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06-06-2007, 06:21
I have been having some trouble lately with my Oldblood. I don't know how to best equip him. What equipment do you guys use? I typically run a sacred host of Quetzl, using winged serpent style tactics, but have two units 20+ strong of sauri if needed.

06-06-2007, 07:58
With my Paladin's lance in his head!


...seriously though... A scary combo (especially against heavily armoured foes) would be that ignoring armour save sword... the mark of the jaguar... and the blessed mark of the old ones... And theres another thing he has... but Im not too familiar with Lizardmen items as I dont play them.

But this build has like 6 strength 7 attacks that ignore armour saves and he has movement 9 and he can make D3 re-rolls per game.

06-06-2007, 08:19
hehe being picky but they're Strength 6 ;) BotRT gives +1 Strength and ignores armour saves. He certainly kicks Chaos Chosen knights ass though hehe.

I usually go:

Blade of the Revered Tzunki
Glyph Necklace
light armour

So he's now got a insane initiative of 4! 5 str 6 no save attacks with a 2+ save and a 5+ ward save.

then to go with him you need the JSoD and the Gleaming Veteran.

06-06-2007, 13:45
Sometimes I put the Oldblood on a Carnosaur. In that event, I don't bother with a spear and go with the better strength all the time. Which is why I don't use Kroq-Gar. Hand of the Gods is really cool, Grymloq doesn't frenzy, and the taking Saurus Cav as Core really evens things out as every other non-dwarf, non-OK army in the game gets core Cav, but I'd take a BoRT, or even a Sword of Might over any Spear any day, even the Spear of Tlanxla. Anything that costs that much had better be able to hit the enemy like a ton of bricks.

I'm also playing around with an Oldblood setup with 15 attacks via Scimitar of the Sun, Maiming Shield, Spawning of Sotek, and a Frenzied Carnosaur. Not so strong, but he slices foot blocks apart.

For the JSoD setup, I either take the BoRT and Enchanted Shield or a Great Weapon. Normally, I stick with a Great Weapon because -4 to armor, scrapping Chariots in one swing, and wounding even Dragons on 3+ is fantastic when the BoRT costs nearly 11 times as much. But against Empire, Brets and (hypothetically) Chaos, I might whip out BoRT to chop through Knights.

Irregardless, I always take Quetzl and Tepok (unless shaving points), and I either take Itzl for the Carnosaur or Sotek for the JSoD. I never leave Oldbloods with Saurus Blocks because their presence is better felt while running around with Skinks. Plus, even as amazing as they are, Oldbloods still have problems tangoing with the game's bigger critters, like Dragons, Greater Daemons, and Giants, when Skinks' poisoned attacks tend to come in very handy. (Why are all Fantasy monsters so ridiculously tough?)

06-06-2007, 15:57
I'm also playing around with an Oldblood setup with 15 attacks via Scimitar of the Sun, Maiming Shield, Spawning of Sotek, and a Frenzied Carnosaur. Not so strong, but he slices foot blocks apart.

Let me tell you from experince if you want to run this guy drop the maming shield and take a ward save. NOTHING worse than your 500 pt killing machine getting downed by a stray cannonball or bolt.

06-06-2007, 16:13
What do you guys think of some of the less common used weapons? For both Oldbloods and Scar-vets.

Sword of Striking: Hitting on 2+ or 3+ with strength 5

Biting Blade: Cheap magic weapon

Piranha Blade: Yes I do play against ogres

The Blade of Realities: No Ward, may work as a character killer?

Burning Blade: Armour modifiers of a GW that only uses one hand, fun to use against Treekin

07-06-2007, 15:36
scimitar of sun resplendany
aura of quetzl
l armour

7 st 5 attacks!
2+ armour save
4+ ward save against str 5 or higher
doubles wounds on a character with inititive 4!
Brilliant for horde armies (skaven spring to mind)
and elite armies will still suffer a few casualties while characters one or two wounds there dead!
Try it on a Dwarf Lord 2 turn of combat 2 wounds 1 win!

Your Mum Rang
07-06-2007, 17:03
Mine is:

Oldblood: Light Armour - Spawnings of Huanchi & Sotek - Scimitar of the Sun - Maiming Shield - Jaguar Charm @ 288pts

I use him to attack basic infantry when my Krox need support.

08-06-2007, 09:43
I would put him on a Carnosaur every time, although thats mainly just because I love big dinosaurs:D . Also Glyph necklace, Blade of revered Tzunki, Scimitar of the sun resplendent and spawning of sotek or quetzl are all personal favourites of mine.