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04-06-2007, 16:59
I thought that I would go for a different looking DE army, with no RBTs as I am really not convinced by their supposed prowess, and looked to other options.

This means the list isn't as outwardly competative as most (you'll see when you look at the list), but it is a fun list to play, and might (just might) wrong-foot the opponents enough to give it a chance.

I have a few questions at the end, & I'm new, so please be gentle! Oh, and some points cost of wargear may be wrong, as I left my army book at a mates house, and had to write this from memory.


High Sorceress : Level 4, Hydra Blade, 2 Power Stones.


Sorceress: Level 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls.


20 Warriors: Spears, Shields, Light Armour, Lordling, Musician & Standard Bearer.

20 Warriors: Spears, Shields, Light Armour, Lordling, Musician & Standard Bearer.

10 Warriors: Repeater Crossbows.

10 Warriors: Repeater Crossbows.


5 Harpies.

2 Cold One Chariots, 2x Spears.


1 Hydra.

1 Dogs of War Cannon.

1689 (311)

I still need to put in a Noble; something along the lines of Hand Weapon, Sword of Might, Armour of Darkness & Sea Dragon Cloak (without my book I can't check points). Or, would the Blade of Spite be better than SoM (or can I not afford it, due to Magic restrictions (see earlier brackets)?

Also, it would be nice to have the Deathmask on the Noble, but then I can't afford the armour/sword combo (due to magic restrictions), IIRC (the Deathmask IS magic, isn't it?) - does the improved armour save beat Terror, or should I rely on Terror to keep him safe?

Due to the local tournament restrictions (its about interesting armies more than pure power), no-one is allowed a mounted Lord/Hero, so that option is lost to me (which is a shame, but I've found a way round on the mobility issue). This means the Hero may find himself alone, if his support is blown away before it can reach him.

That means I have ROUGHLY 185 points left to spend (depending on costs of some wargear).

Should this be:

1) Dark Riders/Shades to help out Noble, and War Machine killing

2) Another unit of Warriors for a larger line, and Mage (4) protection, central in line

3) 11 Executioners for Mage (4) protection, central in line. Charge, with Mage = nasty. Also allows for another Harpy or two.

4) Corsairs for mage protection/offense. 15/16 Corsairs charging, wide frontage + Hydra Blade Mage = lots of attacks, right? And fairly unexpected.

What do you think is better - could I get away with 2x Spearman blocks, if I go for backup for the Noble, or does an extra line unit to protect the Mage have more weight?

Many thanks in advance.

04-06-2007, 17:23
ok, i didnt play DE but i know the list. I think you must change the canon of DoW by a Dark Elf Reaper Bolt Thrower or 2 ( if you have the points). it's more precise and you have more chance to do something.

For your question, personaly i'll go with the corsairs ( they had 2 attack, so it's a good offensive unit)

04-06-2007, 17:34
id go for dark riders. ive yet to see a dark elf army succeed without dark riders. also, death mask is a magic item and i think its worth 50 points so that would be all the magic items your noble would be allowed. consider putting him in a chariot and using him as a support unit...this way he he would be immune to fear and would also cause it (cold ones) finally, dont bother with to power stones. if you must, take only one, but seriously, 50 points could definatly be better spent elsewhere

04-06-2007, 17:48
@ alkaboom -

I am not impressed with the Reaper - it rarely does anything in my experience, I've seen a maths table of the effectiveness (I'm not allowed to post it here as it's on a rival forum), and suffice to say it backed up my experiences, with a grand total average wounds of about 0.6 per turn against ALL foes (this is a massive list of calculations versus every "broad" type opponent & toughness). I think they're too expensive for what they (in my case don't) do.

@ Zapherion -

I can't sue the chariot unfortunately, as the organiser is counting it as a mount (however, it certainly sounds good for a regular game - have to remember that one!).

My theory on the Power Stones was that I would dominate the magic phase offensively, with "free" power die in one turn. I guess Lvl 4 should be potent enough! I will lose one - I think one should be retained to help blast the enemy at that critical time, say a miscast makes me lose a level or something, but 2 might be overkill. Losing one gives me another 25 points, always useful.

Thanks for the comments - any more thoughts on the list?

04-06-2007, 17:59
reapers are effective when facing an enemy that you know will be using heavily armed and armoured knights, such as empire, bretonnians or chaos. in this situation, they should be able to reduce the number of knights to the point that your infantry can cope. against horde armies with lots of ranks however, you are better off with a cannon as a reaper is only likely to kill 3 or 4 models a turn even if u hit (maybe less if your unlucky with a 2+ to wound roll), whereas a cannon can kill 5-6 as it does not lose strength as it kills. i presonally am not a big fan of monsters and believe that a unit of executioners would be better than a hydra in a 2000 point battle. however that is personally opinion more than anything (ranks + size + S5 attacks)

04-06-2007, 18:15
ok, but the canon can explose but the reapre cant.

04-06-2007, 19:19
Ditch the hydra blade on the High Sorceress - do not want her getting into combat. Wand of the Kharaidon is a quality choice