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04-06-2007, 05:02
The chaos force is a hodge podge of beastmen, demons, and mortals of many different marks. The Lizzie has a Temple Guard/Slann combo woth 1100 pts.

Chaos: Exalted on foot w/ HoME (general undivided), BSB tzeetch wargor, 2nd tzeetch wargor, Beastlord of Nurgle (rune of True Beast). Marauder unit, beastherd, mounted demonettes, screemers, nurglings, chosen chaos knights, marauder horsemen, Giant and warhounds.

Lizzie: 2n gen Slann (magic galore -- lore of Fire mostly), skink priest (2nd level with Diadem of Power). 2 skink units, chameleon skinks, Temple guard ~20, Kroxigors, stegadon, swarms.

Terrain/deployment: Slann is on a Hill in the deployment zone. A second hill is just outside the deployment zone away from the slann. Some woods just outside the chaos zone. And a Holy place in the Chaos zone.

Slann deploys on the hill in the corner but is ruled to not be able to see over the second hill. Kroxigors and Stegadon line up to the slanns left towards the middle. Skinks scout where possible.

Chaos is a standard battle line with dogs at the front, mortals directly opposite the slann, and demons and beasts on the flank with the giant.

Turn 1: Lizzies go first and chameleon skinks charge the screemers. Screemers win but chameleon skinks hold. Slann and priest fire off magic with no success as most things are out of range. Giant advances and causes terror in the scouting skinks which flee. And beastherd charges the chameleon skinks. Everything else advances with mounted mortals staying behind the hill out of sight.

Turn 2: Scouting skinks fail terror and flee, chased down by screemers. Lizzie player trys magic and has a poor round. Giant takes one wound and marauders take 3 wounds. Everything advances except the marauders who go stupid from a HoME fail, dogs set up their angled charges.

Turn 3: Skinks shoot at giant and cause 1 wound. Slann reforms and magics killing one unit of dogs, and 3 ungors. Kroxigors charge 2nd unit of warhounds, which flee. The Krox then get counter charged with mounted demonettes on the front, and nurglings with the beastherd in the flank. Krox are soundly beaten and chased down. Chaos knights expose themselves to slann and are on top of the hill. Marauder horsemen take up a flanking position on the Temple guard. Marauder unit goes stupid again. And Giant charges last skink unit. Giant takes 3 more wounds (1 left) and falls down.

Turn 4: Stegadon charges the beastherd, but the skink priest riding the stegadon is challenged by the beastlord with rune of the True beast. Ties up combat for 1.5 turns until the stegadon is dead with the priest. Giant wins combat and chases away the skink unit but does not catch them. Then the Giant is shot down by the slann. Chosen knights loose 2 wounds to combat with swarms who hold with one wound left. Marauder unit has a wall of fire and will not move.

Turn 5: Slann murders many more marauders. Chosen knights, and demonettes charge the TG unit. Marauder horsemen have a wall of Fire on them so a second flank can't happen. Chaos wins combat by 3, but slann holds on his stubborn re-roll.

Turn 6: Slann and TG win combat by 1 and chaos knights flee. But demonettes hold flank until they are poped on the last turn. Stegadon dies and the beastherd is too far away to get 25% to charge the TG unit. So it decided to claim table quarters instead.

Game ends, with Chaos winning by 226 pts. Draw!

--- What I learn't from the game: The stegadon combat took too long. I should have attacked the stegadon before I attacked the skink priest. The stegadon then left the challenge back into normal fighting and it took two rounds of combat to kill it. That half turn could have got the super herd into combat with the TG to finish the game.

--- Even though I was dominated by magic, I was able to limit the casualties of my troops until the very last rounds. By then, my Dispel scroll and one of my shaman was toast (miscast twice).

05-06-2007, 11:41
Hmm your list really is a strange mix of units. The lizard player though obviously puts too many eggs in one basket, too bad you couldn't take enough advantage of the flanking. Your tactic involving the bait warhounds did prove rather successful though, nice going there!

Nice report!

06-06-2007, 05:08
It is a tough nut to crack that huge temple guard unit. He hides it in a corner and just blasts away. So you have to wade through mountains off fire just to get there. And that unit will not break. You have to kill all of them to take off the stubborn. But atleast I made it hard for him to win. And actually found myself on the + end of the points tally.

I like to use different marks in an undivided way. The MSU style works great. But, I would not win any awards for fluffy comp. Unless, I could find a khorne unit to round out the powers.