View Full Version : can a all regiments of renown army work?

04-06-2007, 20:58
hi all was thinking of starting a dogs of war army. useing the named regiments now before i go and spend a lot of money would like to get some feedback. can a all regiments or renown army work:confused:

04-06-2007, 22:01
Depends on the RoR you want to use, really - there are some good and some really weak choices. But personally Iīd say itīs a lot harder to play than a mixed DoW army because you donīt get cheap skirmishers and fast cavalry.

05-06-2007, 05:25
Personally I take 1-3 Regiments of Renown in an army of about 2000 points. My favorites are (in no particular order) Ricco's Republican Guard, Mengil Manhide's Manflayers and Long Drong's Slayer Pirates. Ricco's boys have WS4 which is never a bad thing, the Manflayers are great with BS5 repeater crossbows, great weapons and hand weapons (all poisoned), heavy armor and huge penalties for shooting at them, and the Slayer Pirates are actually quite nasty if they get a round of shooting in with their pistols, and like all Slayers they're pretty damn solid in combat. They are obviously the slowest thing in your army, so they're not great at everything.

Ricco's is always decent for me, they last longer than regular Pikemen anyway since most opponents hit them on 4+ instead of 3+ in combat. The Manflayers usually rock the house for me, they are often my best unit. I've had numerous games where they killed like half the opponent's army. Just make sure you can protect them from magic missiles, it's their biggest fear really.

The main reason for avoiding RoR most of the time is the sheer points cost of the unit. You're paying about 60-80 pts or something like that for each Hero/Champion in addition to the higher cost per rank and file trooper. Sure, you have much better than regular unit champions all over the place, and if they die them they surrender no VP like regular Heroes, but you can find yourself horribly outnumbered if you take too many of these regiments.

05-06-2007, 06:40
IMO it's much more viable to combine RoR with DoW, such an army can be good. But I think there are to many weak choises in the RoR range too build up an army consisting of only "good" choises, it would probably make a semi-good quite fem models (since there are so many heroes) list that wouldn't play too well.