View Full Version : 3000 points of 40k?!?!?!?

05-06-2007, 15:04
Okay my friend just transferred over from 40k and all he wants is power, so he made this list and he's checking how it will fair.

1 archlector-mace helstrom,doomfire ring,heavy armor,shield,altar
1 archlector-van horseman,rod of command,heavy armor,sword of might,shield,barded warhorse (general)
1 mage-lvl 2, rod of power
1 mage-lvl 2-dispel scroll,dispel scroll
1 captain-sigil of sigmar,icon of magnus,full plate,shield,BSB,barded warhorse
1 captain-full plate,shield,lance,casket,pegasus

10 crossbowmen
5 militia detachment
5 militia detachment
10 handgunners
5 militia detachment
5 militia detachment
10 knightly order-standard,war banner,musician

4 great cannons

3 steam tanks

3000 points
6+/-3 power dice + 6 bound spells
8+/-3 dispel dice + 2 scrolls

Comment on how he might fair.

Commissar Vaughn
05-06-2007, 15:15
46 models plus warmachines in 3000 pnts?

TBH I really cant see anyone doing well with that. I would never rely so much on shooting and magic as one bad turn and your army can be wiped out very easily, or at least reduced to the 3 steam tanks!

oh and the BSB cant have a shield!

you might want to remind your friend that he doesnt get power armour anymore, 46 men will last 5 minutes.

05-06-2007, 15:20
It almost seems like an attempt at a gun line, you should inform him that fantasy doesn't work quite like 40k.
It's got strength, but there are much more powerful builds available to the empire at 3000pts.