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03-06-2007, 14:50
An army involving Kroq-Gar and very fast troops.
It seems to be a nice idea to me, but what do you think?
It would become something like 2.5k, I think.
Kroq-Gar (duh)
A Scar-Vet on CO
Skinks Priest (I'll need some magic [protection]) with either lvl 2 and diadem of power or dispell scroll(s)
about 3 regiments of Saurus cavalry
quite some Skinks
some Kroxigors
maybe some Chameleons
maybe a stegadon
possibly some Salamanders

(so basically everything with M6 and M7)

What do you think? Would it work? What are the problems? What to do?

03-06-2007, 18:40
Here's a quick list of what I think it will become:
Ancient Scar-Leader Kroq-Gar
Scar-Veteran+spear+light armour+Spawning of Itzl+Cold One+Spawning of Sotek+Enchanted shield+Glyph Necklace (goes in Cavalry with standard)
Skink Priest+lvl 2+Diadem of Power+Talisman of Protection
6 Saurus Cavalry+musician+standard bearer+Jaguar standard
6 Saurus Cavalry+musician
6 Saurus Cavalry+musician
12 Skinks+blowpipes
12 Skinks+blowpipes
12 Skinks+blowpipes
10 Skinks+blowpipes+scout
3 Kroxigor
3 Salamanders
Total= 2262

03-06-2007, 19:03
how many points is kroq gar?

04-06-2007, 13:52
not allowed to disclose individual point values but he is in greater deamon area for points

this is not easy to use, you will have to work to get the charge with the cavalry probably bait with the skinks and charge with cavalry and/or kroxigors

use the scouts to slow key units down and the other skinks to shoot at the weaker elements of the army

05-06-2007, 18:49
But when used correctly you think it might work quite well?
Or should I change certain things?
And what should I add (238 pts left)?