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03-06-2007, 01:19
I love this list it follows the fluff and everything its competitive and not a bunch of :cheese: but i just cant fit it into 2000 points so here it is

Liche High Priest Cloak of the dunes Hieratic jar Nefferas plauge of incantations collar of sapesh 345

Liche priest staff of ravening cascket of souls 160 + cascket
Liche priest 2 despell scrolls 165
Tomb Prince GW light armor 106

15 skeleton bowmen standerd 130
15 skeleton bowmen standerd 130
20 skeleton warriors standerd 170
20 skeleton warriors standerd 170

Tomb Scorpion 85
19 tomb guard standerd icon of rakpeth 280
5 carrion 120
3 charriots 120

cascket of souls 165
screaming skull catapult 90

Models - 104
Casting dice - 13
despell dice - 5 (7)
Pts - 2236

should i
A. drop the charriots and 5 guys form each bowmen unit and nefferas plauge off the high priest
im not losing the high pries shes to powerfull and more survivable than a priest

03-06-2007, 01:24
Why try to "fit" into the boring 2000? Itīs just the points total of maximized heroes and magic in relation to troops.

03-06-2007, 01:28
In my expirience, screaming skull catapults work better as a battery.
Lose the carrion and get another tomb scorpion, they full fill almost the same roles, but one is cheaper. (and with all those power dice the movement difference shouldn't matter much)

And if the "standard" after the skeleton bowmen is a standard bearer, lose them, you won't be rallying anyway. not sure what else, but it's all IMHO

03-06-2007, 02:18
My solution? Don't tool up every character (save the prince) with max gear. Lose the casket, grab another SSC (much more useful, as you're only half dependant on leadership tests (my opinion, but I don't like the casket)).

With leaving your characters as expensive as they are, losing the casket, getting another SSC, dropping a unit of the sponge blocks, dropping the bowmen standards, giving the one leftover sponge block light armour, and leaving your chariot unit commandless, you'll have about 1991 points.

Losing the casket, grabbing another SSC - I don't like the casket. If you really think it's a great thing, go for it, but it's a big investment in points for what it does. I understand it's purpose, I've just always found myself better off without it. But that's you. Plus, the damaging capabilities of the SSC outweigh the Casket's damaging principles, which I've always found more useful. Plus, considering leadership only affects the panic test from the SSC, there's no huge dependency on leadership values to do damage. It's just a bonus with it also being a stone thrower. But again, this is all my opinion. I just don't like the casket.

Dropping a sponge unit - You already have three. Tomb guard can sponge it up pretty well, even better. You still get d6 back when healing them, and they're more survivable to begin with, since they kill others a little easier.) I understand that's not using them to their maximum usefulness, but sometimes things like that have to be done. You still meet the minimum core requirements and you also get to get a lot of those points shaven off.

I would also try and figure out someway to get a standard bearer in your chariot unit. I'd also throw out the liche with the staff (yes, it's a fun staff, I know) and grab a TP in a chariot to go in your chariot unit to give it some real punch. Make a choice between the plaques or the jar. I'm a plaques fan myself, so that's what I'd chose. I'd also lose the collar of shapesh. It's more fitting on a fighting character who will take some wounds even with a good general (unless you somehow strike first and get really lucky rolls). It's not that hard to keep a LHP safe, especially with the cloak of the dunes equipped on him, and plenty of units for him to hide in.

I was writing other things, but I forgot them due to a spilled drink. Yay.

Hope my opinions help out somehow.

03-06-2007, 02:28
Lose the carrion and get another tomb scorpion, they full fill almost the same roles, but one is cheaper. (and with all those power dice the movement difference shouldn't matter much)

Considering you can get Carrion into combat on turn 1 (almost impossible with a tomb scorpion), I don't quite see how the tomb scorpion fills the same role. TS are great, don't get me there, I'm just trying to figure out why people on this board dislike Carrion, but everyone at pretty much anywhere else I look at all love the Carrion, because they're damned useful if you know what you're doing with them. It's not that hard to use Carrion. Plus, if you know what you're doing, all those incantations can be granting you an extra 20" of movement as compared to an extra 7. Somehow I don't see how moving at 14" a turn really compares that much with 40". Huge difference, and even if you use ICFB, you won't even have a chance to get the TS out until that turn, and there's misfire chances and various things that can just outright ruin it. Carrion don't have that problem.

