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Mr. Bombadidaloo
04-06-2007, 06:45
I'm quite a big fan of the mightiest of mighty toads; decided to start Lizardmen mainly because of him.

I want to use Kroak as much as possible (I know, he costs 1225 freaking points), and am trying to make lists for him starting at 2k.

Albeit quite silly, the 2k list is this:
Lord Kroak
lvl 2 Skink Priest w/ Dragonfly of Quicksilver & Diadem of Power
lvl 1 Skink Priest w/ Cloak of Feathers
10 scouting blowpipe Skinks w/ a brave
10 scouting blowpipe Skinks w/ a brave
6 Jungle Swarm bases

...not really intended to win, just to have fun fielding Kroak. So with keeping in mind that I want to run Kroak, what do you see as a "competitive" list including him @ 2.5k?

Also, do you think I should replace the 6 Jungle Swarm unit (@360pts) with a decked out Temple Guard for Kroak (@about 375pts)?

04-06-2007, 07:40
definately better the temple guard. I mean he does need protection.

The army I s a bit small. and I do think he should not be feilded at any level cause he costs tooo much points. And if he dies you loose. So perhaps the rest of the army should be supporting him and defending him.

04-06-2007, 08:06
Jungle swarms are no longer worth the points you pay for them now so I wouldn't bother. A unit of temple guard or a saurus units with the marks of Quetzl and tlazcotl (you don't want them auto breaking due to pyscology).

As for the skink priests make both of them level 2. Give one the diadem of power and the other either 2 dispel scrolls of the cube of darkness.

I know someone who was used Kroak in 2K battles quite a bit with this set up and he absolutely annihilated quite a few opponents including a COS army with Moraith.

Mr. Bombadidaloo
04-06-2007, 17:56
The reason I was considering Jungle Swarms was because it gives me an unbreakable unit to engage the enemy before Kroak gets engaged. If he's in a unit of Temple Guard, once they get engaged, I'm a sitting duck for my opponent to throw in some flank charges and what not. At least with a swarm unit engaged he can sorta scoot his way out of the line of fire :-P

But I see your points, swarms are much less effective now... :-(

The reason I've got the one lvl 1 skink priest, and why he's got a Cloak of Feathers:

He's the guy I fly into the back/center of the enemy's army to cast with Kroak through him one of the three spells that hits all enemys within 12 in with D6 SX attacks (or simply to find a nice "line" for The Burning Head :-D)... also, while in there, my little flying skink is immune to the effects of Ruination of Cities, which is a nice little extra bit.

When moving to 2.5k, I was thinking of:
-adding some more skinks
-adding Kroxigors (probably 2-3 units of 4 ea)

What do you think? I feel like Kroxigors waiting behind skirmish shields of skinks dancing around Kroak is a pretty solid buffer to enemy attempts to reach me...