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04-06-2007, 16:02
Ok, these are the lists that me and a friend are taking to this years doubles.
Any advice is welcome.
Wood Elves
Spellsinger, lev 2, scroll=150pts
8 Dryads=96pts
8 Dryads=96pts
10 Glade Guard=120pts
10 Glade Guard=120pts
5 Wild Riders, Full Command=166pts
Level 1, 2 Scrolls=110pts
5 Heavy Cavalry, Barding=105pts
5 Heavy Cavalry, Barding=105pts
5 Heavy Cavalry, Barding=105pts
3 Ogres, Great Weapons=123pts
10 Halflings=60pts

So what do you guys think? Good, bad, ok. We think that it could work, its got enough speed and hitting potential to cause anyone problems and it has a fair amount of shooting, combined with good magic defense.


Be Afraid
04-06-2007, 17:54
i would drop a scroll on the DOW wizerd, and take a barded poney, heavy armour and a lance for paymaster, any more points an extra halfling is cool.

for woodelves i would drop scroll, and, instead of wild riders take 3 treekin

should work well overall, although none of the DOW units seem capable of breaking a block 1st round, standerd + musition would help . . . maybe drop a unit and instead take 2x6 or 7, with commands

04-06-2007, 20:42
I'm agreeing with the above.

You lack enough static combat res to deal with close combat and you have alot of support units without enough shooting to make them effective. I would drop the wold riders for a block unit of Eternal guard (not sure how many you'll be able to get) but even if you are only able to get 10 with command this will be better used with the dryads than the cavelry and will allow you to have an additional combat res and the fact that they are eternal guard, they are hard!!

I could be wrong though, and if you think I am then go with a unit of 7 waywatchers instead. They're useful to slow down their army enough to allow your shooting to be a little more effective.