Not insulting you, I just don't quite understand why people don't like them around here.

03-06-2007, 11:51
unless my opponent had tons of warmachines i would never try to get my carrion in turn 1 they arent supposed to fight a rank and file unit even on the flank there supposed to march block while i shoot at them they have to come in slowely and counter charge with the big units and then get the rear charge withe birds to win combat and kill em threw fear

im not gonna drop any block of skeletons entirely but i mite replace them with something as good but cheeper

Mad Doc Grotsnik
03-06-2007, 11:56
Definitely keep the Carrion. People knock them, but I find them filthy, especially with units being destroyed if they flee through enemy units. Fly them behind the enemy lines, and string them out as much as possible, and preferably behind his main unit. Then start lobbing Skulls of the Foe around willy nilly. Anyone panics, theres a good chance the Carrion will take them out on the flee. Add into this the other bonus of march blocking, and your onto a winnner. Best thing about this tactic to my mind, is that in order to chase them off, your opponent will need more points than they are worth.

Also, the High Priest...you can only have one of each type of Magic Item. Thus the Plaque and the Jar are a no no I'm afraid.

03-06-2007, 17:50
c mon guys 37 views and 7 replies and 3 of them r mine i no u guys can do better

05-06-2007, 02:28
@ bedurnk, I think your getting a little worked up there, and i can't speak for anyone else on this board.
They're both used to hunt skirmisher's, war machine crew's and flanks. The carrion [U]can[U] be more effective at this role, and if used correctly can also deliver more, But he needs to trim points, so the tomb scorpion will do in this case, also with the constant talk of it being under costed and slightly overpowered it tends to attract a lot of attention from the things it's trying to kill (somewhat like a rattling gun in 6th edition).

Also don't know how i missed the high priest.

05-06-2007, 08:34
you could try having a minimum sized unit of carrion as suicide troops dedicated to targeting enemy wizards either in a unit or in the open, against a unit they will die so what if you have taken out a lvl2 wizard your magic will be a hell of a lot easier and your job in taking the enemy apart will be easier, 4 attacks either needing 3 or 4 to hit (cant remember carrions ws) and then 4s to wound, 2 wounds and then thats him gone

05-06-2007, 15:36

Drop the plaque or the jar - they are great, but not essential if you need to trim points, also you cannot have multiple arcane items, aside from dispel scrolls.

Drop the casket for a second catapult - they really do work better as a battery. If you simply must keep the casket because it looks fantastic - the staff of ravening with its 18" range is useless on a model on the stationary casket that wants to be far away from the enemy on a high vantage point. Switch it to the mobile high priest (and drop the other arcane item) or swap it with scroll caddy.

Drop the standards on the bowmen. You would be better off with units of 10 bowmen and units of 25 warriors. This makes the bowmen useful as sacrificial units for redirection of the enemy (that are not giving up 100 points for the standard if captured), and the skeleton warriors useful as a long-term tarpit.

Of the Special choices you have - the least essential to your build are the chariots. Everything else serves a purpose in relation to your other choices.

That should but you rather close to 2000. If you want to fundamentally change your list, I have found that one unit of 25 Tomb Guard and one unit of 30 warriors is enough for block infantry in most situations.

Finally, if you have the points, musicians and champions are always worth putting in TK combat units. Champions are the first model re-raised, allowing you to challenge uber characters continually, keeping other models alive. Musicians break ties, improving your the chances to force a "snake-eyes" roll for your opponents break test due to fear. I have done this to a second gen Slann with temple guard, although I fell short by one inch on the pursuit roll.

Carlos the Craven