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03-06-2007, 08:01
well here it is comments on it ( there are some things that dont seem right in it which i will fix when i get the time )

Hunter Hurst Helmsley (Empire General)
Full plate armour + 12
Shield + 3
Barded Warhorse + 21
Lance + 6
Magic items:
Dawn armour + 35
Sword of Sigismund + 45
The Crimson Amulet + 20

Total Cost = 217

Valleix Hellstorm (Empire Captain)
Pistol + 6
Magic items:
Armour of Meteoric Iron + 25
Sword of Justice + 25

Total Cost = 106

Augustus Dewlston (Warrior Priest)
Second warhammer + 4
Magic items:
Holy Relic + 45

Total Cost = 139

Marcus Von Blaxire (Battle Wizard)
Level 2 + 35
Magic Items:
Wizard Staff + 10
Jade Amulet + 40

Total Cost = 150

UNIT - 25 spearmen
10 crossbowmen
10 halberdiers
Standard of Arcane Warding

Total = 350

UNIT – 20 Swordsmen
5x2 crossbowmen

Total = 225

UNIT – 20 Halberdiers
5x2 swordsmen

Total = 180

UNIT – 10 Handgunners
5 Halberdiers
Hochland Long Rifle

Total = 145

UNIT – 9 Knightly Order Inner Circle Knights
Lance + Shield
Steel Standard

Total = 294

UNIT - 15 Greatswords
Count’s Champion

Total = 180

UNIT - 5 Pistoliers
Repeater pistol

Total = 114

UNIT – Great Cannon
Total = 100

UNIT – 10 Flagellant Warband
Prophet of doom

Total = 110

UNIT – Helblaster Volley Gun
Total = 110

03-06-2007, 22:23
Not really sure who plays at 2353 points, so I imagine trimming this to 2250 or bumping to 2500 is a good first step.

Housekeeping issues:
Your general doesn't have to by armor twice (you bought full plate AND dawn armor). I'd also think about either keeping only lance (cheapest) or dropping the lance to keep sigismund sword (saves a few points).

Your captain should probably be upgraded to a BSB as any infantry oriented Empire list really benefits from the reroll. I'd strip him down to just Meteoric iron armor, hand weapon and BSB (no magic banner) to keep cost down.

Your warrior priest is unarmored which seems a tad odd, an oversight perhaps? Admittedly he's got a ward save but when you can have both armor and ward why wouldn't you? Additionally his presence makes your flagellant unit a core choice rather than a rare.

Your wizard has no dispel scroll ('the emperor has no clothes'). You are fairly under-protected for magic with only 4 dispel dice, meaning any army with meaningful casting (2 level 2's or more) will be getting spells off on you regularly. I'd think about tossing both your current items for one or two dispel scrolls.

Regarding your troops:
I think the build for the spearman unit (beefy melee detachment and sizable missile detachment) is about right.
I'd free up the points to do a similar build on the other 2 core infantry units. Give each a detachment of swordsmen (or halbards) and a missile detachment. This will maximize flexibility but the other key is making sure your melee detachment can take a few casualties before the fighting is joined and still number 5-strong to cancel opponents rank bonuses.
The single small unit of handgunners can probably do without a detachment and I'd consider dumping them and using the points to beef up the detachments as previously mentioned.

Your greatsword unit is fairly small and also missing detachments. Consider bulking up to 19-20 just to maximize static CR and for the sake of all that is holy GIVE THEM DETACHMENTS!

Pistoliers are fine although you can dump the outrider to shave some points.

Flagellants as mentioned are a core choice (for one unit) and are WAY too small. Since you seem to need to shave points I'd consider dropping them but alternatively bulk them up to at least 15-strong.

A cannon is never wrong. A helblaster is a preference thing, I rarely use them but they can be devastating and are a great deterrant.

04-06-2007, 08:04
Well i do know of some of your points there such as the armour thing, im going to 3000 points now which means ill free up some room to get my units going well.

of corse ill add a Wizard Lord and a BSB to my army but need help with the BSB as the whole idea to me is good but the way i should use him is more what im looking for.

the warrior priest WILL get armour and the wizzie will get re done soon, so im unsure how i will alter the army from this point in terms of units but help is welcome as is comments.

RavenBlood thanks for the help ill read over my list n alter this to 3000 points do a re post and get more feedback, in the meantime i wouldn't say no to some comments on where to go.

24-07-2007, 19:22
A good way of using your bsb is to give him armour of meteoric iron (and maybe the sword of might) and stick him in a unit in the centre of your battle-line.

24-07-2007, 22:22
I gotta give a big thumbs up for using HHH as your General.
Consider naming your ICKs Degeneration-X?