View Full Version : Canada Canning Conflicts?

05-06-2007, 20:19
Well I just saw this off the main site and I am sad that conflicts will be no more. Something about a well oiled event for various games was good.

Also sad since they were doing a change to involve more partipation.

"Games Workshop is a company that embraces change. Not only for the necessity of our business but to meet the demands of our hobbyists and gamers. Moving forward, we are going to expand and focus on the independent Hall of Heroes tournaments. These will replace Games Workshop Conflicts, which, will no longer be held.

Our goal is to have events tailored to the wants and needs of every gamer. These events should be open to those who wish to run them. Itís fair to say Grey Knights, Clubs, Independent Retailers and our Hobby Centre Staff run some of the best events out there.

I already think grey knights do good stuff, but I just think I smell some blood in the water.

05-06-2007, 21:19
The way i heard it was that for the most part, conflicts were too expensive to run.

Though it sucks Halifax only got one.

05-06-2007, 23:06
well.. COME ON!!! They made soooooooo many sales at Conflicts. Everyone there spent at least $100 on FW stuff there, and the people volunteering spent even more.

Now there's no more Warpstone Competitions... which now means the only way to get a painting trophy from GW is to have many many years of uber experience to have a chance of wining a Golden Deamon...

And they could have rented smaller convention halls.. last Conflict Montreal only took up about 2/3rds of the room (the other third was completley empty)