the fluff and this lot are a far more rag tag bunch than my mech Guard. There is explanation in the fluff as to why some keep their jump masks on.

The platoon to the left are the stalwarts - much more organised and regimented bunch than most of the others. They are used to getting into position and laying down fire. The heavy weapons squads go with them.

The platoon to the right need naming, but are the melta delivery squad so work alongside Raimi and his boys.

Standard bearer and guardsman for the melta platoon.

20-05-2009, 16:19
Random bods for these two platoons

For the 4th platoon which is not quite complete
Been working on using green stuff a lot more on these guys. Both heavy bolters in the 4th platoon are getting a ammo carrier for them. Still some work to do on him.

And then been building my Veterans. Harker conversion first

Still work to do on the arms and then equip him properly.

20-05-2009, 16:20
Demo charge guy. The green stuff at the arm is supposed to cover up some of the skin. Sort of worked, but he's getting a pouch to help it blend in better.

And an old conversion reconverted to get a shotgun. The green stuff on his body is again to hide the skin. Should hopefully look better with paint on it.

None of these are done or ready for priming yet so they need mould lines etc cleaned up as well. Couple more legs chopped as well, but I want to work on the first platoon getting mostly done.

The Occult
20-05-2009, 17:58
This whole log is full of some amazing stuff! I especially love the mech guard!

21-05-2009, 15:30
The Occult - thanks very much. Looking at finishing off what I have for the Mech Guard at some point and probably getting them at least one superheavy. Going to be a while whilst I work on the other Guard.

Ok more work on conversions.

Veteran Squad 1 - these are the take the fight to the enemy lot.


And then Harker
Still needs some work on him.

21-05-2009, 15:32
Started work on Veteran Squad 2. The dig in and hold group.

Their sergeant

More work on the Heavy Bolter guy

21-05-2009, 15:32
And the sergeant for the last platoon.

I've got 21 figures left that are unassigned after everything else I need to build. 1 I think will become the Sergeant in the Penal legion squad - a group of desparate desparadoes and a definite dirty Ten man squad :) So need to figure where the rest will end up which will mean just 200 infantry for this army.

27-05-2009, 10:10
Well I've established still got a long way to go on green stuff.

The new Guard are coming together. There is to be a russian feel to them more in background and stylistics than other ways, but still been pulling together ideas for them very much inspired by Red Star (if anyone knows what that is). Started to pull together their army list too and looking at about 3000 so far. Going to add flyers to them more than anything.

But first

Started another 6 Dwarves to get a fully painted 750 point Searforge force done so I can play in Birmingham in just under 2 weeks. My break after all the work on the elections which are on 4th June.

A sort of army shot of the Searforge dwarves so far. Going with them as it'll be one of the last times I'll get to play Mark I Warmachine and it means I can use my Polar Bear as can't use him in MKII yet as no Hordes rules are out. So finishing the new unit of Highshields and then basing to get these guys ready.

Still working on my trolls


and been doing work on Tartan on the Kriel Warriors
It's alright, but I'm not looking to paint another unit of Kriel Warriors any time soon. Still fair bit to do.

27-05-2009, 10:11
And finally to the Guard

Trying to finish the first squad. Taken a little longer as I get stuff like markings sorted.
Squad 1 of 31st platoon.
The Red star is the Regiment marking. The yellow stripe on the earlier picture means they are normal guard. Command and Sergeants have a red half on that and the officers have other insignia.

Command Squad.